5 Best Solutions for Photos App Crashing on iPhone

The Photos app on your iPhone might crash when browsing images or opening the app. Reportedly, a bug introduced in the latest iOS update may trigger the Photos app to behave like this. Indeed, all your photos and videos may keep appearing and disappearing when you open the Photos app. Fortunately, iPhone repair Dubai professionals recommend proven fixes to resolve the problem. Let’s try them out and check if they’re a breeze of relief.

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Fixes to Prevent Your iPhone’s Photos App from Crashing

Before you move on to solutions for the Photos app malfunctioning on your iOS device, iPhone Repair Dubai experts ask you to check its potential causes. Thus, you can avoid such instances the next time and won’t face the same issue.

  • A corrupted software update may introduce a bug to your iPhone. Make sure you connect your device to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection while updating or upgrading the operating software.
  • Have you tried to jailbreak your iPhone? Chances are that your iPhone’s Photos and Camera apps can be at stake because jailbreaking can make your device more vulnerable.
  • On the other hand, professionals from an iPhone repair in Dubai suspect that an unknown software error or hardware failure might induce the problem. 
  • Does your iPhone lack enough storage space? Also then, the Photos or any other application can start freezing no matter how hard you try to keep them awake and functioning.

If you have tried any of the first two options, then you might want to reverse the effect by either rolling back to the previous software version or fixing the jailbreaking. However, professionals from an iPhone repair in Dubai recommend executing the following tips if the reason is still unknown to you.

Let’s see how you can fix the Photos app malfunctioning on your iOS device:

1. Close and Reopen the Photos App

Probably the Photos app has been glitching and should be a temporary issue. In this situation, an iPhone repair near me suggests re-launching the Photos app and checking if that works. This quick and easy hack might be enough sometimes for the Photos app to fix itself.

Here’s what users need to follow if they have an iPhone with the Home button:

  • Start by getting out of the Photos app by pressing the Home button.
  • Double-tap the Home button and access the multitasking screen where all foreground and background apps are active.
  • Now, swipe if required to reach the Photos app on the multitasking screen.
  • Once you notice the Photos app, swipe it up and this will quit the Photos application.

If your iPhone lacks the Home button, go through the guidelines below to close the Photos app:

  • Swipe up from the floor of the Home screen.
  • Next, the multitasking screen should appear on your iPhone screen.
  • Discover the Photos app on the multitasking screen and swipe it up to close the app.

Once you quit the Photos app, find the same app on your Home screen. Tap on Photos and see if you can access the images and videos inside the app.

2. Restart Your iOS Phone

Do you still face an inaccessible Photos app on your iPhone? If yes, then try restarting your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone may eradicate the momentary bug from your device. If it’s an iPhone with Face ID then you can restart your device with the steps below:

  • Hold the Side button until the Power slider pops up on the screen.
  • After that, drag the power slider to the right to turn off the iPhone.
  • Wait for a while and hold the Side button again to power on the iPhone.

The above method might be insufficient for an iPhone with a Home button. So, check out the following steps to reboot an iPhone 8 or later model with the Home button:

  • Press the Volume + or Up button and release it quickly.
  • Next, press and quickly release the Volume Down or – button.
  • Afterwards, press the Side button and hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If it’s an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, here’s how to restart your device:

  • Press and hold the Side (or Top) and Volume Down buttons.
  • Don’t let them go until you notice the Apple logo on your iPhone’s screen.

Once your iPhone restarts, try to run the Photos application. However, move on to the next solution if the Photos app doesn’t allow you to browse your photos and videos seamlessly.

3. Try Deleting Recent Images

As reported by iPhone Repair Services Dubai professionals, downloading images from malicious websites can get you stuck in the same situation. If the Photos app keeps crashing whenever you try to open those images or access the album where those images are saved, then deleting them will be a problem.

If you have downloaded those photos, you can head towards the Files app on your iPhone and find those recently downloaded images. Then, delete them from your iPhone. After deleting them, you can check if you can access the problematic album or the Photos app.

Alternatively, you can delete the album from the Photos app if the app crashes only when you open that particular album. For the safety of other photos, you should back up that specific album and then delete it from your device. Restart your iPhone and check if the issue persists.

4. Make Some Space on Your iPhone

According to iPhone Repair Dubai experts, a lack of sufficient storage space on your iPhone can lead to the Photos app crashing. Indeed, all the latest photos and videos may start disappearing from the Photos app. They will be replaced by blank or white thumbnails.

Consequently, your iPhone’s Photos app will crash or freeze. So, iPhone repair services in Dubai recommend clearing up some space. Check out whether your iOs phone requires a cleanup by eyeing the storage distribution:

  • Tap the grey gear icon or Settings from the Home screen.
  • Next, select General from the main Settings menu.
  • After that, tap on the Storage option and you will see a coloured bar that represents how the storage space is utilised by media, apps, and other entities.

Indeed, you can get some precious recommendations to clear some storage spaces if the storage is almost full. For example, you can consider the following tips:

  • Delete duplicate photos from your phone.
  • Additionally, offload or uninstall apps you barely use or don’t use at all.
  • Clear Safari and other apps’ cache.

Once you free up space on your iPhone, relaunch the Photos app and check if it still stutters while performing.

5. Update Your iPhone’s Operating System

Errors are quite common while running your iPhone apps when the software is outdated. That’s why an iPhone repair service in Dubai suggests updating your iPhone’s software if you still suffer from the crashing Photos app problem. 

How can you update the iOS to the newest compatible version? Here’s what you can follow:

  • Head towards the Settings app on your iPhone. It’s a grey gear icon on the Home screen and App Library of your iPhone. 
  • Afterwards, tap on the General option.
  • Look out for the Software Update option and tap on it.
  • Check if a new iOS update is available for download and install. Download the update if available and tap on the Install Now option, thereafter.

Ensure your iPhone connects to a strong Wi-Fi network while installing the update. Otherwise, a corrupted iOS update can make the Photos app vulnerable again. See if your iPhone’s iOS has been updated. Now, open the Photos app and see if it’s still crashing after a while or whenever you open a specific album or photo.

Wrap it up…

iPhone Repair Dubai professionals recommend backing up all your photos using iTunes or iCloud so you don’t lose any photos or videos. Then, you can utilise any advanced solutions to prevent the Photos app from crashing or freezing. If the problem still exists, you can consult it with an iPhone repair service near me for quick fixes.

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