No Internet Access after updating Windows 11

No Internet Access after updating Windows 11? Here’s How to Fix it

Many users have reported experiencing network issues after switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11. But, locating the source of the internet connectivity issues can be daunting. 

There can be several reasons for this issue, from a software conflict to a faulty Wi-Fi switch. Besides, the PC might display the “no internet” message due to misconfiguration. 

Placing the wireless router far from the Windows 11 device could prevent the computer from connecting to the internet. Thus, change the router’s location to improve the Wi-Fi speed and performance. Ensure the PC is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network to avoid further interference.

What causes the No Internet Access after updating Windows 11 Issue?

The PC shows a “no internet access” message after updating Windows 11 if the network is overloaded. An incorrect Wi-Fi setting can block the computer from establishing a secure connection. 

There is also a possibility that you have installed a corrupted OS. You must uninstall and reinstall the software in such instances to resolve the issue.

Did you disable the network adapter from the PC? It could be another reason behind this connectivity issue on the Windows 11 device. Check whether the router’s “internet” LED is blinking green. 

If the router’s internet light flashes red, contact an expert for an instant fix. Besides, you should check whether the “Airplane mode” is on. 

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix No Internet Access after updating Windows 11 Issue

Many easy fixes exist to solve the “no internet” issue from the PC. However, you should first double-check whether the problem is in the Windows 11 device. Turn off the phone, tablets or other smart devices. 

Reconnect them to the Wi-Fi network and check if you can access the internet. If yes, the issue lies on the Windows 11 computer or laptop. 

Experts suggest restarting the computer to fix this complex connectivity issue. Thus, close all the background apps and shut down the device. Connect the PC to the Wi-Fi if it shows the “no internet” message. 

Follow these effective solutions if the connectivity error persists:

1. Verify the Wi-Fi is On

The chances are high that you might have disabled the Wi-Fi connection after updating the OS. Thus, check whether the Wi-Fi is on and the ethernet cable is connected to the correct port. 

Disconnect the network cable from the router and PC. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and reconnect the cable to these devices. Open a web browser and try to access a website. 

Is the Windows 11 device showing the “no internet” error? Find out the key combinations to enable “Wi-Fi” on the laptop. 

Some manufacturers use the “FN+F5’’ key combos to toggle on “Wi-Fi”. Others use the “FN” and “F2” key combinations to turn on Wi-Fi. Thus, try out these key combos and check if you can access the internet. Alternatively, you can enable “Wi-Fi” by accessing Windows 11’s “Settings” app.

2. Ensure the Network Adapter is Enabled

The network adapters might get disabled after updating Windows 11. Thus, you must enable it to restore the internet connection. Press the Windows, and I keys simultaneously first to open the Settings window.

Head to “Network & Internet” and double-tap on “Advanced network settings”. Locate “Network adapters” and select “Enable” to turn it on. Wait for a few minutes, and then click Windows 11’s “Start Menu”. Choose “Power” and select “Restart” when the pop-up menu appears.

Double-tap on the “Wi-Fi” icon when the Windows 11 device restarts. Choose the correct network name from the “Wi-Fi” list. Open a browser, and you can probably use the internet without connectivity issues. 

3. Disconnect and Reconnect to the Wi-Fi Network

If a particular network is causing this issue, try disconnecting and reconnecting it to fix the problem. Moreover, it will be useful in removing the stored credentials, like passwords. 

Here’s how to disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi on a Windows 11 PC:

  • Hold the Windows, and I keys simultaneously to access the “Settings” window
  • Navigate to “Network & Internet” and opt for “Wi-Fi” when the next window appears.
  • Tap on “Manage known networks” and choose the network name from the list
  • Select “Forget” and close the Windows 11’s settings window

Go to the PC’s taskbar and tap on the “Wi-Fi” icon. Choose the right wireless network name from the list and click “Connect”. Enter the password when prompted and access the internet without further inconveniences. 

4. Use Windows Built-in Network Troubleshooting tool

Windows 11 devices have network troubleshooting tools to fix the connectivity problems. Thus, use the tool to overcome the “no internet access” from the PC/laptop. Open the Windows 11 settings window first, and then move towards “System”.

Head to “Troubleshoot” and choose “Other troubleshooters” when the next page opens. Locate “Internet Connections” and tap on “Run”. The network troubleshooting tool will then detect the source of the problem. It will provide you with a list of troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. Choose a solution and follow the instructions to get back the internet connection.

5. Verify the Router is Accessible

Do you know how to check whether the router and PC are connected? Well, Windows 11 users can find out by running a ping test. However, you need the wireless router’s default gateway IP first. Otherwise, you can’t see the ping results. 

Press the Windows and X keys together and select “Run” from the built-in tool list. Write “cmd” when the Run dialogue box pops up and hit the “Enter” button. Write “ipconfig” in the Command Prompt window and head to “Default Gateway”. 

Note down the router’s IP address in NotePad. Wait for a few minutes, write “ping xxxxxxxx” and press “Enter”. Here, “xxxxxxxx” is the default gateway IP of the dual-band wireless routers. Check the ping results the Command Prompt tool displays on the screen. 

Has the PC received all 4 packets that the router sent? The connection between these two devices is fine. However, the Command Prompt tool shows ping errors if the router fails to connect to the PC. It could occur for a corrupted DNS cache or incorrect IP address. Contact the ISP to resolve this connectivity issue from the Windows PC immediately. 

6. Reset the Windows 11 Device’s Network Stack

Resetting the network stack can help you to fix the “no internet access” error. Windows 11 users must open the Command Prompt tool to do that. Then, write “network winsock reset” and press the “Enter” button. It will restore the Winsock catalogue settings in Windows. 

After that, write “netsh int ip reset” to reset the IP Stack and hit the “Enter” button. Write “ipconfig/release” and press “Enter” to release the corset IP address. Write “ipconfig/renew” and press “Enter” to generate a new IP address. Clear the DNS cache using the “ipconfig/flushdns”. Restart the Windows computer after 2-3 minutes and use the internet without glitches.

Get in Touch with Urbanclap to Fix Windows Error

Hire the experienced technicians of Urbanclap if the above solutions don’t fix the connectivity issue. They will determine the source of this Windows 11 error and offer you an effective solution. So, book an appointment with their experts at the best price and start using the internet without technical issues.


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