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Ricoh is a Japanese company that produces devices for printing purpose. But there are some issues which the user of this printer encounters while sending commands for printing one such problem is the error code SC899. According to some cases, this error usually takes place by a TrueType font. While as in other cases it is reported that error code SC899 occurs when the users print from a particular version of the Adobe Reader browser plug-in, or from the specific Internet Explorer versions. No matters what’s the reason behind the occurrence of this error, with the help of this article you will be able to fix your Ricoh Printer. Here are the solutions, that you can try to resolve the issues:

Solution 1: Unplug the Network Cable of Ricoh Printer

  • You need to unplug the network cable of the printer.
  • In the next step, enter service mode by pressing [Reset], [1], [0], [7], [clear] holding down the [clear] button orderly until the menu of “SP” appears on the screen.
  • Now make a click on “System SP” option.
  • Moving on to the next step of the procedure, you need to expand the portion labeled “SP-5XXX.”
  • Scroll down the several pages until you see “5801 -> Memory Clear” and expand this particular section.
  • Click on the subsection eight labeled “Printer Application” and then select “Execute” you can find this on the right- hand side of the screen to clear the memory of the printer.
  • A verification message will appear on the screen and to proceed, you need to click on “Execute.”
  • Make sure that you don’t choose subsection 1, labeled “All clear,” and click on the “Execute” button.
  • Once the process is finished, restart your device and connect the network cable back. The error must be removed.

Solution 2:- Turn Off Ricoh Printer

  • Unplug the Ricoh printer from the power outlet and disconnect it from the computer as well. Now reconnect it through a USB connection.
  • Now, in the next step, restart your computer device, then connect the back to it and turn it on.

If the error code  SC899 persists, try the next solution to get it fixed.

Solution 3: Install the latest Version of Adobe Acrobat” Add-on/Plug-in

In some cases, the Ricoh printer faces difficulty in printing PDF files from Google Applications in Microsoft Windows via Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with the Adobe Acrobat browser Add-on. The issue might arise because of the outdated version of the Adobe Acrobat Add-on/Plug-in. In this case, the best solution is to install the latest version of it.

The error must be resolved by applying the solutions mentioned above. But, if it is not so you can there is no need to worry, we can fix the issue for you. To take help from us, all you need to do is to call us at our service helpline number 045864033. Your phone call will be responded by one of our best technician who will fix your Ricoh printer error code SC899 in minimal time

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