iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 Features that You want to Scrap Away

You have already got a preview of iOS 16, the upcoming and latest operating software for iPhones. As expected, Apple might release iOS 16 2022’s fall, but its developer beta and public beta versions are up for installing and testing. New iOS versions and features are worth the hype, but not every feature is welcomed by the users.

For example, you might love how interactive the lock screen has turned with the arrival of iOS 16. At the same time, the search button on the home screen might not be your favourite. Yet, the best part is that it’s not mandatory to hang out with these disturbing or unnecessary iOS 16 features.

Yes, you can turn off those irritating iOS 16 features. Let’s check out a few iOS 16 features that might be annoying and how you can disable them.

1. Pressing the Side Button abruptly ends the Ongoing Calls

For calls, Apple has assigned some cool functions for the iPhone’s buttons. You can easily end a call with a tap on your iPhone’s side or power button. Additionally, you can immediately move the silent slider from up to down to silence your calls, especially when you are in a meeting. 

However, the side button’s function to cut off the call might seem invasive when you don’t intend to cut the call. You might want to wake up or sleep on your iPhone while talking to the person on the other side of the call. Well, iOS 16 offers you the chance to prevent the side button from disrupting calls. 

Here’s what you need to do on your iPhone:

  • Tap Settings and locate Accessibility. You can search for Accessibility, as well, and tap it.
  • Navigate to the Touch option.
  • Look for the option that says, ‘Lock to End Call’. Toggle this particular option off.

From now on, your iPhone will simply wake up or sleep down when you accidentally press the Side or Power button. This means that your call will remain untouched and ongoing.

2. Restrict Featured Memories and Photos Appearing on iPhone’s Lock Screen

Photos on iPhones keep creating Memories with featured photos. From time to time, your iPhone might remind you of those memories with a pop-up, which might be beneficial sometimes. However, a sudden reminder of holidays, family vacations, or a couple of photos might be inappropriate if you are in a formal meeting.

Your photos popping on your iPhone might be unexpected or embarrassing. Therefore, you might have to stop them from popping up. Fortunately, you can stop Featured Photos, Memories, and others designed by Apple’s artificial intelligence. 

For this, your iPhone should have installed iOS 16. You can block these collections from appearing on your iPhone’s widget through these simple steps:

  • Hit the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Next, navigate to the Photos option and tap it.
  • Scroll down to the option called ‘Show Featured Content’. Turn it off, and you’re good to go.

After that, you will not see any Memory or Featured Photo pop-up on your iPhone’s widget. They will be only available inside Photos — albums and photo libraries. 

Found the New Lock Screen Overrated?

You can roll back to the old lock screen on your iPhone. Apple has kept the iPhone’s lock screen optimised for a long period. The advent of iOS 16 has shown how vibrant and useful a lock screen is. iOS 16 stylises iPhone’s lock screen with customisable widgets, fonts, colours, gallery, date and time information, and more.

All these additions might not be for every user. Let’s take the notification bar of the iPhone – users might not be accustomed to such a layout within such a short period. Now, notifications will pop up from the bottom of the screen, which might not be your thing. 

If you don’t like such a lock screen display or layout, you can go back to the previous one, and iOS 16 allows you to do so. After all, iOS 15 was neat and clean in terms of showing notifications and arranging them. 

Here’s how you can revert back to your notifications display on your iOS 16 iPhone:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings and search for Notifications. Hit the Notifications option. Then, you have to tap the Display As option.
  • Now, you will see three options, as follows:
    • Count: This will label your notifications with numbers, and the notifications will appear at the bottom of your iPhone’s display.
    • Stack: You can stack your iPhone notifications with this option, which will stay at the bottom of the lock screen.
    • List: This notification display option lets you view notifications across the screen.

To revert to iOS 15 notifications, you must choose the List option. Now, you can enjoy your notifications on the lock screen, old style.

Eliminate the Search Button from the Home Page

Are you looking for an iPhone’s image, message, file, location, or note? The newly-launched search bubble with iOS 16 on the home screen is a huge perk for you. Earlier, you had to swipe down above your dock to access the search feature, which still exists.

If you’re comfortable with the previous search mechanism, you can remove the direct search button from your iPhone’s home screen. iOS 16 lets you eradicate the latest Search button from the home screen.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu and hit the Home Screen option. Disable the ‘Show on Home Screen’ option. This will remove the search bubble from the iPhone’s home screen. You can notice those previous dots representing different home screens and access them via those dots.

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