How To Get Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home ?

12 Easy Home Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Christmas

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas decoration Dubai and craft your holiday home by adding string lights, ornaments, and gorgeous decors. Since Christmas is around the corner, you might have to start shopping for decorations, wreaths, Christmas trees, and more. 

However, you can discover inspiration to help kickstart your artsy journey and come up with some DIY creations. When the festival’s love and a slight nip are in the air, you can take an afternoon and plan how your Christmas decoration should be. Instead of taking the same traditional palettes and motifs, you can take an entirely out-of-the-box approach.

So, let’s check out some traditional and off-beat Christmas decorations to transform your living space into a wonderland this year.

1. Begin with Putting up a Christmas Tree

Bring the Christmas charm into your home by including a Christmas tree on your premises. Christmas decoration services in Dubai use a variety of Christmas trees. So, you don’t have to be picky about the kind of a Christmas tree and it doesn’t have to be a real one too. Your Christmas tree can be small, or big, made of paper, tinsel, or anything, silver, gold, or whatever your preference is. 

Brighten up your white tree with sparkling lights or keep the classic Douglas in a minimal or neutral decoration – the choice is yours. You can even glue up some scrap pieces of wood in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate it accordingly with fairy lights, baubles, snowflakes, mistletoe, etc.

2. Try Christmas Wreaths

A classy and elegant red-and-green wreath on your house’s door makes your home more inviting and warm. Don’t be afraid to break the law and hang wreaths all around your home. You can try oversized red bows to give your festive home a more natural and inspiring decor.

Do you want to try something different than just red-and-green wreaths for this year’s Christmas? Opt for a handmade wreath and that too with some farfalle pasta. The farfalle pasta is nicely shaped for a wreath. Just grab a paper plate, some pasta, spray paint, and glue. For embellishments, you can use some pine cones and red ribbons.

3. Transform Pantry Items into Garlands

This Christmas decoration Dubai idea is especially for those who are short on time. Create a one-of-a-kind garland with leftover pantry items such as bay leaves, candies, dried fruits, fruit loops, popcorn, and more.

So, thread a needle and start making your garlands for Christmas. You can also use dried pasta and pretzels and loop fancy ribbons around them. Once celebrations are over, you can remove the garland from the place and toss those pantry items into a compost bin.

4. Bake Cookies in Festive Shapes

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without desserts such as freshly baked cookies, cakes, eggnog ice cream, truffles, gingerbread, and so on. Now, you can skip traditional sugar cookies and opt for iced vanilla bean cookies.

For more festive inspiration, you can use Christmas-tree-shaped cutters for dough. Such bikinis not only make this holiday season extra cherry but also fill your home with a strong aroma of freshly baked stuff. So, search for some easy-to-whip sweets to make this Christmas merrier.

5. Use DIY Scented Candles

Don’t have enough time to bake cookies and cakes? Make sure that your home doesn’t lack the festive smell by lighting up some scented candles. Place such scented candles on mantles, tabletops, etc. places. Subtle fragrances like lavender, cherry, roses, and more will fill your home with pleasant aromas for sure.

On the other hand, you can skip your silver or glass candlesticks this year. Instead, you can create your rustic candles by glueing cinnamon sticks around a votive candle. Make the candle look even more beautiful by wrapping the whole arrangement with a ribbon. In addition, embellish the candle with a touch of greenery and pine cones. Shortly, the nutty aroma of cinnamon will be infused in the air of your home.

6. Set the Table

Are you hosting the Christmas dinner for your family this year? Then, setting the table is an unskippable part of the Christmas feast. Decorate your table with holly and jolly red napkins, handkerchiefs, and more.

You can also add a touch of greenery, a string of fairy lights, complimentary jars, glass sets, and plates. Indeed, take the Christmas decoration services in Dubai to a whole new level by creating a DIY Christmas tree plate setting. Fold napkins in the shape of a Christmas tree and place them on plates.

Don’t forget to illuminate the origami-inspired napkins with miniature bells and more ornaments. On top of that, you can place cutlery tied in a bow to give the whole table setting an aesthetic look.

7. Utilise Greenery as the Centrepiece

Your table setting for the Christmas feast is incomplete if you don’t place a centrepiece on the table. Have you decided on the centrepiece? If you are still clueless about a centrepiece this year, add some greenery sprigs into a transparent tall vase filled with water.

Trust us, the overall centrepiece decoration with greenery won’t look odd. You will get a very subtle hint of festivities from such a greenery centrepiece. You can even pull off the look with some pine cones in a bowl and place it right next to the centrepiece.

8. Make the Way for Illumination with Mason Jars

Don’t keep your side tables or window sills empty this holiday season. Set a charming mood for this year’s Christmas with decorated and illuminated mason jars. Simply, place tealight candles inside mason jars and make the lights a bit toned-down and mystical.

To amp up the illumination decor, you can tie some laces or ribbons around mason jars. Don’t forget to stick some pine cones and a few sprigs of green to keep the festive mood intact. In addition, you can bring a snowy effect to the overall mason jar setup by sprinkling some Epsom salt and then placing the tealight candle over it.

9. Go for Homemade Lanterns

As an alternative to the previous Christmas decoration Dubai idea, you can replace mason jars with some old glass bottles. Do you have some strings of fairy lights? Wrap these string lights around those glass bottles and place the setup beside a window.

No doubt, this is an easy-on-budget option to illuminate every corner of your home this festive season. If you have some Christmas-related figurines (like snowmen, gift boxes, etc.) then you can place them around those illuminated bottles. Put a few sprigs inside bottles so that they don’t appear empty.

10. Decorate with Your Artwork

You’re never out of Christmas decoration ideas if you have a dash of creativity inside yourself. If a specific wall feels like it lacks some decors, hang up your artwork over there. It can be above the mantle or over the dining space.

You can decorate the mantle with greenery and wrap it up with ornaments and ribbons for a pop of colour. Additionally, you can use the same ribbon to make a bow and attach the bow to your artwork. 

11. Frame Your Doorway or Archway

In-between spaces of your home might appear dull if you don’t decorate them. A simple pine garland is enough to frame your every doorway or archway. You should use multiple minimal hooks to hang the garland over a doorframe.

If you want a pop of colour, you can add decorative ribbons and bows. Fortunately, bows in vibrant colours can literally carry out any Christmas decoration you intend.

12. Try Hanging Christmas Decorations

Do you want a more eco-friendly Christmas celebration this year? Instead of plastic bells, you can make some DIY Christmas tree decorations for hanging purposes and enhance the festive aura. Cut brightly coloured felt and sew them to shape them into snowmen, hearts, candy canes, stars, trees, and whatever you feel right.

Moreover, you can stick some embellishments on them and hang them on your Christmas tree. Have you some leftovers from those Christmas-special cookie batches? If yes, then you can hang them using a ribbon from the Christmas tree.

Don’t Forget your Kitchen….

Your kitchen deserves some Christmas vibes too. Give your modular kitchen a transformation with mini wreaths and adorable figurine miniatures. For instance, you can add a pink bow to kitchen cabinets for a playful touch. Put your mugs on display during this festive season. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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