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GoPro is another big brand that recently announced its latest GoPro Hero 8 camera where you can find all the latest video capabilities as well as GoPro’s signature technologies. When you look at the GoPro Hero 8, you can find a similar design but with the close inspection, you can also notice its slight but important changes in its design.

The added advantage is that now you can easily mount and add accessories directly to GoPro Hero 8 camera without using a cage. This is one of the biggest improvements that has been added to the GoPro 8 cameras. Even now you can easily replace the folding fingers with your own bespoke mount that bolts directly to the cameras. Due to this, it has become more versatile as well as 14% lighter than the other versions.

GoPro has been designed with unique features such as 12-megapixel sensor, hyper smooth 2.0 stabilization technology, digital lens, liveBurst mode, Night lapse video, waterproof resistance, live streaming facilities, audio improvements facility and many more.

Despite having all of these benefits, users often complain about varieties of issues with GoPro Hero 8 camera. So without wasting time, let’s check out what they are.

Common Problems of GoPro Hero 8:

Though the GoPro 8 camera is the best for capturing wonderful moments, from time to time as it creates many issues that users are dealing with. Here in this section, we are going to highlight all of the common issues as well as their solutions. So, if you are facing one of them then you can easily refer to this page to solve your problems effectively.

1. GoPro Camera Freezing Issue

Due to various reasons, you might notice GoPro hero 8 freezing. It might be because of software conflicts or system compatibility issues. Other reasons are also there such as problems in the ROM, memory card problem or if it falls into the water or if you are using old and outdated components, etc. Hardware issues are another reason for creating this problem. Therefore, if all of these are not causing this issue, you might check if there could be a battery issue or other problems.

It is important to find out the exact reason to fix this problem, or else your device will be totally unusable. So, if you want to know how to fix the GoPro hero 8 freezing issues, here are the steps that you can follow.

Effective Methods to Fix GoPro Hero 8 Freezing Issue:

If you notice that your GoPro Hero 8 camera has freezing issues then, remove the micro SD card or reset the camera by pressing the “Mode” button for 10 seconds and check if the issue gets resolved or not. In case, the freezing issue still persists then you can try out these following methods to fix these problems.

  • First, both the battery and memory card need to be unplugged.
  • Get a USB cable and attach it to the GoPro Hero 8 with a charger.
  • You might notice that the screen light is working. However, GoPro Hero 8 will not respond properly.
  • Therefore, remove the USB cable and plug it in again. Keep trying this method until the front screen light is turning on.
  • Once the machine gets turned on, the battery needs to be put inside the machine. Make sure that you have fully charged the battery. After putting the battery inside if you see no breakdown, remove the USB charging cable. In case the issue still continues you need to repeat the third step.
  • Turn off the GoPro Hero 8 and turn it on again. Repeat this step a few times to check its stability.
  • If the machine is stable, insert the TF card into the machine and plug it in.
  • Hopefully, the freezing issue will be resolved. In case, these methods are unable to fix this problem, bring your device to the nearest service center or call an expert technician to your place.

2. GoPro Hero 8 SD Card Error

Most of the users complain about the SD card issue while using their GoPro Hero 8. Usually, this issue occurs if the connection between the memory card and the camera is not stable or poor. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can try out to fix this problem.

Method 1- Steps

  • First, pull out the SD card and pull in back to its place properly.
  • Secondly, you can try to restart the device. Restarting can be a good solution to fix the temporary issue.
  • Sometimes, the SD card issue might occur due to the dirty metal parts or SD card slot. In such cases, if you clean those parts with a rubber or toothbrush, the issue might get fixed. Also, make sure that you try out this method carefully and both the card and camera required to be dried up while inserting the SD card.

Method 2- Steps

If the above-mentioned steps are unable to fix the problem, then format your SD card and try to fix the issue immediately. For any kind of minor issues, formatting the SD card can be an effective solution. You can even try this solution for the “SD ERR” problem. It is also important to remember that if formatting the SD card can delete all your files. So, ensure before you perform a format, transfer all the files to your computer. So, if you do not know how to format the SD card here are the steps that you need to perform.

  • Navigate to the settings menu.
  • Choose the recycle bin icon to format your SD card. You can also format your SD card by connecting it to your computer.

Method 3: Steps

If you are using an old version of GoPro but the SD card is new, then you might get a GoPro SD card error. You can only solve this problem by updating the firmware. To firmware update either you have to connect your GoPro to your computer or use an empty SD card. However, it will depend on which version you are using. Better you check the official GoPro manuals to fix this problem.

3. Battery Issue

Apart from these issues, you might face GoPro’s battery issue especially when your camera is off. In such cases, you can try these following methods-

  • Turn off your WiFi
  • Upgrade the Firmware
  • Use a different memory card
  • Turn off On-camera voice control and GPS
  • Try a hard reset
  • Keep the camera warm
  • Keep the battery out while not using the camera
  • Replace the battery

Concluding Words…

Hopefully, this page has given you enough information about the GoPro 8 issues and how to fix it. Try out all these methods carefully if you see any of these on your GoPro 8 camera. In case, you need any help, hire a professional and solve your issues.Visit here for GoPro service center Dubai

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