Fix the Stuck Keys and a Broken Laptop Keyboard

To get the results from the laptops and computer or to get the work done on it, the keyboard plays a significant role in providing the input and data to the system. It consists of a combination of alphabets and is categorized into four main areas including function keys, letter keys, numeric keypad and cursor movement and editing keys between the main section and numeric keypad.

This layout of the characters on a keyboard is standard across many countries and is referred as a QWERTY keyboard. Due to the constant use of the keyboard, its key may get stuck or break.  Repairing the laptop keys is a very simple task and doesn’t necessarily require any laptop repair services and professional. With the help of this post, you will get to know about the process via which you can fix the stuck and a broken keyboard.

For laptop repairing and replacing the keys on your keyboard, all you need to do is carefully pry the damaged key. To do so, you can make use of a small flat blade screwdriver to and insert the blade underneath the damaged key. Rotate the screw gently until the key pops off from its place.

If this doesn’t help you in pulling the key out, use a can of compressed air to remove any detritus that might be creating the hindrance in replacing the key. Mostly, the keys have a clip below them that helps them to work accurately, so you need to be careful and doesn’t cause them any harm to it while fixing the key. Once you have removed the broken key, place a new one and press it until it locks.

This is all that is required to be done to fix stuck keys. However, it is advised to change your keyboard if it is quite old instead of replacing the keys again and again. Although, replacing a key is a simple process and can be accomplished easily. But, if you still fail to get it replaced contact us. Our team of laptop repair experts in Dubai will get your laptop repaired in a fraction of minutes that too at attractive rates.


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