How to Replace a Mobile Phone Screen? Mobile Repair Dubai

5 Facts to Reconsider Before a Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

Dropping your smartphone is and always will be an OOPS moment and the stunning display is the major victim. A shattered display is the ultimate point where you decide to replace your mobile screen. However, it’s best to replace a mobile phone screen no matter how small the crack is.

Otherwise, the crack will spread like a web and leave you with no other choice. In addition, your smartphone’s internal parts will be exposed to more damage if you don’t take the right step immediately. However, how would you know from which company or service provider you should get your smartphone display replaced?

Not every mobile repair shop has the potential to restore your phone’s display to its former glory. Then, how will you be sure of a high-quality screen replacement without compromising on features? So, here are 5 tricks to ensure that a particular company is the one for mobile repair Dubai.

1. Analyse Your Smartphone Screen’s Damage Extent

Finding a reliable service partner for mobile repair in Dubai can be daunting. On the other hand, all of them are not capable of chip-level repairs. For example, most mobile repair shops offer quick repair to minor-cracked screens.

On the other hand, a few shops specialise in replacing completely smashed mobile phone screens. Hence, you must keep in mind what you’re looking for. If your smartphone screen is badly damaged then a certified professional repair shop is what you need.

So, investigate for outstanding diagnostics and exemplary screen replacement facilities while searching for competent repair companies. Depending on the extent of your phone screen damage, you know whom to knock. 

2. Go Through Customer Ratings and Testimonials

Verified testimonials from real clients and customers can prove the legitimacy of a service. If you must replace a mobile screen, don’t forget to sneak into the company’s review section. The proficiency and credibility of a service provider are two important things you should verify from the company’s reviews and testimonials.

Go through affirmative responses that speak about the expertise and repair experience of that particular company. Look out for reviews that mention the use of necessary tools, the quality of replacement parts, and more. Thus, you will come across the right and satisfactory fit for your mobile repair in Dubai. 

However, the screen of your smartphone might not be exactly the same after the replacement. So, you should inquire about the changes that might appear on your device due to the repair. For example, check if any review mentions a mobile screen replacement with an in-screen fingerprint scanner and how it turned out.

Move on to another specialised service provider’s profile if the current one’s reviews don’t seem positive. To be on the safe side, you should avoid negative reviews bearers. However, newer repair shops may not have tons of ratings. In this situation, you can consider the customer reviews from different community forums and review platforms.

3. Count in Warranty Terms and Conditions

Is your smartphone still under the period of manufacturer-specialised warranty? If yes, then getting its screen replaced at an authorised mobile repair shop is the best decision. Otherwise, you can end up voiding its warranty-related terms and conditions. For example, you should contact an Apple Store if your iPhone has an AppleCare+ subscription and warranty.

No doubt, you will get OEM replacements for your iPhone screen at a very low cost. However, the scenario isn’t the same if your smartphone has run out of the manufacturer warranty then you must look for a superior shop to replace a mobile phone screen. 

Additionally, you must prioritise those repair shops that provide warranties for screen replacements. Assurance about a warranty is a sign that the corresponding service provider is a trustworthy repair shop. So, always look for a warranty while shortlisting mobile repair services in Dubai.

Avoid shops that don’t offer a valid warranty over screen replacements and other critical repairs. They might offer cheap repairs but the respective screen replacement parts might not be long-lasting.

4. Consider How Much Time the Screen Replacement Requires

No matter what smartphone you use, you can’t stay without it much longer. Smartphones are used for a multitude of reasons, ranging from work to entertainment purposes. So, you can’t just trust a service provider that takes days to replace a mobile phone screen.

Instead, you will prefer a mobile repair shop that offers a fast screen replacement. Furthermore, you can search for repair companies that provide both on-site and in-lab screen repair and replacement services. Depending on your preference and the extent of the screen damage, you can select the best type of service.

Most service providers promise a speedy screen replacement and other repair services. However, you need to dig a bit deeper. For instance, you can examine the repair store’s ratings and customer reviews to find out whether the company truly delivers punctual and efficient repair services.

How long does it take to replace a mobile phone screen? Typically, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours for a knowledgeable and experienced professional to replace a smartphone screen. On the other hand, you can inquire about the time estimate before you commit. So, you can get your phone back in its fully functional condition as soon as possible.

5. Think About the Phone Screen Replacement Cost

The overall cost of your mobile phone screen replacement is one of the most vital factors you should keep in mind. Affordability is something that you must consider for most repair solutions but some services do require costly options. And, mobile phone screen replacement is one of them.

Quality and OEM screen replacements with on-screen fingerprint sensors and other features are expensive, no doubt. On the other hand, the professional can charge adequately for diagnostics, repair efficiency, and much more. Therefore, the cheapest option is never a good idea when you are thinking about a mobile screen replacement.

After all, a low-cost mobile repair specialist might not offer the best possible outcome when it comes to an exquisite phone repair. Remember, the cost of your smartphone screen replacement can vary due to the following reasons:

  • The build and model of your smartphone. Generally, iPhone screen replacements are costlier compared to most Android smartphones.
  • In addition, the quality of spare parts can contribute a lot to the phone screen replacement cost. For instance, OEM spare parts will cost you more than third-party ones.
  • Furthermore, the availability of your smartphone’s screen replacement. It’s comparatively harder to find newer or older mobile phone spare parts. The more it becomes difficult to find the more charges will apply to your service.

Hence, take your time in researching the best finds within your budget and don’t settle for cheap ones. Otherwise, you might end up compromising on your smartphone’s quality performance and efficiency.

Is a Screen Replacement the Right Choice for Your Mobile Phone?

Perhaps, your mobile phone’s screen has been cracked a little. In that case, you can save your smartphone without giving a screen replacement service a second thought. High-quality and guaranteed mobile phone screen replacements are the best bet to restore your device’s performance. Another remarkable thing about the mobile screen replacement is that you don’t have to replace your smartphone.

Indeed, a screen replacement is the best option for small to medium-cracked smartphones that you have recently purchased. However, if your phone is old enough and the damage is too severe then a screen replacement might not be the best decision. Hence, assess the situation yourself before you consider getting a screen replacement from a mobile repair in Dubai.

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