Working from Home? Get your Laptop to Perform at its Best

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Work from home experience might sound comfortable as you can sit comfortably on your couch or bed and complete your work. But, without the essentials, you might end up with chaos. And, it would affect your professional graphs, as well. So, it’s important to grab the right electronics and gadgets including laptops and other peripherals.

Here, you will know what is unavoidably significant for a synchronized home office setup. Since the work from home trend has been forced after the pandemic outbreak, you have to arrange your home office for the long run. Therefore, prep up with all the following items. Moreover, avail laptop repair Dubai services from Urban Clap if your laptop has software or hardware glitches.

Laptop Made for your Job

Most probably, you have your own laptop that you had bought during your college days or recently for binge-watching movies. But, is this laptop capable of tackling the office responsibilities on your behalf? More frankly, take a deep dive about the system information and compatibility before you get into working from home. If the laptop or desktop fails to impress you from any aspect, then you should consider purchasing another laptop.

Generally, you will require a power performer in terms of battery, display, built, storage and processor. You can go for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13, Asus Chromebook, Lenovo Thinkpad or other preferable laptops. Or, you can purchase something similar to the one that you used at your office. Alternatively, you can rebuild your desktop with a few upgrades for better performance at a cheaper expense.

Peripherals for your Laptop

A good laptop might lack extraordinary peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, etc. But, you should have exceptional peripherals as you have to work for more than eight hours in a row. So, you need to invest in quality laptop peripherals, so that nothing can interrupt your workflow. Consider wired or wireless keyboard, mouse and mousepad, so that you can refrain extra stress on the in-built keyboard of the laptop. 

A Working Desk

Work from home might sound cosy in a bed or simple table-chair setup but it can dis-balance your ergonomic factors. After all, you have to work for eight hours straight and it might develop lead to neck and backache. You should not overlook your health and hence, avail a suitable working desk for the home office.

Alternatively, you can opt for a laptop stand, as well. This will help you to maintain the exact distance between your eyes and the laptop screen. Additionally, all the laptop peripherals will work without a flaw with this laptop stand. On the other hand, it’s a handy choice if you have to move from one corner to another without lifting hefty desks.

Power Adapter

In case you have purchased a brand-new laptop that can run for eleven to twelve hours, then you might skip charging your laptop frequently. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to avoid charging your laptop at least once in a day. Is the existing power adapter working for your laptop? 

If not, then avail a new power adapter that matches the compatibility and ensure proper connectivity of your laptop. Because your laptop has to accompany you with uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection and flawless performance. Apart from power adapters, USB cables, SD card readers are also significant. So, keep the power adapter ready for your rescue, at the time of need.

Second Monitor

If you are accustomed to working on small display screens, then you might not require this. But, a second monitor can make all the difference for your job and that is beyond your imagination. If you have to go through any reference or have to maintain the guidelines, as mentioned in the email, then it’s better to take the second monitor for consideration.

You can use the working monitor from your old desktop. This will need no extra expenses. Most of the operating systems support multiple display screens, so you shouldn’t face any issue with that. If the existing second monitor needs any repair contact laptop repair Dubai for another revival.


When you are talking about working from home, then you have to attend important meetings, be with your boss or clients. To keep the conversation free of noise, noise-cancelling headphones are the best. Additionally, you can wear them when you find it difficult to concentrate on your work due to a chaotic home environment. Headphones from Sony, JBL and other reputed brands can be your saviour.


If you are working on desktops or the laptop lacks a high-quality webcam, then you can select a dedicated webcam. Especially, when you have to attend meetings every day. A low-quality image might discourage your personality and approach. Hence, grab reliable and compatible webcams for the best representation. Well, you can convert your smartphone into a webcam with help from specific software.


Prepare your home-office space with calm colours. Make sure that you can avail enough daylight as it scientifically boosts your work enthusiasm. Add in some greenery around you and centralize your attention to your work from home. Further, you can avail all these by connecting to Urban Clap and getting laptop repair Dubai services to fix the laptop at the earliest.

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