Air Conditioner Repair Cost in Dubai

Air Conditioner Repair Cost in Dubai in 2024 — A Complete Guide

The average air conditioner repair cost in Dubai is AED 735. However, this service price may vary depending on the extent of the damage. Several factors affect AC repair cost expenses. For instance, homeowners need to pay more to fix split air conditioning systems than central AC.

Did the cooling system’s blower motor stop working? You have to spend an average of AED 500 to AED 600 to repair this AC unit. However, it takes only AED 70 to AED 100 to fix the damaged AC thermostat. Thus, the overall repair cost varies for one air conditioner unit.

Most homeowners consider buying a new AC when the existing one stops working. But, you should never do that in the first place. Instead, consult with a technician before making any further decisions. These professionals will let you know whether the AC needs immediate repair or replacement. 

Factors that Influence the Air Conditioner Cost in Dubai:

Are you planning to repair the unresponsive air conditioner? You must first estimate what will be the total AC repair cost. It’s better to get a new AC If the repair expenses exceed the device’s price. 

Homeowners should consider the following factors to determine the final estimate:

1. The Type of AC Unit

Replacing some of the AC parts can be expensive. Thus, professionals recommend repairing those units first. However, the repair cost of the different AC components will not be the same. Some repairs can take a few hours to complete, whereas others can take several days to fix the units, like thermostats or capacitors.

A faulty thermostat results in short cycling. Is the air conditioner turning off and on continuously? It also indicates the problem lies in the AC thermostat. Thus, consider repairing this unit by spending AED 150 to AED 200. But, the service cost may increase if the experts have to repair a smart thermostat. 

Is the air conditioner’s fan generating a loud noise while running? Then, it requires immediate repair. The AC fan repair cost ranges from AED 100 to AED 150. However, a damaged air conditioner capacitor can be a little bit expensive to fix. An AC capacitor repair generally costs AED 200 to AED 300. 

The refrigerant is another part that can get damaged over time. Fixing the refrigerant leaks can be risky and may take an ample amount of time. Thus, it will be better to leave the refrigerant repair work to the professional. They may take AED 300 to AED 400 to repair this major AC unit. 

Besides, the homeowners may need to spend AED 1500 to AED 1800 for compressor repair. Do you need to fix the air conditioner’s condenser? Then, it can cost AED 1400 to AED 2000 to repair that. Thus, you might have acknowledged the fact that the repair cost will vary depending on the unit you want to fix.

2. The Type of the AC You Own

Different types of air conditioners are available in Dubai. It is pretty easy to assume that these devices have different repair costs. For example, a window air conditioning system costs between AED 200 and 300. A portable AC also has a similar repair cost. These cooling systems are affordable to repair as they have low-cost units.

Homeowners can expect to pay AED 300 to AED 500 to repair the central AC. Detecting the issues from these devices is difficult, hence the higher repair cost. The same goes for the other types of ACs, like mini-split and hybrid ACs. The larger the AC is, the higher the repair cost will be. 

3. The Device’s Age and Condition

Older and ill-maintained ACs cost more to repair than those in top-notch condition because finding the parts of the older AC models is difficult. These devices can stop working after a few days or months, even after the repair. Besides, only a few AC repair companies deal with old AC units. 

The AC’s condition also plays an imperative role in determining the repair cost. A cooling system that is in poor condition is more prone to damage. If any device component stops working, the others will also break down soon. As a result, you must replace the existing AC with a new one. 

4. The Air Conditioner’s Brand

The AC’s brand can affect its initial repair and replacement cost. It takes more to repair the Super General and Samsung ACs. For instance, a Samsung AC repair cost can be between AED 1000 to AED 2000. However, a TCL AC repair will likely cost AED 200 to AED 500.

Homeowners can save costly repair expenses by installing less-expensive brands. However, these devices can develop complicated problems which will be hard to resolve. Thus, you must always go for the best brand while installing a home AC. Though these brands cost more, you can experience fewer problems with these devices.

5. The Cooling System’s Accessibility 

All air conditioning units are not easy to access. The AC units that require more effort to repair will cost more than the easily accessible ones. For instance, an expert can easily repair outdoor units placed on a flat surface. A technician can also diagnose and repair these units quickly.

Do you use an old air conditioner model? Finding and repairing faulty AC units will be daunting. Moreover, units that are installed in hard-to-access spaces are difficult to repair, leading to higher costs. 

6. Labor Charge

Besides the AC type or size, labour is another factor determining the repair cost. Most AC repair technicians charge a basic fee of AED 150 to AED 170 for diagnosing the problem. You may need to pay more if any parts need immediate replacement or repair. 

The labour charge may vary from one AC service company to another. The professionals who have more experience will charge more for repairs. Besides, some companies charge an hourly rate. Thus, different AC repair providers charge the labour price based on different factors. So, you should contact the expert to clearly estimate the repair cost.

7. Season

The season during which you are repairing the AC will impact the initial cost. Homeowners don’t use the AC during winter, late fall and early spring. Even if the cooling system is off, technical issues can develop in the device. Thus, when you turn on the AC in summer, it refuses to work properly. The sudden rise in AC repairs in these hot-humid months can lead to higher repair costs. 

Which Type of Air Conditioner Unit is more Vulnerable to Damage?

AC units like compressors and condensers work harder during summer to circulate air. Thus, these components become damaged more due to overuse. Inadequate maintenance and cleaning can also impact their performance. 

Here is the average cost of repairing damage-prone AC units:

1. Compressor Repair Cost

This unit compresses the refrigerant in the AC to reduce the room temperature. However, an unwanted power surge can damage this unit. Dirty coils and low refrigerant levels can also result in compressor failure. Thus, repair this unit by spending a few AEDs to restore the AC’s functionality.

When Should You Consider Repairing the AC Compressor?

Certain signs indicate the cooling system’s compressor is about to fail. Repair this unit immediately if the AC is circulating warm air. Insufficient cooling and high energy consumption are other signs of compressor failure. 

Are the cooling device’s outdoor units overheating? Hire an AC repair technician without further delay.

2. Expansion Valve Repair

An expansion valve removes excess pressure from the liquid refrigerant. It also changes the refrigerant’s state from liquid to vapour in the evaporator. This unit can get clogged with dust due to a lack of cleaning, leading to inconsistent airflow. Thus, spend AED 1400 to AED 1500 and repair the expansion valve immediately. 

When Should You Consider Repairing the AC Expansion Valve?

It is easy to determine when to repair the AC’s expansion valve. The device will make a bandaging noise when the expansion valve stops working. Frost on the vents is a clear indicator of a faulty expansion valve. Thus, contact an expert if you notice these AC repair signs.

When Should You Repair the Home Air Conditioner? 

The AC won’t start working again without professional assistance. Thus, take immediate action if you detect any sign of damage on the device. 

Is the cooling system running even after turning it off? Is water continuously leaking from the condensate durian line? Connect with an expert for an instant AC repair. 

Here are some more air conditioner repair signs:

  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Diminished airflow
  • Burning smell or smoke
  • Frozen AC units
  • Lukewarm air

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