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By now the multifunction printer , be it a multifunction laser printer or an inkjet multifunction printer , has replaced and merged the functions of what were once separate machines: copier, scanner, printer, even network. But not only that, because a modern multifunction printer, also not necessarily the best multifunction printer , today supports advanced features such as the ethernet and WiFi network interface, the email client and the storage in interchangeable mass memories, not to mention the document management skills recently appeared in multifunction machines.

For both large companies and small businesses or professional studios, photocopies, prints and scans represent the most important and frequent activities that it no longer makes sense to delegate to separate machines, which take up more space (requiring, unless you put them in earth, each a piece of furniture or a support) require more maintenance, diversified materials (therefore more warehouse occupation) and connections, as well as diversified skills.

Of course, the scanner of even the best multifunction laser printer is not comparable, for quality to a professional scanner that is still necessary in graphic and photocomposition activities, such as the one for slides, but today it is possible to reach resolutions of 600 × 600 dpi without difficulty and the quality of image sensors (in terms of sensitivity and range of colors), especially in emblazoned machines such as Sharp, is acceptable for most of the applications that relate to office life.

The multifunction laser printer and, even better, the multifunction color laser printer , represent the most practical and economic solution to make an office efficient and the addition of the WiFi connection to computers and the company network increases productivity and ease of use .

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Advantages of the multifunction printer

Compared to the use of separate machines for activities, the use of integrated solutions that group the printing and rapid scanning of large quantities of documents that can be sent both to the networked office computer and to possibly removable mass memories such as Pen Drives USB, increases productivity and efficiency in the company. This is just one of the advantages of the multifunction printer .

The multifunction printers are able to concentrate all these activities by adding the ability to make photocopies, that despite the strong increase of digital documents that still have great importance and unquestionable usefulness

A multifunction is a very useful and almost essential support both in large offices, where there is a need to print important volumes of copies and a continuous use of faxes, scanners and copiers is required, as well as small businesses and associated professional studios.

The multifunction printer basically exists with two printing technologies: inkjet (inkjet) and laser (black and white or, now almost exclusively, in color); both are valid and mature technologies, however the most widespread, in terms of print speed and cost per copy, is the multifunction laser printer .

The inkjet printer has a lower purchase price and is more compact and lighter, while the multifunction laser printer guarantees a higher printing speed and the toner, which is also more expensive than the ink cartridges, needs to be changed less frequently of an inkjet cartridge, very small in comparison.

Multifunction laser printer price

An interesting aspect is that the progressive diffusion of multifunction printers and therefore the increase in sales and production volumes by the manufacturers, has significantly reduced the price of the multifunction laser printer , which today is also within the reach of small commercial realities and industrial and which becomes even more acceptable and bearable thanks to the diffusion of long-term rental offers. The price of the WiFi printer , much appreciated by those who do not have a wired network or want to access the multifunction from tablets and smartphones, is also acceptable today.

Just the prices of the rental of multifunction printers are affordable for everyone, companies and professionals, thanks to personalized formulas and savings in time and money offered by the related services, as well as the tax advantages that the rental brings compared to the purchase, now considered a formula overcome in most cases.

The best multifunction color laser printer

Traditional multifunction printers are giving way to intelligent multifunction printers , real new generation office assistants, supported by apps for mobile devices for document management and resource sharing; easy to manage in all their functions, equipped with networking capabilities, connected to the cloud and mobile devices, secure (to meet the needs of confidentiality and the dictates of the recent GDPR) and customizable according to user needs.

So the traditional and integrated functions of printing, photocopying and scanning, the best multifunction printer  must combine document management, e-mail support (e-mail client), WiFi connection to interface with mobile devices (or even the corporate network, if your security needs allow) and embedded or removable storage.

Advanced software supports implemented by the manufacturer now allow installation without the need for technical assistance, with automatic configuration and thanks to guided installation procedures with which even non-IT experts can connect a multifunction printer to the network and mobile devices. This, thanks also to user interfaces equipped with large and clear touch-screen displays and ergonomic menus.

Among the functions allowed by WiFi connectivity there are today the printing and exchange of documents from tablets and smartphones via WiFi direct.

Multifunction printer rental

For some time now, it has been possible to benefit from the advantages of the multifunction printer by resorting to the long-term rental formula, which offers advantages, including:

  • Monthly fees less expensive than immediate purchase and inclusive of maintenance
  • Coverage of breakdowns.
  • As it is not purchased, the multifunction printer is not among the depreciable assets and therefore does not imply the relative management or contingency of capital gain in the event of an early sale.
  • Possibility of having the machinery fleet at low cost in step with technological evolution
  • Deductible rental installments and deductible vat.

Your multifunction printer for hire: Urban Clap IT

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