Top 10 Pest Control Ideas to Keep them Away from Your Home

pest control ideas

Pests, for example, insects, including cockroaches, ants, and termites, have the capability to harm your property as well as spread diseases. Also, pests like rats can lead to serious illness and can destroy your food, as well. On the other hand, ants not only damage your property but also reduce your home’s resale value.

The best possible way to overcome the situation is to hire a reliable & trustworthy service associated with pest control Dubai. However, before you proceed, you are advised to try these basic & top-notches pest control tips to keep away the pests from your house.

How to Terminate Pest from your House?

In Dubai, pests are a headache for many citizens. As said earlier, they carry some deadly viruses and bacteria. Hence, if you are frustrated, then searching for the best pest control provider in Dubai. You can seek help from Urban Clap, who have been providing service for more than a decade. 

But, at first, follow these basic steps to get rid of pests free and prevent them from invading your privacy.

  1. Regularly Clean the Kitchen

According to experts, pests grow in humid and dirty environments. Now, in order to prevent the pest, you are advised to regularly clean the drawers, kitchen, tables, stove. If these become dirty, wipe the dust with a proper cleaning product and lastly disinfectant them. 

This remedy might not completely remove the pests from your house. However, this definitely reduces the number of insects in your house. Also, if you call pest control in Dubai, then after they are done, don’t forget to sanitize the surroundings.

  1. Clean the Bathroom

Most of the pest control service providers do not include the bathroom in the cleaning list. However, a professional pest control Dubai, always suggests cleaning your bathroom.  So, you must always keep your bathroom dry and clean.

Apart from this, use a toilet cleaner, and every alternative day, clean the pot. Also, with a heavy-duty cleaner, wash the sink once in a week. Besides, ensure that the drain is not clogged, remove the hair and soap particles. These basic tactics will keep your bathroom fresh as well as make it pest-free for a long period of time.

  1. Don’t allow Water to Stand

Pests, for example, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Hence, you are advised to ensure that the drains inside as well as outside are covered properly as the dirty water in the drains can lead to mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. In your bathroom, keep the buckets dry, when you are not using them. 

Besides, if you have an air conditioner, do not keep a vessel under the AC to collect the water. You should search for an alternative or you need to clean the vessel every day. Make sure that there’s no dirty water around your home. 

  1. Regularly Dispose of Waste

Sometimes, we wonder how to clean the kitchen to terminate pests. However, it’s quite easy and the most important is waste disposal. To be on the safe side, regular waste disposal is essential as the quantity of litter can lead to cockroaches, rodents, and mice attacks. 

The situation deteriorates when you notice the mice around the food and due to this, you might get affected by several dangerous diseases. 

  1.  Don’t keep Vegetables and Fruits out for long

When you overripe the fruits and vegetables, then these will be attacked by the rodents and other insects. Hence, you are advised, don’t keep the ripe fruits and cutting vegetables out for a long time. This can attract bigger insects such as house files & cockroaches to your home.

  1. Save your Garden

If you are a garden lover, it’s highly recommended to fill the walls or holes where water can be accumulated. Apart from this, if you have a pond inside your garden, you are suggested to regularly clean it. In addition, you have to keep your garden tidy as well as clean in order to remove the unwanted insects such as ants, mice, and mosquitoes. 

For this purpose, you can get in touch with the Urban Clap experts associated with pest control Dubai. The team comes with advanced tools and can clean your garden without damaging it.

  1. Keep away the Outside Objects

Now, in case, you have a garden, most probably you have buckets, shoes, furniture, and other items. You are advised to store all of these items outside, until you thoroughly clean them, don’t use them indoors. As dirty furniture can bring many pests. The same rules apply to bicycles, battery-powered cars, that your children might use in the garden. Instruct your children not to bring them inside the house.

  1. Fix Nets on your Windows

To prevent pests like spiders, large cockroaches, house flies, and mosquitoes, use nets on your windows. These nets will prevent pests from entering your house. This is an effective way to keep away the pests from your house. Apart from this, in case there are broken glasses or window-panes, repair them from reliable pest control services in Dubai.

  1. Throw the Unnecessary things into the Dustbin

In case, you have unused boxes lying around your home or your children have unused toys, gather them in one place and throw them into a dustbin. Also, you can sell the old items which include torn luggage, shoes, packaging material, and so on.

Now, if you are confused while selling these items, ask yourself whether you require them in the next four or five-month. If No, then it’s the perfect time to throw them away or sell them.

  1. Consider the things you Actually need

This is another effective way that you can try to control the pests. First, prepare a list that you actually need. Don’t purchase or buy unnecessary items that can attract pests to your home. Also, don’t allow your children to use dirty toys and other unclean playing items. 



The above-mentioned tips can deduce the number of pests in your house. However, they’re unable to completely remove or kill the pets. So, to eliminate the pests you need professional guidance. For this purpose, you must consult with the experts of Urban Clap. The team members are highly trained and use chemical-free solutions. Hire them and make your home free from pest infestation.

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