Are You Using The Wrong Printer? Find Out How Much It's Making You Spend -

Who has a printer in the office, raise your hand ? Probably anyone who is reading this post will now find themselves with their arm raised. But if we asked how many know to use the right printer would there be the same mass adhesion?

On the market there are several models of printers. Costs have gone down compared to a few years ago but the purchase remains an important investment. The multifunctional rental allows you to “test” different models, also thanks to the advice of professionals in the sector. You can update the chosen one if you realize that you have chosen the wrong printer (a fairly common mistake especially for startups and newborn companies that hardly know how to estimate print volumes exactly).

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Because word of mouth to choose the printer can be misleading

Why, for the choice of the printer , relying on the advice of a friend who also has a company similar to his own could be misleading? The experience of a non-expert consumer could be indicative but not conclusive. There are so many variables to consider before choosing the right printer. What needs to be considered is that there is no absolute perfect printer . Each sector is different. But even when you rely on the advice of an acquaintance who runs a similar business, you should not assume that volumes and printing needs coincide.

The car , has three advantages in this regard:

  • Allows you to count on the assistance of expert personnel when choosing;
  • Avoids the initial economic investment;
  • Allows you to update the model chosen if it is not performing (or on the contrary too performing) for the printing volumes of your company.

How to understand which printer you need for your business

The errors can be two and are, in a certain sense, diametrically opposed: choose a too performing printer or choose an inadequate printer.

Imagine an administrative office: in many cases a black and white multifunction will be more than enough. Why invest in a very expensive color MFP? In these cases, when you realize that you have invested in a too performing printer, replacing it may be more convenient than maintaining it. Yet if, taken from an offer on a latest generation printer model, you let yourself be tempted to buy, reselling it could expose you to a lower value on the market .

If, on the other hand, the printer is not suitable for the rhythms and volumes of printing because it is not performing well, some drawbacks may occur (for example, the paper trays that fill up immediately, the cartridges to be changed continuously etc). The use of consumables is important to understand which printer is appropriate for your company. That’s why renting multifunction devices for a year or even for shorter periods could help choose the most suitable model.

But how do you understand your printing needs and estimate average volumes ? Especially if the company is starting out, it is not an easy operation. The experts in the rental of printers are precisely to guide the user towards this choice. In the personal doubt, the advice is to round down slightly and eventually make up for printing needs more intense momentary with rental printers for events or for short periods.

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