Why is my wireless printer not connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ?

Suddenly, your premium wireless printer refuses to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Undoubtedly, the situation is puzzling and infuriating but practical solutions are available to hit the exact causes. Let’s unravel why your printer not connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Additionally, this comprehensive guide includes solutions to get your printer back online.

Reasons Your printer not connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Wireless printers elevate convenience and flexibility to a whole new level, letting you print from anywhere without cable restrictions. However, printer repair Dubai technicians have reported that wireless printers often encounter situations where they fail to connect to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices.

Hence, smooth connectivity can be at stake. Numerous common mistakes may contribute to the error and they are comparatively easier to troubleshoot. Let’s check out all the potential reasons behind your printer’s offline status and relevant solutions to restore your wireless device’s optimum performance.

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Erroneous Wi-Fi Network Configuration

A renowned printer repair in Dubai confirms that incorrect Wi-Fi network configurations and inputs might be responsible for the issue. Say, you may have changed your Wi-Fi network’s SSID or password recently.

And, you haven’t updated those changes on your printer. As a consequence, your printer won’t recognise the Wi-Fi network you used to hook it up and the device won’t connect to the network automatically.

Hence, update the network credentials on your printer and see if the connectivity issue dissolves. Besides this, a printer repair near me adds that a weak and unstable internet connection is another primary reason. Try to move your prtheinter closer to the Wi-Fi router or use a Wi-Fi extender for better results.

On  other hand, find out whether your Wi-Fi router has mistakenly blacklisted your printer. Access your router’s settings and ensure that it allows connections from your printer.

Improper Printer Settings

If Wi-Fi configuration is all set in your printer’s favour then it’s time to re-verify your printing device’s settings. For the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to work, those respective options should be enabled.

Therefore, pay attention to your printer’s Wi-fi and Bluetooth settings and be sure that they are active. Refer to your printer’s instructions manual to learn how you can turn on such settings. 

Again, a printer repair service near me suggests checking the firmware version and availability of new updates. Outdated firmware can trigger compatibility conflicts and your printer may not pair with all Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

Hence, visit the printer manufacturer’s official website and look for new firmware updates. Ensure you initiate the search using the printer model and install the available firmware update.

Bluetooth Pairing Obstacles

Wireless printers are appreciated for outstanding Bluetooth connectivity. However, your printer needs to be compatible with the Bluetooth device which you intend to pair with the printing device. First, check whether your printer’s Bluetooth version is ideal for the device you want to pair.

Next, focus on the pairing process if your printer is compatible with it. Every mobile device features a unique Bluetooth pairing procedure. Make sure you go through the user manual properly to follow the right pairing process so the connection becomes flawless.

Some wireless printers allow you to initiate the Bluetooth pairing process through their control panel. On a contrary note, some printers require a computer or equivalent mobile device. Note what the instruction manual says.

Interference and Hurdles

Conflicts with other wireless devices are common for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer to encounter. Printer repair services Dubai professionals confirm that the signals from the following gadgets can interfere with the frequency bandwidth of the printer.

  • Microwave ovens
  • Cordless phones
  • Security cameras
  • Smart TVs and more

So, you can move your printer and the Wi-Fi printer away from such devices and see if the situation improves. Apart from interference, obstructions from thick walls, furniture, and other physical objects can exacerbate the situation. 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals can become weaker and your printer fails to connect to such devices. That’s why printer repair services in Dubai recommend placing your printer in an open area where such obstructions are minimal.

Software Incompetence

Printer repair Dubai experts have shared that the absence of the right printer driver can cause disturbance to the device’s connectivity. Make sure you restore your printer’s online status by troubleshooting the outdated driver.

Printer drivers are the meditators between you and your computer for the uninterrupted printing flow. Be it an HP, Xerox, Brother, or somebody else – your printer should stay updated all the time. Otherwise, your wireless device can face severe connectivity failures.

On Windows 10, you require the following steps to update the corresponding driver package.

  • Keep your printer connected to your PC via a compatible cable for better results.
  • Then, search for Device Manager on your PC and enter the window.
  • Next, scroll down and click on Printers to expand the category.
  • Right-click on the desired printer and select ‘Update driver’.
  • Now, opt for an automatic or manual search for the driver update.

Can’t Windows find the latest driver update for your printer? Well, don’t lose hope as you can check whether a new driver update is available from the printer manufacturer’s website. Go to the respective website and manually download and install it for proper functioning.

Once your printer gets the newest driver package, try pairing the device with the intended Bluetooth or Wi-Fi component.

Failed to Install Printer Drivers?

Users have reported issues with installing printer drivers to printer repair services in Dubai. Here’s a simple troubleshooting guide to get out of the loophole:

  • Follow the path as mentioned here: Start → Settings → Devices.
  • Next, choose Printers & Scanners and scroll down to Related Settings.
  • Click on ‘Print server properties’.
  • Now, navigate to the Drivers tab and look for your printer. Can you see your printer? If yes, click on your printer’s name. Otherwise, hit the Add button.
  • The Add Printer Driver Wizard window will appear and you need to click the Next button.
  • Then, check the box next to your device’s architecture when the Processor Selection box surfaces. Continue to the next step with a click on the Next button.
  • After that, click your manufacturer’s name under the category of Printer Driver Selection and choose the driver.

Click Next followed by Finish. Still, you have to follow the on-screen instructions for a complete driver update for your printer. 

Chances are your printer model is no longer supported for a driver update and that’s why you can’t update the printer driver. In this situation, you can contact the manufacturer’s support team and see if they can help.

Network Security Issues

Are you sure that your computer hasn’t restricted your printer? A printer repair service near me expresses its concern over the computer’s network security and firewall settings. Probably, your PC’s firewall or antivirus software has blacklisted the wireless printer and you don’t have a clue.

Hence, navigate to your computer’s firewall or antivirus configuration window to remove the printer from the blacklist. Ensure that the corresponding settings allow the printer to communicate with the computer.

If blacklisting through the firewall isn’t a problem then you should pay attention to the security protocols of the Wi-Fi network. Chances are that your Wi-Fi network utilises advanced security protocols like WPA-3, WPA-2, or something similar. 

Then, your printer might require extra steps to connect to the Wi-Fi network. You can check the printer’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s website for a detailed pairing process. Furthermore, a printer repair in Dubai recommends disabling VPN connections for a more prime printing experience.

Printer’s IP Address Conflicts

Another network concern that can bother your wireless printer’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity is the IP address fluctuation. IP addresses can vary within a particular range regardless of the fact whether your device changes its spot or not. 

As a consequence, your printer’s dynamic IP address can become an issue for the specific Wi-Fi network. Hence, printer repair services Dubai professionals advise assigning a static IP address to your wireless printer. 

You can print out a network configuration page from your printer to be sure that the assigned IP address doesn’t conflict with other addresses in the provided DHCP range.

Next, access your printer’s web-based interface and enter its Network settings. Look for the Wireless menu and make changes to the printer’s IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address. Be sure to assign a static IP address to your printer.

Thus, you can avoid the clash among IP addresses and your printer won’t face an issue while connecting to the regular Wi-Fi network. 

Temporary Glitches with the Printer

Printer repair Dubai specialists have noticed that your printer can label itself online and won’t connect to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device although everything’s right on track. However, they have achieved success when they removed and re-added the printer back to the system. 

We think you should give this specific hack a try. On a Windows computer, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Explore Settings on your PC with the Windows + I shortcut.
  • Then, click Devices and choose Printers & Scanners from the left panel.
  • Now, locate the offline printer and select it. A Remove button will pop up and you have to click on it.
  • Once you remove the printer, it’s time you unplug your printing device and restart it.
  • Now, plug your printer back into your computer and navigate to the Printers & Scanners category under Settings.
  • Afterwards, click on the option that says, ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’. The system will detect your printer and re-add it to the connected device list.

Finally, check if your printer appears online and it’s ready to pair with compatible Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

Alternative Solution

Are you still facing issues with connecting your printer to a mobile device over a Wi-Fi network? A printer repair in Dubai suggests that you should directly plug your printer into the router you’re using. 

The hack will work great for compact printers and if you are flexible with moving the device closer to your router. Hard-wire your printer to the router and your printer should be on the Wi-Fi network where your computer already exists.

However, the catch of this solution is that you won’t be able to use your wireless printer’s Wi-Fi capability. Well, you can enjoy a strong connection over the Wi-Fi network. You can keep your printer wired connected to the router until you get expert intervention to detect what’s actually wrong and fix that.

What if it’s Hardware Damage?

Severe physical or hardware damage can bring your printer to the edge where its wireless functions completely stop. Hence, check your printer for physical damage. Printer repair services Dubai professionals are 100% sure that hardware damage can prevent your printer from connecting to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

If you suspect that your printer sustains internal damage, contact a printer repair near you. Or else, consider the manufacturer’s support in case your printer’s warranty is still valid.

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