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It’s possible to charge your laptop in the car when you are working on it. However, for that, you need some special arrangement and equipment. Apart from this, your car should have a working cigarette lighter socket, that is generally located beside the stereo area near the car. 

Keep in mind, you must have the proper charger for the laptop. Moreover, you can easily charge your laptop in the car while still working on it. But, you won’t be able to charge the laptop in case the car engine is not running. Besides, you can also contact the experts of the Laptop repair Dubai and take expert opinion.

Charging a Laptop in the Car gets Easier

Here, we have provided detailed information about how to charge the laptop in the car. To perform this method, you need gadgets like a power inverter, laptop charger and a power bank. How you can use all these three accessories to charge the laptop.

  • Use a Power Inverter

The best way to charge a laptop in a car is to use a power inverter. Additionally, most of the power inverters are inexpensive so that you can easily afford them. Hence, if you wish to charge your laptop in the car, at first, you have to purchase a power inverter such as Betek 300 Watt power inverter. Then, you should plug the power inverter to the car’s outlet. After that, use two ordinary three-pongs plunges as well as a pair of USB ports in order to directly plug the power inverter to the power inverter. After that, your laptop will start charging.

Remember that, there are some drawbacks of using the power inverter- such as power inverters are huge in size and the inexpensive models are often unable to produce charge and this can damage your laptop.

Use a Laptop Charger

Now, if you don’t want to charge your laptop with the power inverter, you can simply use a laptop charger. Keep reading the guide to know more about the charging procedure.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate adapter within the car to charge the laptop. Now, remove the AC adapter power cord and after that, you should replace it with a DC cord that can fit within a car cigarette lighter socket.

In case, you do not have such a laptop charger, you can purchase it from any local electronics store or from the online sites. We suggest you purchase a universal laptop car charger. However, in case, you wish to buy a specific model laptop adapter, you need to ensure that your laptop is compatible with it.

Step 2

Now, you need to plug the computer end of the laptop charger within the laptop. In order to avoid the damages, you are advised to place the laptop in a secure location. You can place your laptop into the unoccupied front passenger seat.

The next thing that you should do is to plug the DC end of the adapter within the car’s cigarette lighter. Now, start the car engine. After that, you will see a light flashing up that indicates your laptop starts charging.

Use a Power Bank

Another simple way to charge your laptop in the car is to use a power bank. Power bank refers to a portable battery for the battery. What you have to do is to simply connect the power bank to the laptop. One of the major advantages of using a power bank is that while it’s charging the laptop, you don’t need to plug it into a power source.

Remember that, power charges come with different models as well as they are not designed with the same charging capacities. Hence, in order to charge a less-powerful laptop, you need to use a USB type A power bank. 

On the other hand, if you wish to charge a powerful laptop, you will have to use a USB C power bank. Besides USB C power banks, you can also charge other USB devices such as tablets and smartphones.

It’s essential that you should plug in the power bank after charging your laptop at least twice. If you charge a powerful laptop through a power bank, then after charging you must plug in the power bank.


If you have to submit an important project within a few hours and you don’t have any other option rather than working on the laptop in the car, these methods can prove to be beneficial. However, for more easy laptop charging strategies rely upon the Urban Clap experts associated with Laptop repairing shop in Dubai. Besides, you can visit the website and book a service, if you think that the laptop battery needs immediate replacement.

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