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iPhones are expensive electronic gadgets that is mostly used by the upper class of society. iPhones have been successful to attract people with its classy design, high-quality camera, bionic processor, long battery life, and more. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to the selection of iPhones. It is hard to find a user who is dissatisfied with his iPhone. Still, we can’t guarantee an error-free iPhone. So, if you are an iPhone user, then you might have come across a problem. 

You might have tried to solve the problem on your own but failed due to sufficient technical know-how. Thus, we have decided to discuss all the problems that you might experience with your iPhone. Unless you are tech-savvy, it isn’t possible to fix all iPhone issues by watching tutorials at your home. Thus, you need to reach an iPhone repair center for critical issues. Let’s dive deeper into this matter and take the correct measure. 

18 Problems Raised by Worldwide iPhone Users:

Let’s know the various problems that are known to take place on iPhones. 

iPhone Not Turning on

Several users complain that their iPhone won’t turn on even when it is fully charged. It seems to be a software glitch especially when you are using an older version of iOS. To rule out this possibility, update the iOS and reboot your device once. Since, your iPhone fails to turn on you need expert assistance to update the iOS. 

Perhaps, the problem isn’t related to software. It might be a connectivity issue among the internal components. Thus, an expert will also let you know if the problem lies somewhere else. So, an iPhone repair will be the best option for you.

iPhone Not Charging

Some iPhones refuse to accept a charge. In some cases, the problem is resolved with a new USB cable. Whereas, in other situations, the problem remains as it is. If what’s needed to be done in this scenario, you can force restart your device by holding down the Power button until a red slider appears on the display. Drag the slider to the right in order to turn off your iPhone. As the iPhone’s screen turns black, press and hold the Power button until the device restarts. Now, connect the iPhone to an electrical outlet and check whether it’s charging or not. Visit a nearby repair center if the problem continues. 

Note: Avoid charging your iPhone from a laptop or desktop. In some cases, it is found to affect iPhones. 

iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

While turning on your iPhone, you might find that the device is stuck on the Apple logo. It can happen due to several reasons like jailbreak of iPhone, failed iOS update, deletion of iOS files, retrieval of data, hardware problems, etc. You can use the iPhone recovery mode to fix this issue as explained below:

Recovery Mode

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the iPhone displays a slider. 
  • Swipe the slider to the right and press the Home button. 
  • Connect your device to a system by holding down the Home button.
  • Make sure that iTunes is running on your PC and can recognize your iPhone. 
  • As the Connect to iTunes screen appears, choose ‘Update’ and release the Home button. 

Remember the aforesaid solution won’t work for jailbreak and hardware issues. Thus, you can proceed with the next solution.

Device Firmware Update Mode

  • At first, open iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone. 
  • Turn off the iPhone and press the Home button. 
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button along with the Home button for about 10 seconds. 
  • Then, release the Sleep/Wake button and keep holding the Home button for another 5 seconds. 
  • Your iPhone display will be entirely blank and a popup asks you to restore the previous backup or factory settings. 
  • It implies that your device has entered the DFU mode. So, tap the ‘OK’ button to continue and see whether your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo or not. 

A phone repair is the last resort for this problem.

iPhone White Screen of Death

The same factors discussed in the above solution can be responsible for the iPhone white screen of death as well. To overcome this problem, you can perform a hard reset that is known as factory reset. Before performing this reset, backup your device otherwise, all your data will be lost. DFU mode is another way to get rid of this situation. A backup is a must for this method as well. 

iPhone Black screen

You might encounter a black screen after dropping your device or spilling water on it. Malicious programs, bad firmware, improper updates, and jailbreak are other causes of this problem. After encountering this problem, plug in the iPhone to a power outlet. Charge the iPhone for one hour and hold down the Power button until the device starts. 

If your iPhone already has a backup, then restore it to factory settings via iTunes. We are not going in detail since we have discussed in the method in the previous problem. So, if there is no previous backup, then visit an iPhone repair center to prevent data loss. 

Audio Issues

You might experience audio issues while carrying a conversation, watching movies, playing music, or games on your iPhone. It becomes a concerning issue when the sound fluctuates even after increasing the volume level. Perhaps the speakers of your iPhone aren’t working correctly or have stopped working completely. 

Hence, you can reset your iPhone from the Settings app. For this, open the Settings app and go to the ‘General’ tab. Tap the ‘Reset’ button and choose ‘Reset all settings’ to restore the default settings. If this trick can’t help you, then connect your iPhone to a computer. Then, launch iTunes and Restore your iPhone with online instructions. 

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The touch screen might fail to respond at the time of using your iPhone. It is a frustrating situation as you are restricted from using your iPhone correctly. Are you struggling with an unresponsive touchscreen, then clean it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Clear the cache data, free up iOS storage space and restart your device. If the iPhone is still not responding, then take it to an iPhone repair center. 

Display or Camera Issues

Your iPhone display might not be that bright as it was before. Moreover, it is a serious problem if the display doesn’t change after increasing the brightness. Besides display issues, several iPhone users are known to face picture quality issues as well. You can even try to resolve this issue by changing settings. But, it won’t help if the iPhone has one or more technical faults. Consult with experts so that the situation doesn’t deteriorate.  

Home Button Not Working

The Home button might fail to respond when pressed. Dirt/moist seems to be the primary reason for an unresponsive Home button. So, make sure your iPhone is clean. Then, go to Settings and use the built-in reset option to fix this issue at your home. Check whether your fingers are completely dry or not. Then install the software update to see whether it makes any difference or not. Finally, let experts inspect your iPhone for software or hardware errors. 

iPhone Problems after Update

Some problems crop up as you update your iPhone. Since, there are a wide range of problems, it is difficult to mention them specifically. Perhaps your iPhone is running sluggishly or has stopped working after an iOS update. Moreover, you might receive various error codes after updating your device. If this is the scenario, then go back to the previous version of your iOS device. If that doesn’t solve your problem, then connect with an iPhone professional. 

Lost iPhone Data

Numerous iPhone users have accidentally lost data after a factory reset on their iPhone. Even some of them have lost data after dropping their phone on a hard surface. Malicious programs are also known to erase files, folders, and documents from your iPhone. So, if you search the internet, then you will get multiple data recovery software. But, all of them aren’t safe enough to use on your iPhone. Thus, reach an iPhone repair center for the safe recovery of data. 

Water Damage iPhone

You might unconsciously damage your iPhone by spilling water or any other liquid on your iPhone. So, if the water or liquid penetrates inside your iPhone, then it can damage the internal components. In case you don’t take immediate action, then your phone is going to stop working very soon. 

Overheating Issue

Overheating issues is a major flaw in modern phones and the iPhone is not an exception. But, overheating is not a common situation for iPhones. If your iPhones is overheating, then something might be wrong with it. Your iPhone might get hot to the extent of explosion and display a message like ‘iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.’ As you receive this message, take your iPhone to a cooler environment, remove the iPhone case and keep it aside for a few minutes. 

For better results, reset all settings from the Settings app and update the iOS. 

  1. To update iOS, open Settings and expand the ‘General’ section. 
  2. Select ‘Software Updates’ and you will find the available updates. 
  3. If you see an update, then tap the ‘Download and Install’ button to update the iOS. 

From now onwards don’t play games for long hours and avoid running too many apps at the same time. Also, try not to charge your phone overnight. Consult with experts if the overheating issue repeats itself. 

iTunes Error

iTunes error might occur during factory reset via iTunes or creating a backup through iTunes. Some iTunes errors appear when you try to upgrade or restore your iPhone. Moreover, it can occur if your iPhone isn’t using the correct version of the firmware. Furthermore, you will receive this error if the iOS version you are trying to install isn’t approved by Apple. iTunes error won’t allow you to use your iPhone in the desired way. Thus, you must eliminate such errors asap. There are different ways to fix each iTunes error. In case you are unaware of these solutions, then reach an iPhone repair center. 

Applications Freeze or Quit Unexpectedly

An iPhone app can freeze just after launching or while you are using it. It happens when apps or iOS is outdated. So, visit the App Store and update the particular apps. If the apps aren’t supported by your iOS version, then install the latest version of iOS. Repair your iPhone if these two tricks can’t solve your problem. Who knows whether your device has technical faults or not. 

Proximity Sensor Not Working

When the proximity sensor doesn’t work, your iPhone’s display screen will lit as long as you are having a call. A faulty proximity center is either manufacturing or software defect. Such a problem can’t be solved by sitting at your home. So, whatever might be the reason, visit the repair center. 

Face ID Not Working

Using Face ID you can access your device, apps, and iTunes without entering the password. Failure of Face ID is common after iOS update and doesn’t let you access your device. Reboot your iPhone and check whether it solves the issue or not. If not, then reset the Face ID in Settings. For further assistance, visit an iPhone repair center. 

iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

It is the last point in our iPhone issues discussion. Screen repair becomes necessary when the iPhone falls from a considerable height and damage the screen Moreover, it is hard to work with a badly damaged screen. Thus, repair your iPhone screen or replace it with a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are Bluetooth or WiFi Connectivity Issues?

You might face difficulties in connecting your device to another Bluetooth device. Similarly, WiFi issues are common for some iPhone users. Connect with experts if the problem occurs with multiple Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks.

  1. How to Choose the Best iPhone Repair?

Before selecting a phone repair check its authenticity by going through customer reviews. Make sure that the service provider has been existing for quite a few years. Good ratings imply that the service center is a reliable one. Finally, check the time and money required to repair your iPhone. It is better to reach a nearby service provider. In the absence of such a service provider, you need to look beyond your location. 

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