Best Free Graphic Design Software for 2020 for Creative Professionals

It is not necessary to invest in costly premium software for learning the fundamentals of graphic design. Today you will get multiple options than even been around and many of them can be downloaded at free of cost. These superb programs come with a user-friendly interface and are equally good to their premium counterparts. Yes, it’s true that there is no substitute for Adobe Creative Cloud with respect to seasoned professionals. But, these free graphic design Software are ideal for those of you who are not ready to pay for a subscription. We have picked up the best free software that can create and edit vector graphics, illustrations, and infographics. These programs are guaranteed to fetch great results without spoiling your work.

You might doubt whether you will get a wide array of features from these free graphic design software. No, unlike Adobe CC or Affinity’s software, these programs are not rich with features. But, they can help you in carrying out almost any design job that you want. Subscription based software or expensive packages are complex to learn and apply. But, the learning curve of these free software programs is a lot gentler to learn grab within a few days only.  Therefore, know about these programs in order to experience a remarkable graphic design in Dubai.

Explore The Best Free Graphic Design Software for 2020

Let’s check out the software for achieving the best graphic design in Dubai.


Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics tool that serves as a free counterpart to Adobe Illustrator. This powerful software comes with a comprehensive toolkit. It is a vector graphics suite to create infographics manually. It offers an excellent format support but a bit slower than other free tools available. The huge array of advanced tools and effects has made Inkscape a great choice for graphic designers. You can use it for complex path operations, path-based text, node editing, and bitmap tracing. It supports different colour modes for both print and web design. This free vector editing software considers Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) as its chief file format. Inkscape is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating System. Thus, it can become a great cornerstone of your toolkit.


It is freely available software that is packed with advanced drawing aids and templates. This cross-platform software comes with multiple customizable brushes and tools. Artists themselves created Krita to make it accessible to all graphic designers. Regardless of your income, you can afford this top quality drawing software. Krita was primarily developed to serve the purpose of comic book artists. But, its carefully designed tools are great for other forms of drawing as well. Krita has a set of carefully designed tools to offer various types of drawing aids. Therefore, you can use Krita for drawing smooth shapes, vanishing points, layer masks, and other advanced functions. Krita is undoubtedly amazing for venturing into illustrations or comics. Since it is packed with features, you need to see some tutorials before using this software.


GIMP is an incredible tool for designers working with photos. It is an easily expandable software that is automatically updated as per the market demands. It is equipped with customizable tools you can modify as per your requirement. It has a brilliant free photo editing features and adjusting the software. It is fantastic for creating a digital painting or composing different elements. It can provide outstanding graphic designs by using advanced brushes, masks, and layers. If necessary, then you can install Photoshop plugins or a huge archive of extensions to expand its functions.

The drawback of this software is its inconsistent interface and lack of all the tools available in Photoshop.


It is preferred to be the ultimate tool for creating 3D contents on behalf of graphic designers. Moreover, Blender is completely free even if you use it for commercial purposes. Its functions range cover modelling, animating, rigging, and rendering. Like the software programs discussed above, you can customize Blender to a great extent. It offers excellent format support to work with all types of Operating System. Since it has a steep learning curve, its interface might seem to intimidate apparently. But, you can create your own tools and extensions by using these highly customizable software. Furthermore, animators prefer Blender for creating short films, TV shows, and feature films as well. Last but not least, the creators of Blender are constantly developing this software for better results.

5) has free templates and a clear interface to make infographics easily. It is easy to master this software due to its gentle learning curve. It is not going to spoil your graphic design work with watermarks. You can use this dedicated tool if you do not want to create infographics manually. You can even experiment with the templates available with Besides this, offers you with a wide selection of shapes and editing tools. Hence you can modify your existing graphics designs or create them from scratch. You can download the completed infographics in both PDF and JPG format with quality settings. Even you can obtain the extra elements of for a small fee. Unlike many free data visualization tools, guarantees you to provide water free graphic designs.

These are the five must-have free tools for obtaining a unique graphic design in Dubai. So, get the most suitable one for you and show your expertise to the whole world. Also get the best Laptop Data Recovery Service in Dubai by Urban Clap Professional.




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