Chrome browser flags all sites that are 'not secure

HTTPS is a secure protocol designed to encrypt information on the website. At present, there is no such thing as non-sensitive web traffic. HTTPS provides a fast, secure connection with a high level of privacy and reliability. HTTPS protects the integrity of your website. It safeguards the privacy and security of your users. In short, you can say that HTTPS is the future of the web. Are you aware of the security features of HTTPS? No? Stick to this page to enhance your knowledge regarding HTTPS.

Take a look at some of the key security features of HTTPS:


  • Security: HTTPS makes your website substantially more secure from hacking and other security breaches. It is one of the main reasons to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Search Engine Optimization: HTTPS helps the SEOs by enhancing the ranking of the websites in search engine results. Security is a top priority for Google and it promotes HTTPS because it helps online businesses to stay safe and secure.
  • Brand Trust: HTTPS builds trust with its visitors. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by Global Sign found that maximum website visitors are worried about their data being intercepted or misused online. It’s important to let your regular visitors know that their information will be secure when they visit your website. With HTTPS comes trust, and with trust comes sales.
  • Accurate Referral Traffic Data: If you’re using Google Analytics to keep an eye on the traffic and performance of your website, an HTTP to HTTPS migration is a must. Wondering why it will be beneficial? Because in Google Analytics, HTTPS to HTTP referral data is blocked. This means that traffic from an HTTPS website to an HTTP website is not visible under the referral traffic of the HTTP website and all traffic from HTTPS websites are visible.

Essential steps to install HTTPS certificate on a website:

Wondering how to Install Https on the website? Know some of the essential steps and secure your website with https:

  • To switch a website from http to https, you need to install SSL on hosting or VPS Google suggests that you can use any kinds of SSL certificates as long as it supports 2048 bits encode. You can also use free SSL like Let’s Encrypt or purchase other kinds of SSL. Avoid using free SSL of CloudFlare because it is not compatible with web browsers.
  • To integrate https to websites in general, you have to replace all of the HTTP links by https. This task requires 2 steps: Code + Database (DB). In most cases, you just need to replace the links in DB. However, in some websites, there are links with http in the code.
  • With website code, you can download all the website files and use Notepad++ editor to replace HTTP links by https for all of the files. Using Notepad++ requires only one click. Firstly, you open Notepad++and press Ctrl+F. Then go to the folder containing downloaded codes
  • Type domain name of your website with HTTP in Find what field. Type your domain name with https in Replace with the field. Finally click Replace in Files button.

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