11 Ways to Fix an iPhone Keeps Freezing & Restarting

iPhones are acknowledged for their fine engineering aspects and terrific performance. Indeed, iOS users often claim that iPhones hardly freeze or crash. However, destiny might have planned something else for you and your iPhone keeps freezing and restarting over and over again.

Undoubtedly, the situation is very infuriating, especially when you need to call someone urgently, check an email, or anything in between. Well, iPhone repair Dubai experts have assured you that you can resolve such a frustrating problem with some proven fixes. 

Let’s review them after you find the probable underlying causes for your iPhone freezing and restarting.

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Reasons Your iPhone Keeps Freezing and Restarting

Before you dive into the solutions, it’s important to figure out the exact reason. iPhone repair Dubai professionals prioritise this as the trigger might vary from one iPhone to another. Additionally, the right diagnosis helps you find the best solution in no time.

Furthermore, you can narrow down the solutions and don’t have to every fix you come across. According to a reputed iPhone repair in Dubai, the following reasons can lead to a situation where your iOS device keeps freezing and rebooting automatically:

Interrupted iOS Update Installation

Have you interfered with an ongoing iOS update recently? Then, chances are that you are experiencing your iPhone freezing and restarting because of that. Additionally, it won’t disappear until and unless you install the iOS update correctly.

Lack of Storage Space

Your iPhone will struggle to keep itself awake if the storage is entirely loaded. According to an iPhone repair near me, the operating system requires a significant amount of storage to run files and programs. Otherwise, your iPhone might keep freezing or crashing apps and even blacking out randomly.

Buggy Software Updates

Apart from incorrectly installed operating system updates, many iOS updates have been reported to contain bugs. For example, the iOS 16 update caused rapid battery drain among many iPhone models. Consequently, they kept freezing and restarting or dying unexpectedly.


Apple strictly forbids jailbreaking iOS devices. However, many users prefer jailbreaking for easy access to different APKs and other facilities. On the other hand, an iPhone repair service near me warns us that jailbreaking can interfere with the system and install problematic programs and apps.

Third-Party Applications

Have you downloaded and installed some third-party apps through illegitimate sources? If yes, then your iPhone might be at stake. Reinstalling those applications might help you ease the situation, as shared by the iPhone repair services Dubai experts.

Virus or Malware Attack

iPhones are quite immune against viruses, malware, and similar threats. However, this doesn’t mean that your iPhone won’t ever be affected by these online threats. If you permit unofficial apps to make changes to the system then your iPhone might catch a virus or similar infection. 

Consequently, your iPhone might start behaving weirdly as the virus may open too many programs and processes beyond your knowledge.

Hardware Damage

Reportedly, your iPhone might keep freezing and restarting because of severe hardware damage. Try to remember whether you dropped your iPhone a few days before and started noticing the problem afterwards. If it’s hardware damage then you need an expert intervention.

How to Mend an iPhone that Keeps Freezing and Restarting

iPhone repair Dubai experts have shared some proven solutions here. Indeed, the first few ones are the simplest fixes. However, you need to keep going if those preliminary steps don’t work for you. Wish you all the best and let’s start with the solutions:

1. Turn Off Your iPhone and Turn it On Again

Perhaps, it’s just a glitch and it should go away with a quick restart. That’s why iPhone repair services in Dubai recommend a restart at the very beginning. Follow the instructions below if your iPhone unlocks with a Face ID:

  • Press the Volume Higher button and let it go immediately.
  • Next, repeat the same with the Volume Lower button.
  • Afterwards, press the Side or Power button and keep holding it.
  • You can let the Side button go as soon as an Apple logo appears.

Otherwise, you can instruct Siri to turn off your iPhone. After a while, you need to hold the Power button until you see an Apple icon. Then, test if your iPhone stays awake or persists the issue.

2. Charge Your iPhone Long Enough

Since iOS updates can contain bugs and make your iPhone drain its battery faster, you should pay attention to the battery capacity. So, track your battery’s status from your iPhone’s screen. If it’s too low then you should plug your device into a charger.

An iPhone repair service in Dubai recommends using only OEM chargers and accessories to power your iPhone. Otherwise, cheap and third-party power accessories can wear and tear your iPhone out.

3. Inspect and Offload Suspicious Apps

As you already know, third-party apps can interfere with your iPhone’s system. Especially when you install them from untrusted sources. So, start reviewing your apps list on the iPhone and see if you can see any suspicious applications.

Additionally, an iPhone repair in Dubai has mentioned that malware can install such apps secretly. As a quick fix, identify such applications that you haven’t downloaded. Long-press the icon of the app and tap on the Remove option. Repeat the same if your iPhone has multiple third-party apps that appeared from unknown sources.

4. Close Background Apps

Too many applications running in the foreground and background might occupy all the memory and storage on your iPhone. Consequently, your iPhone might crash or even black out completely.

That’s why an iPhone repair near me recommends force-closing all the background and foreground apps. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you can see the multitasking screen where all your applications reside in dormant condition.

Swipe them up one by one or multiple at once to close them. If it’s an iPhone with a Home button, simply double-tap the Home button and the multitasking screen will appear. Now, force-close all the apps and see if it works.

5. Examine the Error Logs

Fortunately, error log reports on your iPhone can tell you whether a specific program causes the device to freeze and restart. With the error log, you can determine which particular application keeps crashing and delete it from the system.

An iPhone repair service near me instructs how you can view the log reports on an iOS device:

  • Tap on the grey gear icon or Settings application. You can find it on the Home screen or app Library of your iPhone.
  • Next, scroll down and check out the Privacy option. Tap on it.
  • After that, tap on Analytics & Improvements.

See if any error log report shows you the culprit application. Once you identify the app, you need to uninstall it from your device. Simply, hold the app icon and tap on the Remove option. Confirm your action and check if your iPhone still keeps freezing and restarting.

6. Update Apps and Software

Outdated applications on your iPhone will be incompatible with the latest iOS version. Vice versa, outdated operating systems or software will be incompatible with the newest builds and versions of different applications on your iPhone.

On the other hand, iPhone repair services Dubai experts express concern that outdated software can make your system vulnerable to various threats such as viruses and malware. As a consequence, your iPhone might start behaving weirdly and in your case, it’s freezing and restarting.

Hence, iPhone repair Dubai professionals recommend updating your apps and here’s how you can do it:

  • Head towards the App Store.
  • Next, hit your profile image from the upper right corner.
  • Afterwards, scroll down and navigate to the Available Updates category.
  • If you want to update every app, then select Update All.
  • Otherwise, you can opt for individual updates by tapping the Update option right next to those particular apps.

If you haven’t updated your iPhone software in a long time, try the following steps:

  • it Settings and make your way to the General option.
  • Afterwards, tap the Software Update option.
  • Next, hit the Download & Install button. This button will only appear if an update is available for your iPhone.

The overall update installation might take up to 15 minutes. Then, your iOS device should restart automatically. Now, test if your iPhone persists the issue.

7. Remove the SIM Card

A damaged SIM card can cause consistent freezing and restart on your iPhone, as confirmed by iPhone repair services in Dubai. So, try this trick if your iPhone has a physical SIM card inside it. 

Unlock the SIM tray of your iPhone and bring out the SIM card. Now, closely inspect the SIM card and check for damage. You can use your iPhone without a SIM card to see if the device keeps freezing and restarting. If it stops doing so, then you can use some other SIM card.

8. Make Space in Storage

Follow the path: Setting → General → Storage. You can see how much space is left on your iPhone. An iPhone repair in Dubai recommends freeing up some space if your iPhone struggles to maintain files and apps altogether.

You can transfer big files to iCloud storage. Otherwise, you can use an external storage device or your computer to keep all those files. Once you make some space on your iOS/ device, check if the phone stops freezing and restarting.

9. Reset Your iPhone to Default Settings

Chances are that only a factory reset can save your iPhone. An iPhone repair near me has mentioned that factory resetting your device will restore the operating system to its default parameters. However, the catch is that you will lose every single data on your iPhone.

Therefore, back up your iOS device and then proceed with the steps below:

  • Go to the General option under the Settings app.
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom of the General window and hit the option that says, ‘Transfer & Reset iPhone’.
  • Choose the option called ‘Erase all Content & Settings’ and go through the on-screen instructions.

Once your iPhone is reset, you can set the device up and load the backup you saved before.

10. Use iTunes to Restore Your iPhone

Are you still suffering from your iPhone’s freezing and restarting instances? Your device’s operating system might be dealing with severe issues. However, you can solve the problem by restoring your device via iTunes. Create a backup first and then, follow the guidelines below as directed by iPhone repair services Dubai:

  • Enable Recovery Mode on your iPhone so iTunes can detect the device.
  • After that, launch iTunes on your Windows PC or open Finder on your Mac. make sure you plug your iOS device into the computer using a compatible cable.
  • Now, select your device from your computer and see if a Restore option appears.

Wait for the process to complete and set up your iPhone.

11. Replace the Existing Battery

Some iPhone repair Dubai specialists suspect that it’s just a bad battery that keeps bothering your iPhone. So, check your iOS device’s battery health. You can find this particular feature with the help of the instructions below:

  • Open Settings on your gadget.
  • Then, navigate to the Battery option and tap on it.
  • Hit the Battery Health & Charging option.

If you see that the maximum capacity of your battery is below 80% then you need to replace it. Consider an iPhone repair service in Dubai to replace the battery with a genuine one.

What Else Can You Try?

iPhone repair services in Dubai recommend using a compatible third-party recovery tool to resolve your iOS tantrums. On the other hand, you can contact Apple Support if you think it’s a hardware massacre and your device is still under manufacturer warranty. 

Otherwise, you can contact a local reputed iPhone repair Dubai shop to mend hardware problems for your out-of-the-warranty device.

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