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How to Recover Lost Data From Your Mobile Phone ?

Looking for a deleted file that you didn’t mean to erase is a heart-wracking moment. However, this might console you that the deleted file is not lost yet and you can restore that particular file. Although you might not have backed up your mobile phone, you still may find a way to recover that accidentally deleted data.

On the other hand, mobile repair Dubai experts have shared that the availability of recent backups increases the chances of restoring the erased file. The following solutions might prevent your mobile device’s storage from getting overwritten but there’s no 100% guarantee that you can retrieve lost files.

Still, you can try the fixes below and see if you can recover lost files on your Android phone.

1. Limit Your Phone Usage

The moment you realise you have lost an important file or deleted a document, you must stop using your smartphone. Indeed, mobile repair Dubai professionals think that it’s the best prevention you can take to lower your chances of losing the file completely.

Whenever you delete a file, its corresponding data doesn’t just simply vanish from the system. Rather, it’s stored in your phone’s flash memory, as reported by a mobile repair in Dubai. Your Android system labels the space empty and treats the data as missing. 

That’s why you won’t get the file when you search for it. On the other hand, a mobile repair near me also shared that the ‘empty’ slot is ready to grant new data. The slot requires someone to write over it and then, the data you are looking for will be lost forever.

Therefore, you need your mobile phone not to write over the slot from where the file is missing. So, stop clicking new photos or videos or installing new programs. In short, stop using your device. Better, turn on the Airplane or Flight mode on your phone so it doesn’t download updates, WhatsApp images, emails, etc.

2. Visit Your Phone’s Recycle Bin

Nowadays, most Android apps are available with their dedicated recycle bins where they keep recently deleted files. Indeed, as verified by a mobile repair service near me, you can navigate to your phone’s Gallery or Photos app and you should be able to see a folder that contains all the recently deleted images and videos.

The same rule applies to iPhone’s Photos, Messages, and other native iOS apps. Not to mention, it’s a safety net for those mobile users who don’t back up their files regularly. However, Android devices have this specific recycle bin option for mainly File Manager and Gallery or Photos only.

How can you check the recycle bin or recently deleted files under Gallery or Photos? Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Navigate to the Photos or Gallery app on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Next, head towards the album tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Now, check if you notice a Recycle Bin or Recently Deleted column.
  • Tap on that and you should be able to view all the lately deleted photos and videos there.
  • Make sure you select the needed photo or video and tap on the corresponding Restore option to recover the lost data.

However, mobile repair services Dubai experts have reported that this hack will only work for an Android user if it’s an image or video file. On the other hand, many native iOS applications offer such recycle bin facilities to restore your deleted files.

A few selected Android devices might have included the same recycle bin feature for their file manager applications. So, you can check your Android device and if you are lucky then you can restore the selected file that you deleted by mistake.

3. Recover WhatsApp Photos

WhatsApp is one of the most popular third-party apps that both Android and iOS users rely on for daily communications. It’s common to lose recently downloaded images from WhatsApp. However, mobile repair services in Dubai have confirmed that you can retrieve them easily.

For example, you can recover those deleted photos using the integrated chat backup feature offered by WhatsApp.  Here’s what you need to follow to rescue photos from the chat backup:

  •  First, launch the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  • Next, tap on the vertical dots from the top of the screen.
  • After that, tap on Settings.
  • Now, select Chat and enter the Chat Backup option.

You should see the latest backup information along with the date and time. Tap on the Back-Up button if that will retrieve your deleted file. On a contrary note, you need to reinstall WhatsApp if you deleted the files before your device created a backup. While installing the application, your device will prompt you to recover your old chats including media files.


What should you do if you have written over the last WhatsApp backup? Most Android devices keep track of WhatsApp chats and media using their file browser and save them under the Databases folder. For instance, you can apply the following steps on your Android device:

  • Go to your phone’s file browser or File Explorer.
  • Next, navigate to the WhatsApp folder.
  • Head towards the Databases folder and you will see relevant files.
  • Make sure you sort those files according to the date modified. Thus, you will get the latest files above.
  • Now, find the most recent file and rename it at your convenience.

Check if your phone detects the recovered file. Otherwise, you can go through the Google Photos application as it tends to copy every image your device downloads. Additionally, the app doesn’t delete the photo even if you remove it from Gallery. So, there’s still hope and mobile repair Dubai experts recommend trying this specific hack.

4. Examine Your iCloud or Google’s Cloud Backup

You are in luck if you use iCloud or Google’s cloud services. In fact, a mobile repair service in Dubai confirms that Google Photos has come up with a recycle bin that stores deleted photos for 60 days. Hence, you should rush to your cloud storage options if you can’t find a particular photo or video on your device or under the associated app.

Here’s how you can find deleted photos in iCloud and recover them:

  • Start by navigating to followed by Photos.
  • Next, expand the sidebar and select the album named Recently Deleted.
  • Tap the photos and videos you want to select and recover from the iCloud storage.
  • Finally, opt for the Recover option.

However, Google instructs the steps below for a quick recovery:

  • Visit
  • Afterwards, look for the Trash folder under the hamburger menu.
  • See if you can notice the deleted photo or video you’re looking for.

Have you deleted those photos from Google Photos, as well? A reputed mobile repair in Dubai mentions that your files still can be available in Google Drive. So, you can sneak into the drive. Don’t forget to check your email account if you have received those files over an email.

5. Plug Your Phone to a Computer and Use Dedicated Data Recovery Apps

Chances are the above-mentioned tricks may not work in your favour. However, don’t lose hope as a mobile repair near me suggests using data recovery apps. Remember, these are third-party solutions. So, they might not be compatible with your iOS and Android devices.

Make sure you download such third-party data recovery apps from a legitimate source. Let’s guide you through the process in general:

  • Activate USB Debugging or Developer Mode on your device. A mobile repair service near me assures that this feature is crucial for data recovery to work. Otherwise, the data recovery app won’t apply changes to your mobile phone.
  • After that, use a compatible USB cable and connect it to your mobile device and computer.
  • Now, install the required data recovery program on your computer. Launch the application and scan the connected mobile device for lost data.

After a while, the application will display all the recoverable files. You can preview them and select the files you want to retrieve. Finally, click the Recover button and you will get your lost data back on your mobile phone.

Data recovery apps boost the chances of recovering your data regardless of your device, operating system, and more due to their wide compatibility. In addition, they can retrieve the high-quality files nice and easy. Moreover, mobile repair services in Dubai ensure that you can preview your files so you don’t end up recovering the wrong files.

6. Get in Touch with the Developer

Does your lost file belong to an app or game you downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store? Probably, the app doesn’t offer the recycle bin amenity and you don’t even have backed up its files.

In this situation, the developer of that particular game or app might be able to help you. Developers have access to the servers that consist of cloud backup files. So, there’s a slim chance that you can retrieve your lost data back from the databases with the developer’s help.

Final Resort – Contact a Data Recovery Specialist Mobile Repair Dubai Service

Are you still struggling with lost data on your mobile phone? The last resort is to seek expert intervention. Mobile repair services in Dubai often offer data recovery expertise and they support a wide variety of brands and builds.

However, a mobile repair service in Dubai recommends taking regular backups for important files, apps, and games. Thus, you will never run out of options if anything goes wrong. Otherwise, it can be a panicking and emotional roller-coaster experience for most of us.

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