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Nowadays televisions are present in every corner of a house. They are the primary source of entertainment and has become a part of our lives. After a long day at work, everyone prefers to sit and relax in front of the TV and watch their favorite TV shows or movies. Polaroid TV is one of the most preferred televisions in comparison to other brands currently in the market. It incorporates a direct LED with 6ms response time. It is HD ready along with 1366×768 pixels. With its every new version it surprises their customers with different new features.

Unfortunately, many customers face issues while using Polaroid TV. These are basic issues and can be solved by any tech-savvy guy at home. But if you can not solve these issues on your own then you may connect to our service providers at Urban Clap for Polaroid TV Repair Services. Our experts are always ready to provide you with all kinds of support to solve all polaroid TV issues.

Common Issues Found In Polaroid TV

  • V-Chip password issue: You can enter the V-chip on a Polaroid TV by using a default password 0000. The issue occurs when users set their own passwords for V-Chip and end up forgetting it. Well, there are many ways you can unlock the V-chip as well as reset the password. But it is always better to consult an expert before doing so.
  • The TV does not turn on: Sometimes users have faced that the TV won’t turn on. This might occur due to lightning or power related problems. Sometimes due to heavy lighting, the circuit gets burnt down. Even due to power problems, sometimes the TV simply refuses to work. Due to electricity fluctuation or less power back up it might diminish the performance of the TV. So it is always advised to attach a safety fuse to save your TV from lighting as well as check the power supply.
  • Issues while Connecting the TV with PC: Whenever you try to connect the TV with your personal computer using a VGA, you can see that the picture flickers a lot. Well, this is not an issue with the TV, as VGA does not support enough bandwidth to cover the HD quality. It is always recommended to use HDMI to connect your TV with PC. If the HDMI also does not work properly then it is time to connect with an expert to solve the flickering issue. Since it is a hardware issue it is never a good trying to solve it on your own, as it might result in some more permanent hardware damage.
  • No video and audio: Sometimes users see that there is no video or audio coming out from Polaroid TV. After a long day at work, when you are trying to relax and watch your favorite TV show and this kind of issue occurs, it might land you in a tragic situation. This kind of issue mainly occurs when the source device is not turned on or functioning properly. It might also occur when the cable connecting the device to TV is not connected properly to the appropriate jacks. Sometimes loose cable also results in these kinds of issues. Changing the aspect ratio or adjusting settings sometimes help in resolving the problems.

Services Our Professionals At Urban Clap Provides

Every electronic device deteriorates due to mishandling or improper maintenance. To get the optimal performance you need to keep and connect your TV in a proper way. Since TVs are made with complex circuits, any malfunction on this kind of devices can be serious. Our experts at Urban Clap are the reliable and always available to discuss all kinds of technical issues that you are facing with your Polaroid TV. Urban Clap has been serving thousands of customers including global clients and provides the best solutions for any technical issues within a limited amount of time. Our experts are always dedicated to the cause and ensure that you don’t have to face the same problem again.

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You can directly call us on Urban Clap helpline number, our experts are available round the clock to assist you. You can also chat with our experts on our live chat portals. We also have an official email id where you can directly send your service request. We also provide TCL TV repair service.

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