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The Hewlett-Packard Company, known as HP, is a multinational IT company that is popular for designing personal computers, laptops, printers, scanners, computer peripherals, etc. HP also provides a wide range of hardware and software components and related services to the customers. Along with all these, HP also manufactures different network products and imaging products. Some of the greatest inventions of HP are the first commercially distributed data processing system, LaserJet printers, and the Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing architecture. HP is considered to be one of the world’s leading PC manufacturing organizations who is serving us over a long period.

Although HP products always fit in the first preferences of every user, still HP devices come along with certain technical glitches. When you’re facing problems while using any HP products like laptops, printers or any other devices, you should get some technical assistance at the earliest. You can avail extensive HP support from the experts of a trustworthy HP Customer Care in Dubai.

Summing Up The HP Products We Use In Our Everyday Life

As mentioned earlier, HP mainly focuses on developing and manufacturing computer hardware, memory devices, hardware networking components, different software along with services related to them. Some of the primary products of HP Inc. are business and industry type servers, networking products, software and a distinct series of printers and other imaging products. HP also involves providing services and consulting business regarding its products. If your HP device is not performing up to the expectation, then ring the HP Customer Care in Dubai and get immediate solutions regarding your HP issues.

In the following section, you’ll find some of the mostly used HP products over the globe.


  • Business laptops
  • Premium laptops
  • Gaming laptops
  • Traditional laptops
  • Workstations

Personal Computers

  • Business computers
  • Immersive computers
  • Gaming computers
  • Computer towers
  • Workstations
  • All-in-one computers

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  • Printers for home and official purposes
  • Business printers
  • Sprocket photo printers
  • Single function printers
  • Multifunction printers
  • Scanners
  • Large format and digital presses
  • 3D printer

Ink And Toner

  • Ink cartridges
  • Toner cartridges
  • Printheads
  • HP instant ink

Display And Accessories

  • Computer monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Audio speakers and webcam
  • Desktop software

Get In Touch With Reliable HP Customer Care In Dubai And Solve The Typical HP Issues

Despite being one of the prominent electronics technology companies, HP devices can break down or stop working due to different issues. Check out some of the standard HP errors that can give you a headache anytime.

Common HP Laptop or Desktop Issues

  • Construction related issues: Sometimes, customers find that their HP laptops have a crack at the hinges. This is a physical problem which the user can’t handle on his own. It can be that the hinges were cracked from the beginning when you first bought the laptop. Otherwise, roughly moving the screen can also cause such an issue.


  • Power Problems: This problem mostly occurs with the HP Pavilion series laptops. Due to a weak power jack, the power in the laptop fluctuates and intermittently shuts down the system. When this damage gets worse, then it might happen that your laptop won’t turn on at all.


  • Issues with the motherboard: Most of the times, the HP laptop startup issue is related to the problem of the motherboard. Your motherboard can get damaged due to overheating which can result in destroying it completely. The gaming laptops are the primary sufferers of this issue.


  • Shutdown errors: The frequent shutdowns of the HP laptops can be very problematic to the users. If your laptop fails to recognize the wireless card, then such startup problems may generate in your laptop. It can also be incompatibility of the wireless card which can lead your laptop to the total startup failure situation.


  • Boot-up failures: Apart from the unexpected shutdown issue, suppose your system normally shuts down, but it fails to reboot further. So, the best thing you can do is contact a reliable HP Customer Care in Dubai and fix your HP laptop or PC in no time.

HP Printer Errors

Your HP printer can get into a lot of problems which can be bothersome while you’re in the middle of an important work. Thus, you should consult with the tech experts and get HP printer support from the HP Customer Care in Dubai. Here are some of the common errors that you may face with the HP printer:

  • Low Ink Indication: HP printer owners are familiar with this issue. While you’re about to print something using the printer, the ‘low ink warning’ message prompts and stops it from printing. This generally indicates about the amount of ink left in your printer but sometimes, the message appears despite the ink cartridge being full.


  • The problem of Paper Jamming: When the paper gets stuck in your printer’s rollers and stops printing, it is known as the paper jamming problem. Whereas in some cases, though you have selected to print only one sheet, the rollers pull two or more sheets of paper together. So, to fix this error, contact the experts of a reliable HP Customer Care in Dubai and resolve it quickly.


  • Slow Printing: Sometimes, you might feel that your HP printer is running slow and taking too long to print a document. As the printer is getting aged, the printing speed falls gradually. It can take a quite a long time to print just one page. Mainly, it is related to the problems in the hardware, or else, your outdated drivers can cause such issues.


  • Low-Quality Prints: If you’re using an HP printer for a long time, then you will realize that the print quality is not as good as it was before. This low-quality printing problem can cause serious trouble if you’re in the middle of printing any urgent document. Usually, damage in the ink cartridge or some issues with the quality of the paper you’re printing upon can be responsible for this error. You can easily resolve this HP printer issue by availing the service from an HP Customer Care in Dubai.


  • The issue of Ghosting: This is a different type of printer issue that can be seen especially with HP printers. When this error occurs, you’ll see a slight image of the same print present in the next print also. The ghosting error generally arises if you’re printer is used for a long period without any servicing. HP printer will print in this manner if the ink drum inside the device is quite old and needs to be replaced. If you’re having the same issue with your HP printer, then stop worrying and call HP Customer Care in Dubai.

Apart from all these HP issues, you might also go through some more relevant problems. However, with the proper guidance and assistance, you can easily get rid of such errors and again get the right service from your HP device.

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