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The printer is undoubtedly one of the most used electronic devices especially in the workplace since it allows you to have in paper format everything that is done on the computer. In the market today there are many different printers that vary depending on different factors and that have many features in addition to printing. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to buy a printer that shows different operating problems and therefore become unusable. Before throwing in the towel and replacing your printer with a better one, you can try to solve any malfunction problems by trying to understand the cause.

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The first thing to do when you notice anomalies in such a device is the identify the problems that do not allow their correct use. Generally the most frequent ones concern the printing: often the ink is dry, the colors are alternated or completely absent. These circumstances can occur both if you overuse the printer and use it infrequently.

For this reason it is important to find out how to use a printer correctly and what maintenance to carry out. Another important advice concerns the resolution of problems: in the event that they should persist and not be resolved manually, it is necessary to contact an expert who can find the ideal solution.

What to do when the printer is not working well

One of the most common problems when talking about a printer is that it doesn’t print well one or more pages. In these cases the reasons may be different: very often the online pages are of different sizes and may not respect the height or width limits imposed by the card.

For this reason, before wasting a sheet unnecessarily it is advisable to display the print preview so that you have an idea of ​​what will be printed and adapt it better to the sheet. Furthermore, if the page is very large, it is advisable to choose the horizontal mode. Who prefers then can also select the pages that will be printed, avoiding unnecessary elements.

The printer prints with alternating colors: how to act

Another very common problem occurs when the printer prints with alternate colors. This is a rather annoying problem that can be solved in a few simple steps. First you need to calibrate the printer using the settings. To do this, simply go to the Advanced Settings on your computer and then click on the Color Manager. At this point it is possible to decide whether to use the customized settings or the default settings.

In the case of the first option, tick the appropriate box and then choose the colors that will be used by your printer. After saving the changes, just choose the print option by selecting the previously saved color profile. At this point the colors should be perfect. In some cases, however, print quality may not be the best. This can be caused by the ink heads that tend to get stuck and form horizontal lines on the sheet. To overcome this problem, all the ink heads in the printer must be removed and thoroughly cleaned, taking care not to damage them.

At the end of the cleaning they can be reinserted into the printer and there should be no problems with annoying streaks or dull colors on the sheet.

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