How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV through Hotspot ?

Owning a smart TV means you must have reliable internet, most preferably a Wi-Fi network, at home. However, the home internet service may go down and you must look for an alternative internet connection. You might think of connecting your Samsung smart TV to your iPhone’s hotspot to obtain good-speed internet connectivity.

Can you connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot? Well, it’s absolutely possible to connect your Samsung smart TV through an iPhone’s hotspot. If your Samsung TV can join any Wi-Fi network around it then it can connect to your iPhone’s hotspot too.

Steps to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV through Hotspot

TV Repair Dubai experts suggest checking your Samsung TV’s user manual to be sure of whether your television has a wireless adapter. If your TV can connect to Wi-Fi networks only then you can connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot.

Let’s follow the procedure of creating a mobile hotspot using your iPhone first.

Set up iPhone’s Personal Mobile Hotspot

Your iPhone must be operating on a competent data plan that can support your Samsung TV’s internet activity. So, get a data plan according to your intended use. An unlimited data plan from your cellular service provider will be a great fit.

On the other hand, the plan should be affordable since streaming services use an enormous amount of data. Consequently, you can run out of data and the overall cost of mobile data can be more expensive than your home internet or Wi-Fi network.

Hence, consider those factors before switching from Wi-Fi to personal hotspot connections. However, here’s how you can create a hotspot using your iPhone:

  • Tap the gear-shaped icon or Settings on the Home screen of your iPhone.
  • Next, tap the Cellular option.
  • Activate your cellular data service and go back to the previous page.
  • Navigate to the Personal Hotspot option and do as the on-screen instructions direct.

If this is the first time you create your iPhone’s hotspot, you have to set up an SSID or name along with a password. The password is required by the device that wishes to join the hotspot. Additionally, the password protects your iPhone hotspot from unauthorised access.

Switching the Personal Hotspot on requires you to turn on the iPhone’s cellular data too. After activating your iPhone’s hotspot, you can proceed with the next step.

Connect iPhone to Smart TV

Connect Your Samsung TV to Your iPhone via Hotspot

Hopefully, you have checked whether your Samsung TV is Wi-Fior internet-enabled. Now, turn on your TV and go through the instructions below to connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot:

  • On your Samsung TV’s remote control, press the Menu button and navigate to Settings.
  • Afterwards, locate Network settings and select it.
  • Choose the network type from the available options.
  • Now, choose the Wireless option since you want to connect your Samsung TV to the iPhone’s hotspot network.
  • Make sure you pick your iPhone hotspot name from the list of wireless services.
  • Then, you have to input the password related to your iPhone’s hotspot network. Ensure that you enter the password properly.
  • Finally, select the Connect option.

After you have successfully connected your Samsung smart TV to the personal hotspot of your iPhone, your appliance might run some automatic tests to screen the network strength and status. Once it’s done, you can download and install the required TV apps.

Now, you can stream your favourite OTT content, open a web browser to surf the internet or scroll your social media feed on your Samsung TV. How can you disconnect your Samsung TV from your iPhone’s hotspot network? Let’s check out how to disconnect your iPhone from the Samsung TV:

  • Access your TV’s Settings option using its remote control.
  • Next, pick the Network Settings option.
  • After that, locate the network status option.
  • Select the network status option and check if an option to Disconnect appears.
  • Click the Disconnect option and your Samsung TV should disconnect from the mobile hotspot of your iPhone.

What if Your Samsung TV Can’t Connect to Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot?

TV Repair Dubai technicians have reported that users have experienced some cases where the Samsung TV refuses to connect to the iPhone’s hotspot. However, even if the Samsung TV connects to the iPhone hotspot, it struggles with slow internet speed. 

Let’s check out how you can overcome such issues and connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot with some proven tricks:

Adjust the Places of the Gadgets

Your iPhone must be receiving full-strength cellular signals from the provider. That’s why you should keep your iPhone in a central location. Make sure you don’t keep your iPhone near thick concrete walls or the remotest corners of your home.

Wireless connections are stronger when connected devices are in proximity. Your iPhone should not be distant from your Samsung TV more than 50 feet away. Indeed, you should place your iPhone closer to your Samsung television to get an improved cellular signal.

Restart Your Devices

If the speed or connection failure persists, you can try this hack. Restarting everything may resolve the internal glitch within your iPhone and Samsung TV. shut your iPhone down by holding its Power or Side button and Volume Up/Down button at the same time.

However, older iPhones require the Side and Home buttons to be long-pressed for a prompt shutdown. After you shut down the iPhone, press and hold the Power button to restart it. 

Additionally, restart your Samsung TV by using its remote control or unplugging it from the power outlet and plugging it back in. Now, check if you can connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot.

Keep Your iPhone and Samsung TV Updated

For functionality at its peak, your iPhone requires the operating system to stay updated. Equally, your Samsung TV must run the latest firmware. First, check if your iPhone needs an update or not:

  • On your iPhone, tap on Settings.
  • Select the General option.
  • Next, enter the Software Update section.

Now, your iPhone will run tests to see if it’s on the latest iOS version. Otherwise, it will detect the pending software update and prompt you to download it. After you download the iOS update, install it and proceed with the same for your Samsung TV. 

Let’s check out how you can update your Samsung smart TV’s software and firmware:

  • Access your TV menu.
  • Now, go to Settings under the menu and select Support.
  • After that, choose the Software Update option.
  • The Software Update option might appear as greyed out if a streaming app is running in the background. So, switch the input source to the TV source or on the remote, press the ‘Samsung TV Plus’ button.
  • To ensure that your TV never misses out on an update, toggle on the Auto Update option.

Now, you can try to connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot.

Examine your Hotspot Network’s Status

Are you still dealing with a connection issue between your Samsung TV and iPhone’s hotspot? It’s time to make sure the hotspot is properly working. You can try to connect your iPhone to another Wi-Fi-enabled device like a computer or another smartphone.

If the testing device works fine with the hotspot connected, then the TV’s connectivity might be at stake. 

Restore your Samsung TV to its Factory Defaults

Improper network configurations made to your Samsung TV may deter it from connecting to your iPhone’s hotspot. Hence, you can try to restore your TV’s factory settings and check if it normalises everything again.

For your Samsung TV, you need to follow the guidelines here:

  • Go to your TV Settings.
  • Now, select the General option.
  • Choose the Reset option and your TV will ask for a PIN. Use 0000 if you have never changed the PIN before. Confirm your action by choosing Reset again.
  • After that, choose OK to complete the reset process. Your Samsung TV should start automatically, by now.

If your Samsung TV doesn’t revert to the factory default settings after this, you can go to Settings and choose Support. Then, choose the Self Diagnosis option. Look for the Reset option and choose it. Finally, you can connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot and examine if it works.

Additional Workarounds You Can Try

Restart your Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi connectivity. On the other hand, you should enable the ‘Allow others to join’ toggle on your iPhone under the Personal Hotspot section. Trigger your iPhone’s overall connectivity by enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode.

Moreover, you can wait until your TV is detected by your iPhone and not close the Personal Hotspot space. Make sure that you enter the right password to connect your smart TV to the mobile hotspot. 

These silly mistakes can prevent you from connecting your Samsung TV to your iPhone hotspot.

Wrap it up…

Hopefully, you can now connect iPhone to Samsung TV through hotspot. Otherwise, try to reset your iPhone’s network settings. If the issue persists, you can contact Samsung TV repair Dubai experts and get permanent solutions. 

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