Has your RAID 1+0 data gets corrupted? If yes! Don’t get panic! We will get it back for you! RAID 1+0 help to store data safely in your desired saved location but unfortunately due to some accidental or human error or any technical issues.

In RAID 1+0, or RAID 10 array, the initial RAID 1 is get striped with RAID 0 and offers a good fault tolerance than RAID (0+1). In this, at least 4 drives are required. It is quite reliable and RAID 1+0 and the data can get lost when HDDs of the similar pair (RAID 1) are breaking down simultaneously.

The common RAID 1+0 data recovery failures are:

  • RAID configuration data loss.
  • All the HDDs break down.
  • Wrong RAID reconfiguration.
  • Data crashed or corrupted
  • Accidental data loss by the user
  • Partial or missing data files

If you have similar kind of issues, then you can directly contact our specialized technician or you can call at our service center for free assistance and free diagnosis process. Therefore, Contact us between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and get the best repair services at affordable rates. We also provide SQL data recovery services in Dubai.

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