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Washing Machine Broke Down During Coronavirus Lockdown? Here’s the Solution

The current pandemic has imposed a new normal. Many companies and organizations have resorted to working from home, many non-essential stores have been closed too. So, it is unlikely for you to find a Washing machine repair Dubai shop during the quarantine period. But, that itself can be stressful if you need the service immediately. 

For instance, the washing machine is an essential household appliance but what happens when something goes wrong with it? During quarantine, repairing from service providers can be a big hassle. However, replacements can be done. But even then, if your washing machine has broken down, we assume there is not much you can do.

On the contrary, this belief is not entirely true to some extent. The sudden change of routine has led many people to wonder whether doing it yourself repairing methods are worth it or not. If you find yourself in this situation, then don’t worry, because washing machines can be fixed with some quick DIY fixes. Read more to find out. 

How to Fix Your Broken Washing Machine using DIY Methods?

If your washing has broken down during quarantine, here’s what you can do:

  1. Unable to Turn On the Appliance

The washing machine not turning On is one of the most common issues that users report from time to time. But, most of the time, the underlying problem is related to the drum mechanism, electrical faults, and water not fully draining out. If this problem persists then try checking the power source, the fuse, and the socket. Check if any other appliance is working upon using that socket. 

Similarly, also try to see if the standby mode is getting activated or not. If not, then you need to consider a replacement from Washing machine repair Dubai. Lastly, check the washing machine door and make sure it’s locked, because the machine will not start if it does not detect safe locking, to start the cycle. 

2. Water Leaking 

This can be a nightmare because water leak from a washing machine comes out in excess form, capable of flooding your room. If this happens, check the amount of detergent you’ve put, because an excess amount can overfill the washing drum. The next thing to check is the water level. 

All washing machines come with a water level beyond which the cycle won’t start. So, make sure the level is appropriate based on the number of clothes you’ve put in. Lastly, check if any leak is present in the water hose. If you find any, make sure to cover it with strong adhesive tape. 

Or, you can get a water hose replacement based on the washing machine model. Leaks can be tricky to hold, thus replacing parts would be an advisable option. However, also check the inlet filter screens as they tend to get clogged. If you find clogging, then simply clean them out. 

What are the Other Alternatives?

Washing Machine break down can be fixed, but only if the problems are mild and within your fixing capabilities. Anything beyond that requires workforce and essential equipment. So, if the problem is more concerning, then you’d need to replace it. Or, you can choose a different but temporary solution. 

Hand Washing Clothes

Before washing machines existed, people resorted to washing clothes with their hands. But, you can choose an optimal and effective way to do it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • The first thing you need to do is treat your clothes before you wet them for washing. This means getting rid of stains using effective products. 
  • The next thing to do is, fill a large bowl or a bucket with preferably hot water. Now in the solution, add some detergent of your choice. 
  • Then, put your clothes into a bucket or bowl and continue to mix them well so that the clothes are nicely soaked in it. 
  • Now, let the clothes absorb all of the mixtures. For that, give it a while and let it sit.
  • Once you’ve let it sit for a couple of minutes, mix it again and make sure all the clothes are getting mixed well equally. Do it 4 to 5 times. 
  • Now, remove the soap-filled water by draining and replace it with clean warm water. As a result, the residual soap remaining on the clothes will be mixed in the new water-filled. Simply, stir and mix it well. 
  • Now, this is the process that you need to continue doing it until the water is clear of any residual soap. It can take you a while but the results will be extremely effective. 
  • The water removal process can be tricky but all you need to do is take out as much as possible. Once that is over, hang it out in the sun to let it sundry and air dry. 


A broken washing machine can put us all in stress, especially at crucial times like this. But optimizing your approach in a different way can be of help at any time. And, lastly, if none of the processes seems to be beneficial then you can always book a Washing machine repair Dubai service from Urban Clap. They take a great initiative to maintain all the protocol amid the pandemic and offer premium service.

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