Can You Fix a Broken iPhone Screen? iPhone Repair Dubai

A cracked or chipped iPhone screen is nothing new if the device hits the ground by any chance. Your iPhone may have ithe layer of glass and plastic attached to it but the device might not be suitable for consistent and safe use.

Now, the million-dollar question arrives: Is it possible for you to repair your iPhone screen? From fixing the iPhone screen yourself and considering third-party iPhone repair Dubai shops to participating in manufacturer-sponsored programs – multiple options are available to cure your iOS device.

However, you should try fixing your damaged iPhone screen as soon as possible. Otherwise, the cracks may radiate like a spiderweb and worsen the situation. Not to mention, the repair will be more complicated. Let’s see what you can do to mend your broken iPhone screen.

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Reasons Your iPhone Screen Can Break Down

As reported by iPhone repair services in Dubai, iOS devices are quite prone to receiving screen damage, especially when they slip out of hands and thud to the ground. Nowadays, maxed-out displays are in demand for a bezel-less screen and slim edges. 

On the other hand, the durability of the screen has to compensate for such fine engineering. The elastic energy that the phone’s glass stores gets converted into surface energy whenever your iPhone collides with some solid surface from a considerable height. 

With the conversion of the elastic energy into the surface energy and its release, your iPhone screen shatters. The surface energy becomes greater than the surface compression and it leads to small stresses. Consequently, your iPhone is cracked into small pieces.

Although Apple uses tougher kinds of glasses to absorb the impact. However, screen replacement is the best bet to reverse the damage and restore your iPhone’s functionality. On a related note, replacing the screen is not only the recommended solution for damaged or broken displays but also for the following breakdowns:

  • Broken digitiser or unresponsive touchscreen
  • Flickering display
  • Vertical or horizontal lines on your iPhone screen

7 Things You Can Do Right Away When the iPhone Screen is Damaged

Broken screens and their severity may vary from one device to another depending on the build, the height from which the iPhone is dropped, etc. So, you might notice minor scratches, widespread cracks, or even missing chunks of glass from your iPhone display.

Rushing to an iPhone repair near me is one of the best decisions. However, you might not find it possible to visit a mobile repair in Dubai due to unavoidable circumstances. So, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide that you can follow right after your iPhone screen receives damage.

Before you try the following hacks, check if you can still access your iPhone and operate on it. If yes, don’t delay to get a complete backup of your device. Thus, you can make sure that your data doesn’t disappear no matter what happens. 

Now, you can apply temporary fixes until you are ready to get a screen replacement on your own or from a professional service provider.

1. Cover Your iPhone with Packaging Tape

You don’t want those cracks spread over your iPhone screen like a spider web. Well, the iPhone repair service near me suggests covering your iPhone display with competent packaging tape. This simple hack will protect your iOS device display from getting further damage.

Thus, you can guarantee your iPhone’s well-being with a layer of compatible heavy-duty packaging tape. Otherwise, your device’s internal parts may get damaged because the screen is exposed by now. On top of that, your fingers can get a cut every time you use the iPhone with its broken glass. 

Make sure that you apply only one layer of packing tape on an iPhone screen that is severely damaged. Or else, the touchscreen may not respond to your taps and touches. Additionally, an iPhone repair service in Dubai recommends lining everything up carefully and trimming the excess with a knife.

Well, this hack is a cheap version of a screen protector and may not provide you with satisfactory results for long.

2. Opt for an Original Screen Protector

Use a screen protector according to your iPhone’s model if the crack is not too severe. Indeed, you can conceal everything under a good-quality screen protector. Using a screen protector will cover all the seams and protect your device from further risks.

On the other hand, you can ensure a clean line along the edges of your device with a screen protector. So, you don’t have to use any additional tools. However, a screen protector can’t fix your iPhone and its broken screen. Instead, you just cover the screen and make the usage of your device safe.

3. Check Your iPhone’s Warranty

iPhone repair services in Dubai push iOS users to check their devices’ warranty terms and conditions before they move on to the next step. If you apply a DIY fix or render assistance from a third-party iPhone repair Dubai service provider then you can void the warranty of your phone.

So, double-check if your iPhone is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. For your information, AppleCare+ covers a few types of accidental damage to the screen. However, Apple also reserves the right to exclude some situations.

For example, you can get your iPhone screen replaced free of cost if it’s a manufacturing defect. On the other hand, you have to pay a hefty amount to receive a screen replacement if you drop the device within the warranty period.

Hence, iPhone Repair Services Dubai experts recommend checking the warranty details of your iPhone. If it’s still under warranty, contact AppleCare+ to see if you qualify for a free or reasonable service. Otherwise, you can move on to the following options.

4. Purchase an iPhone Screen Repair Kit

If you’re interested in fixing your iPhone’s damaged screen yourself and have sufficient knowledge about technology, only then we recommend purchasing a screen repair kit. Undoubtedly, a DIY approach to your iPhone screen repair will be less expensive than an authorised fix at an Apple Store.

For example, an iPhone repair service in Dubai for mending screen problems can cost you up to AED 700. Whereas most screen repair kits for iPhone variants are available at a fraction of this. So, you can opt for this affordable option if you are pretty confident about your repair skills.

As you can predict, DIY screen replacement procedures exhibit risks. Indeed, an amateur can cause more harm to the iPhone screen while attempting to repair the display. For example, you have to be extra cautious while performing the following tasks:

  • Removing the damaged screen
  • Unscrewing connections
  • Removing the connector shield
  • Removing the metal capsules of the earpiece and Home button
  • Flipping over the speaker equipment
  • Removing sensors and speakers
  • Installing the new screen and putting everything back in their place

Additionally, the new screen may not work if it has manufacturing defects. So, you can put such risks aside by choosing a professional iPhone repair in Dubai.

5. Hire a Professional to Repair Your iPhone Screen

If you can’t decide between using a self-help repair kit and a repair from AppleCare+, you can consider a professional third-party iPhone repair service in Dubai. Such iPhone fixers use certified iPhone screen replacements instead of using OEM ones.

Other than that, you can ensure a guaranteed iPhone repair from such certified and licensed shops. How can you choose an iPhone repair Dubai shop, by the way? According to an iPhone repair service near me, you should keep the following tips in mind while picking up one:

  • Always look for shops that specialise in repairing the specific model you own.
  • Next, check out the tools and technology the shop uses.
  • Don’t forget to investigate the expertise of the iPhone repair staff and their experience.
  • Well, the easiest way to confirm the shop’s legitimacy and its skills is to checking the reviews from real-life customers. Don’t trust a service provider that is full of only good reviews.
  • Check if the iPhone fixer offers a reliable warranty with the screen repair. Typically, a confident and trusted iPhone repair Dubai shop provides a warranty on the repair and replacement parts.
  • Don’t overlook the cost of repair. A genuine service provider maintains a transparency in the cost estimation and billing process.
  • Though you may not get original spare parts, be sure that the fixer sources replacement components from a renowned supplier.

On the other hand, communicate with the customer service department of the business to see how they tackle your queries. Avoid service providers with a rude and inefficient customer service.

6. Contact Apple Store

If you are obsessed with genuine and authorised screen repair for your iPhone then look no further than an Apple Store. Replacing the screen along with the protector can never go wrong when you trust an Apple Store.

However, you need to fix an appointment with the Apple Store instead of visiting there without prior notice. You can expect the following tasks in order while getting your iPhone repaired from an Apple Store:

  • The technician in charge will assess your iPhone’s condition first.
  • Next, they will disassemble your device and proceed with the repair once you agree to the cost estimate and other details.
  • Depending on your iPhone model, the expert will utilise special tools, dedicated replacements, adhesive, programmers, and more to repair or replace the damaged screen.
  • After that, the technician will test the functionality of the newly installed screen. Often, technicians keep the sensors, speakers, and other connected parts intact unless they receive damage.
  • Before you get your iPhone, the technician will complete all the necessary tests to ensure that everything is working properly. Next, they reassemble everything and hand over the device.

7. Sell Your Damaged iPhone

You might have lost interest in your iPhone whose screen has been damaged. In this situation, here’s what you can consider instead of spending money to restore the screen. Youc can sell the defective device and fund your next smartphone purchase.

After all, repairing a screen from a profesional will cost you significantly. If the iPhone is quite old then you can sell it or put it in a trade-in program. Thus, you can upgrade to a newer iPhone or any other smartphone you prefer. 

What Should You Do Then?

We understand that it’s difficult to spend a single day without your iPhone. As suggested by an iPhone repair in Dubai, you can use an old phone or borrow a smartphone from your family, friends, or relatives. However, it’s important to ask yourself whether you require a screen repair or an entire replacement.

If you have purchased Apple Care then you can definitely opt for a screen repair and it will cost you significantly less than what you anticipate. On top of that, repairing your iPhone screen is a good option if your device is comparatively newer. Otherwise, you may participate in an upgrade program to get rid of the damage and its consequences.

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