Professional Wall Painting Services Dubai

Painting the walls of your house can seem to be less daunting if you get professional assistance for it. Apart from that, you have various reasons to hire professional wall painting services dubai

We at Atdoorstep can offer you a wide range of wall painting services in Dubai. Our services are available for all types of walls. We provide you with:

  • Load-bearing wall painting
  • Partition wall painting
  • Veneered wall painting
  • Shear wall painting
  • Panel wall painting
  • Faced wall painting

You can hire us to paint your exterior wall as well as interior walls. So, reach us to book assistance if you need competent wall painting services in Dubai

Our Range of Wall Painting Services

We can fulfil all your wall painting service requirements whenever you contact us. Our team can offer you the following services among others:

Move In/ Move Out Painting

Painting your house while moving out can help you increase the property’s value. Now, that can help you get a higher price if you decide to resell the house. We can help you get the best look for your home in such situations with our services. 

You might also need a quick and reliable house painting service while moving in. We can fulfil that requirement at a reasonable cost with our house painting services in Dubai. All you would have to do is give us a call and make a booking right away. Our team can offer you a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. 

Roller Painting

Roller painting is a better choice for your interior walls, as you probably know. It will help you control the flow of the paint more effectively after all. You can also prevent the paint from getting in the wrong places with roller painting. Moreover, this type of painting is much faster when compared to others. 

Our team of painters can offer you a quick and efficient roller painting for your walls whenever you need one. With our wall painting services Dubai, you can get this task sorted within a short time. Also, we will make sure to get the job done at a minimal cost. 

Spray Painting

Do you want a fast painting service for your interior as well as exterior walls? Our spray painting service might be a perfect choice for your requirements. Using a paint sprayer, you can get complete the task much faster than other methods. Moreover, you can ensure a professional finish to the paint with spray paint. This method is an ideal choice for painting outdoor walls and indoor walls of garages. 

Our team will provide a fine and controlled finish without wasting any paint if you hire them. You can also rely on them to paint your doors quite efficiently. With our wall painting services in Dubai, you can get professional painters at your doorstep within a record time. 

Villa Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your villa is crucial for protecting it from the natural elements. You can get a good value for your villa with our painting services. The options we provide include all the latest trends and can make your home look extraordinary. Our house painting services in Dubai can also ensure good quality air in your home. 

You can also repair the damage to the exterior of your villa with our painting service. We will make sure that moisture stays out of your home as well as extend the paint life. So, you gain benefits in multiple ways by booking our wall painting services Dubai for your villa. 

Accent Wall Painting

You can add more colour to your room by accentuating one of the walls. Our painters can help you with that anytime. We will provide you with an optimal accent painting service for your home’s requirements. With us, you can add a bolder colour to your room that looks compatible with the rest of the walls. 

Our painters will use advanced techniques to provide a beautiful accent paint to your walls. You can also rely on them for advice regarding accent painting. So, book our house painting services in Dubai to get perfect accentuated walls. 

Creative Wall Painting

Do you want to add creative designs or murals to your walls? Our painters can help you with that as a part of their wall painting services Dubai. You will benefit a lot by getting a suitable creative painting for your interior walls. Wall art can help you draw attention. It is also a great way to provide a finishing touch to your home. 

You can make a lot of difference to your home’s atmosphere with our creative wall painting service. We will provide you with the perfect art for your walls based on your preferences. You can have the job done at the earliest by relying on our painters’ expert suggestions. 


You can use our whitewashing services for various purposes, including smoothing rough surfaces. It will also help you ensure better sanitation by adding an antimicrobial coating to your walls. You can prevent moisture from reaching the bricks of your house with our whitewashing service. Among other things, whitewashing would also help you avoid mould growth on your walls. 

With us, you need not wait for long to get your walls whitewashed. Call us to book our wall painting services in Dubai, and we will reach you at the earliest possible. Our painters can provide one of the best whitewashing services that you might find around your location. 

Abstract Wall Painting

Abstract art is becoming quite a common feature on the walls of homes. After all, it has quite a lot of benefits to offer you and can improve your home’s look. However, you must make sure to do it right to get the best results. Our painters can offer you a wide range of abstract art for your walls as per your preferences. They can also help you choose from various styles if you need assistance. 

Our team is capable of transforming your home with their abstract painting services. You can get an abstract for your wall anytime by booking our house painting services in Dubai. 

Why Choose Us?

We are among the leading wall painting services in Dubai. Here are some of the benefits you can get by hiring our professional painters:

Experienced Workforce

We have a team of qualified and experienced painters to assist you with your house painting requirements. So, you can leave all the aspects to them without any worries. 

Knowledge of Painting Products

Our team has vast knowledge about all types of products used in wall painting. Also, they would use only genuine and good quality products for the tasks. 

Transparent and Helpful Service

Our painters can explain all the steps they need to go through to accomplish the task. They also offer expert assistance in choosing the right colours and styles. You will be kept up-to-date about the progress during the procedure. 

Professional Finish

You would want quality finishes for your walls, and our painters can provide you with that. We will ensure smooth and shining walls in your home every time with our wall painting services Dubai. 

Easy Booking

We keep our booking procedure as simple and hassle-free as possible. Thus, you only have to wait for a short time if you need a service immediately.

Highly Accessible

You can get our wall painting services in Dubai across a wide range of locations. We can ensure your complete satisfaction with the help of our professional team and flexible service range. 

Good Prices

Our range of quality wall painting services is available at a  very reasonable cost. We have designed the services to meet your needs, and they can be customized accordingly.

How to Book Our Wall Painting Services Dubai?

You can book and receive our wall painting services anytime in the following steps:

Call Us and Share Your Requirements

You can call and inform us about the wall painting service you need. The booking process is quite simple, fill out the form, share your details and mention the service you are looking for. 

 Pick a Colour and Style 

You must pick a style and colour that you want for your walls. If required, you can also ask our painters for any advice regarding the same. You must choose a service option from our range of painting services.

Get the Wall Painting You Need

Our painters will reach you based on your preferred date and time. The painting team will the service without any unnecessary delay. You choose from multiple payment methods, that you find convenient to pay for the painting service. 

Book Our Wall Painting Services Dubai

You can get our services around the clock through our easy-to-use application. Reach us if you need a professional wall painting service for your home right now. You can also find out about any special offers available or get your queries cleared. Ask for a service quote today!

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