Fridge Light Won’t Turn Off: Fix Bulb Problems in Refrigerator

When the light in the fridge glows, it is an indication that the device is working perfectly. But, the problem can arise when the fridge light won’t turn off, even if you close the door of your refrigerator. When the fridge bulb doesn’t glow, it points towards some kind of technical issues in the device which can worsen the situation. However, it can be really confusing when the light is not switching off and you don’t know what’s wrong with the fridge. So, if you are not sure whether the lamp in the fridge is defective or the door is not locked properly, consulting a professional repairing agency can be helpful. 

You might find many agencies for fridge repair Dubai but, it’s better to learn about their services before approaching them. This will help to decide what kind of solution is necessary for fixing the issue of glowing refrigerator bulb.  

Problems Due to Which Refrigerator Bulb Doesn’t Switch Off:

If you notice that the lamp inside your fridge refuses to turn off, it can be a critical problem. First of all, the bulb can become really hot, if it stays ‘On’ for a significant amount of time. So, if this issue is occurring because of malfunction in a sensor unit, it can affect other sensors as well. According to many experts in fridge repair Dubai, you should be aware of the causes which can keep the light on. 

Defective Door Seal

The first thing that can prevent the refrigerator bulb to turn off is any malfunction in the door seal. So, if the door is not locked properly or something is coming in between, it can keep the light on. Therefore, you should also examine the door for a damaged, broken or missing component in the seal, which needs to be fixed for closing the door.

Gasket Malfunction

If the gasket on the fridge’s door is defective or torn out, it will no longer block the atmospheric air to enter inside the compartment. So, the more this air enters into the refrigerator, it can result in freezing the coils as well. Whenever the rate of coil freezing becomes fast, the device won’t be able to maintain the defrost cycle. This is when your refrigerator runs consistently and this makes the lamp glow for a longer time period. So, if your fridge bulb is on because of this specific reason, you won’t be able to fix it without consulting fridge repair Dubai experts. 

Issues with Defrost Timer

The segment of the defrost timer is there in your fridge for managing the auto defrost system. You can find this component in the section of the freezer and any issues with the timer can result in more critical issues. So, if the problem persists, the other components in your fridge might not work properly. Hence, if this leads to any technical issue in the heater, it will not be able to maintain the proper sequence of turning on or off. This is when you can observe that the timer unit is running continuously and the fridge light won’t turn off. So, you can take help from an expert and check whether the timer is switched on by measuring the continuity with a multimeter. 

Defrosting in Thermostat

The feature of defrost thermostat in refrigerators is necessary to record down the temperature of evaporator coils. With this reading, it will be difficult for the fridge to identify the state when it’s cold enough. So, any issue in the thermostat can prevent the defrost cycle to begin and can also generate incorrect readings for the temperature. 


Hence, if this problem occurs, the refrigerator will overutilize specific components for melting away the ice to keep the device running. So, unless you fix this error, your fridge will continue with the lamp being on. Also, consistent glowing of the bulb can often lead to overheating issues inside the chamber. This can also result in soiling of the food or casing several other issues in your fridge. 

Damaged Heater

If the heater section is broken or physically damaged, it might not be able to melt away the ice on evaporator fins. It also generates multiple problems in the refrigerator and affects its defrosting abilities. Sometimes, it might happen that your fridge will tend to behave as if the device is running the defrost cycle. In this case, there may not be any other solution except repairing the defrost heater or getting it replaced. So, you can invest in solutions from fridge repair Dubai to make sure the device doesn’t run continuously. 

Bulb or Wattage Issue

Often, users can come across the issue of continuous fridge light if they are making use of lamps having incorrect wattage rating. So, when you use the wrong product in your fridge, it can result in overloading the electrical socket. Under such circumstances, you might notice the light bulb in glowing with full intensity. Otherwise, it can also lead to an opposite condition, when the bulb can explode. Hence, in both these situations, it indicates some kind of problems in the socket that supplies the power to the lamp. For the detailed investigation, you can ask for an expert’s advice to confirm the issue with bulb’s wattage. 

Diagnose Fridge Light Problem Like Experts from Fridge Repair Dubai:

It doesn’t matter whether your refrigerator lamp is turned on or off due to some technical problems. But, it is essential to diagnose the issue correctly and troubleshoot bulb problem in your fridge. So, if you want to consult a professional agency in Dubai, try to check how the experts are diagnosing the issue in fridges. 

Before assuming that there is any defect in the fridge bulb, you must follow some instructions to diagnose the refrigerator. Irrespective of whether the lamp glows, dims, or remains off, the device itself can have some malfunctions. Hence, your first task is to check the power cord and supply unit connected to the fridge. If there is any issue like over-voltage or power surge, avoid diagnosing your device for lamp error.

Now, if your device is working perfectly, see if the switch that turns on the light is pressed constantly. Often, this tiny component is situated near your refrigerator’s top portion and can come out due to several reasons. Also, there can be instances when this switch is stuck to a specific mode thus, causing the fridge lamp to glow. So, if you notice this kind of issue, examine the plastic liner of the interior section in the fridge. It might be the case that the bulb keeps glowing because a part of the liner is touching the switch and keeping the light on. 

Another way to diagnose the issue with the refrigerator lamp is by checking its continuity. Hence, the best method to examine the technical details of the light is by measuring certain parameters with a multimeter. Now, you need to check whether you can determine the continuity when the switch is still on. Also, see if you are unable to check the fridge’s continuity after turning off the switch.

You should also locate the spring-like structure inside the switch, as its connection to the opening and closing of the refrigerator door. So, first, adjust this spring section so that the door can be locked properly. If you still notice that the fridge light won’t turn off, it indicates some issues with the spring or the switch instead. Hence, you can confirm this problem by letting the experts from Dubai to repair or examine your fridge. 

For some reason, if the sensor switch receives the signal as if the door is open due to some technical issue, the cooling fan won’t work normally. This can also happen when the door can get misaligned and the hinges sag somehow. So, first, make sure that all other components are working perfectly and then try to repair/replace the sensor or even the door. This is when, you can consult fridge repair Dubai to detect defects in the electronic PCB, bulb, or any other component in your refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Use LED Lighting in Commercial Fridges?

Many users have this misconception that LED lights can’t work properly beside cooling areas and specifically in freezers. But, if you follow up on the research data from refrigerator experts, using LED lights can offer an energy-efficient solution for fridge users. This component can ensure that the refrigerator consumes less energy as compared to those appliances using traditional lighting bulbs. It will also put minimal energy load on the device and won’t spoil the food if fridge light doesn’t switch off for a long time. Another reason to use LED bulbs in commercial refrigeration is to offer increased brightness inside the compartment. 

2. What Steps Can You Apply When Refrigerator Light Doesn’t Work?

For some reason, if your fridge light shows sign of defect or stops working, there are certain things to try. First, you can remove the lamp from the refrigerator carefully and examine the filament. If it’s broken, then you need to replace the bulb with a new one. Otherwise, try to use a multimeter and check if the fridge light is having continuity. Also, check whether the light socket and other terminals in your refrigerator are working. To fix these kinds of hardware issues, you can take help from technicians rather than self-experimenting. 

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