Latest Release of Windows 10 Build 16299.402 launched by Microsoft

All new Windows 10 update has been launched recently that includes various new fixes and bumps your build to 16299.402. This update can be downloaded simply from the website of Microsoft Update Catalog. This update referred as KB4093105 can fixes issues in Microsoft Outlook, BitLocker, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge, File Explorer, and other programs, Windows repair and core operating system features. In this article below, you will get to know about the detailed points that will help you to understand the new update completely.

  • It addresses the problem that creates advanced apps to reappear after updating the OS version even though those apps have been de-provisioned via remove AppXProvisionedPackages-Online.


  • It solves the issue in which running an app as an administrator unable the application from working when pasting the username or password into the user elevation prompt.


  • It fixes the issue that effects Skype and Xbox from working.


  • This new update fixes an issue which hinders Autodiscover in Microsoft Outlook 2013 from being applied to create an email account when UE-V is enabled.


  • It fixes an issue where AppLocker administrator rules applied to MSI files don’t match the files perfectly.


  • Addresses an issue that limits Windows Hello from creating good keys when it discovers poor cryptographic keys because of TPM firmware errors.


  • This also helps in preventing the issue that restricts the user from unlocking their sessions along with showing incorrect user-name on the screen when multiple users try to log in.


  • It fixes an issue that lets the browser to prompt for credentials again and again instead of only once when using the extension of Office Chrome.


  • This is also going to help you with smart cards related issues that allow entry through PINs or biometric. If in case the user is not recognised, an error displays and the person need to wait for 30 seconds for attempting again. But with this, the delay of the 30-second delay is no longer required.


  • It increases the least password length in Group Policy up to 20 characters.


  • It can also fix an issue that shows name-constraint information is wrong. Instead of displaying in accurate formatted data, the information appears in hexadecimal format.


  • It resolves the problems that blocks failed NTLM authentications rather than of only logging them when using an authentication policy with audit mode turned on. Netlogon.log may show the following:

SamLogon: Transitive Network logon of <domain>\<user> from <machine2> (via <machine1>) Entered

NlpVerifyAllowedToAuthenticate: AuthzAccessCheck failed for A2ATo 0x5.

SamLogon: Transitive Network logon of <domain>\<user> from <machine2> (via <machine1>) Returns 0xC0000413.

  • It fixes the issue that generates a certificate validation error 0x800B0109 (CERT_E_UNTRUSTEDROOT) from http.sys.


  • It addresses an issue in which resetting the Windows Hello PIN at the login prompt sets the system in a condition which makes it impossible to reset the PIN again.


  • It also resolves the problem where the right-click context menu for encrypting as well as decrypting files using Windows Explorer is missing.

This was all about the new features of Windows 10 Build 16299.402. After reading this post, you might be clear about the concept of the Windows update launched by the Microsoft but, if in case you have still any query related to Windows update you can contact us. Besides, resolving your doubts, we can provide you with the best Windows support in Dubai at an affordable price.

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