7 Safety Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine in Proper Working Condition

Clean, germ-free, well-organized clothes are the sign of your healthy living. So, who is there to assist you in cleaning your clothes? Obviously, the washing machine? Thus, you need to take care of this appliance, so that it can last for a longer period of time. Previously, there were two types of washing machines available — One is the semi and the other one is fully automatic. 

However, the washing machine nowadays has a lot of automatic, as well as semi-automatic functions that you need to understand thoroughly. All-in-one, you need to learn effective handling, as well as safety measures that include the washing machine repair tips. These will not only help you to wash clothes comfortably but also take care of the machine and will extend its longevity, as well. 

Replacement of Water-Hoses 

Water-hoses are one of the main items that work along with the machine automatically. On the other hand, they can endure leakage, cracks, or severe critical situations. If this happens, then the replacement of the water hoses are highly mandatory. If you are looking for advice about the exact time for the replacement of the hoses, then the dedicated washing machine manufacturing experts always suggest 5 to 6 years. Heavy uses will give you the time of 4 to 5 years. 

Shut the Door Properly 

After the usage, never ever forget to close the door of the machine. Accidentally, if any rodents enter the machine, they can easily destroy the delicate parts and wires. As a result, you might have to opt for immediate washing machine repair. On the other hand, the main door of the machine will also give complete protection against various specks of dust and other debris.

Avoid Overloading 

Know your washing machine capacity. Let’s say, your machine has the capacity of washing 10 clothes at a time. In these situations, you must not put 12 or 14 clothes in the machine for washing. This can damage the washing rollers that are present inside the machine. It will overload, and thus will lead to a washing machine repair emergency. So, always try to load fewer clothes than the main capacity. 

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Electrical Safety 

Before opting for the washing machine usage, make sure that the power supply is off. Load all the clothes, fill the tub with water, put the required detergent, and then turn on the machine. Make sure that the electrical socket is safe and there must be no short circuit. If you are using extension cords, then make sure that it is of good and premium quality to avoid any type of accidental damages. 

Safety Regarding the Operations 

Most of the washing machines nowadays have a dedicated control panel. A few of them are quite advanced and come with a touchscreen, too. Obviously, the touchscreen is waterproof and handling it won’t be easy, in case it comes in contact with water. Further, while the washing operation is ongoing, never press or tap on any other function. If you do so, the current operation will come to a halt. In addition to that, never put any type of incompatible items like shoes, leather bags and others for washing. This can severely damage the washing machine.

The Sanitization Procedure 

The wave of Coronavirus is not yet over. That is why safety first. Before touching the clothes, make sure that you have well sanitized them. After that, insert them in the machine for washing. After the washing process is over, it is better to sanitize the entire machine too. Make sure that none of the clothes is stuck inside the machine. 

Cleaning the Interior Part 

Of course, you have to take care of your machine, as it is taking care of your clothes. Most of the machines don’t require much attention to clean the outer part of the body. So,  you need to give importance to the inner part. A clean piece of cloth will do the best job for cleaning the interior part. 

Carefully clean all the interior gaps of the machine and wipe out dust particles from there. If you can see the interior levers and pulleys, need oiling, then apply a little bit of grease to retain the smooth functionality. 

Lastly, never use Extra Detergent Powders

Every brand of detergent powders has its own cleaning capacity. But excess amount might harm the clothes, as well as the machine too. That is why you can check the washing machine manual book for the desired quantity. Always try to use the type of detergent powder recommended by the manufacturer company of the machine. 

Further, the setup of the washing machine is very important. Place it in such a way that the drainage pipe will be associated with your house’s main drainage system. This will help you to eliminate the dirty water directly to the sewage system. 

These are all the safety tips and ideas that will help you to take care of the machine. In addition to that, if you fail to mitigate minor to major technical glitches, then feel free to seek assistance from Urban Clap’s washing machine repair Dubai team. The skilled technicians have the ability to neutralize all the threats in a short span of time. 

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