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Mobile Repair Dubai: In this age, it is impossible to live without a Smartphone. When mobile phones were invented, it was developed so that people can come out the shackles of difficult communication but due to the advancement of technology, it has now become an integral part of our life. But as we know that every device has some kind of limitations, this notion can be applied for smart phones as well. If your mobile is out of order and you are searching for any “Mobile repair shop near me” over the internet, then you have come to the right place.

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You are not the only one who is having a problem with your mobile phone. Many users are facing various issues related to their gadgets. If there is some kind of a significant problem, you are surely tired of searching for a reliable “mobile repair shop nears me.”  Here are some standard issues that can arise on your smartphones.

Battery Dying Quickly

This is the most typical issue that every user encounters. Problems related to battery life can be quite frustrating because due to poor battery life, you will be able to do the desired task with your device. This kind of problems generally appears in older mobile phones since the components are getting downgraded as it is functioning for a long time.

Smartphones Running Slow

If your phone is very slow, then it can be the result of storing too many documents or files on your device. Installing multiple applications can also result in the sluggish performance of the smartphones.

This kind of problems can easily be removed by deleting the unnecessary files and data from your mobile phones. Once you have done that, the smartphones will be functioning correctly. If you are unable to solve the issue, then you should look for “mobile repair shop near me.”

Crashing Of The Mobile Phones

Users witness this kind of issues whenever they open too many apps on their smartphones at the same time. Otherwise, the problem can occur due to the presence of viruses or bugs in the smartphones. Crashing of the smartphones, on the other hand, is quite a serious issue and it needs proper attention. Thus, it is better to take advice from the experts.

Issues Related To SD Card

Well, there are various microSD cards available on the market, but it is hard to determine which is the perfect SD card for your smartphones. If you are witnessing any problems on your smartphones, then the SD card can be the main culprit that can trigger issue on your gadgets. To know more about issues related to SD card, interact with the professionals so that you don’t have to be worried about looking for “Mobile and Laptop Repair shop near me” over the internet.

Problems In Bluetooth

It is the most common issue as reported by the users. Problems regarding Bluetooth generally arise due to the inference of wireless devices or problems can occur if there is excess cache data in your smartphones that is preventing the Bluetooth’s function.

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  • Quality services and support for our users as we are the best mobile repair shop in UAE.
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Mobile repair Dubai, we use innovative tools and techniques to troubleshoot high-end smartphones.
  • We provide top class services at an affordable budget.

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If you have any problems related to your smartphone, then dial our helpline number045864033. Our team is always ready to listen to your queries. You can chat with us or email us if you are unable to contact us through calls.

Best & Reliable Mobile Repair Shop Near Me

Accidental mishaps, mishandling and software glitches can cause a malfunction in your mobile. However, you don’t have to fret over anything when Urbanclap is here to assist.

Being a leading mobile repair Dubai company, we strive for excellence and quality. Connect with us and get the best on-site support from our professional experts.

Is the mobile displaying a black screen? Is the device running slow after installing the latest update? Hire our mobile repair shop near experts immediately.

We will determine the source of the phone error and fix it within minutes. Whether you’re experiencing a problem with the Android or iOS device, book our service. We will connect you with a certified technician who can eliminate the issue.

Exclusive Mobile Repair Services, We Offer

Urbanclap is the ultimate destination to fix the major-minor mobile issues. From hardware to software glitches, we have solutions for every problem. Besides, more than 1000+ customers rely on us to repair their unresponsive phones. Book an appointment with us and restore the device’s functions.

Moreover, our technicians have immense expertise in repairing worn-out mobile parts. Look for our mobile repair shop near me and fix the device from top-ranked technicians in Dubai. We also provide a broad spectrum of Dubai mobile repair services to our clients.

Here is the list of mobile repair services you can trust us with:

Mobile Screen Repair/Replacement Services

The screen is the most fragile component in an Android phone or iPhone. It can break if the mobile falls from a height. Besides, the phone’s screen might stop functioning after accidental liquid spillage.

If this is left untreated, the liquid can seep inside the logic board and damage it. Thus, take immediate action in such instances to save the costly mobile repair Dubai expenses.

Our mobile shop near me experts can repair different types of mobile screens. Whenever you experience any screen-associated problems, let us know. We will reach your doorstep to repair the cracked or damaged display.

Moreover, certain signs indicate the mobile has a faulty screen. Are there black spots or blurred areas on display? Did you notice a misaligned phone screen? Hire our experts for an instant mobile screen replacement.

When Should You Repair the Mobile Screen with Our Professional Assistance?

The horizontal or vertical lines on the screen indicate the LCD is damaged. Besides, if the screen flickers, the problem lies with the LCD. You may also notice discoloured areas on the screen due to consistent use.

Are there hairline cracks on the smartphone? Contact our mobile repair shop near me experts without further delay. We will check the existing phone screen’s condition and replace it using the requisite tools.

Types of Mobile Phone Screens, We Repair

Our mobile repair shop near me experts deal with every screen, regardless of its type. Mention the mobile brand and model number while booking our services.

Based on that, we will help you to join the best mobile screen repair experts. Our technicians specialise in repairing the following phone screens:

  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • IPS-LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display)
  • OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
  • AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

Mobile Battery Repair/Replacement Services

The phone’s built-in battery might be damaged due to overcharging. As a result, you will experience issues in charging the device. The mobile might fail to charge the battery even when plugged into the adapter.

Is the mobile’s battery overheating? Close the power-intensive apps from the background and restart the phone. If that doesn’t solve the problem, join hands with our Dubai mobile repair experts.

Our technicians will first check the mobile’s internal battery. Afterwards, we will replace it if there is any sign of damage.

Does the Android phone have a swollen battery? Don’t try any D-I-Y tutorials to replace the battery. Instead, schedule an appointment with us for instant recovery.

Besides, an advanced phone’s battery comes with an average of 2-3 years of longevity. After that, the battery might generate problems when charging the phone. Book our emergency services to replace the battery with our skilled technicians.

When Should You Replace the Battery from Our Mobile repair shop near me experts?

If the battery drains quickly, it’s time to replace it with our professional’s guidance. Is the phone not turning on? There is a high possibility that the smartphone has a damaged or old battery.

Besides, the device will turn on and off repeatedly for a faulty battery. Get in touch with us if you notice these battery failure signs. We will reach your preferred location to repair/replace the phone battery.

Types of Mobile Battery, We Repair or Replace:

The latest smartphones or modern mobiles have two types of battery – Lithium Polymer and Lithium-Ion. You might also find a “Li-Poly ” battery in the next-generation phones.

Our mobile shop near me experts have the skill to repair all these batteries. Moreover, we will ensure that faulty mobile batteries are replaced on time.

Mobile Camera Repair/Replacement Services

Dropping the mobile is likely to cause damage to the camera. If the phone has a cracked lens or dislodged internal components, get it fixed by us. Our Dubai mobile repair experts can repair every camera component. Besides, we make sure the phone’s camera is working properly after our professional intervention.

A sudden decrease in picture and video quality indicates the camera is damaged. Besides, you might notice lines or spots on the images if the camera fails to work properly. Blurred pictures are another sign of a phone camera failure. Don’t use the faulty mobile camera, instead, repair it from our experts.

Types of Mobile Cameras, We Repair

The camera might not function if the sensor, lens or holder stops working. Besides, the camera’s PCB board and DSP might be damaged over time. As a result, it fails to record high-definition videos or quality images.

If you experience problems using the phone camera, join us. Our mobile repair shop near me experts will replace the camera within minutes.

We have knowledge in repairing the following types of phone cameras:

  • Single rear camera
  • Dual front camera
  • Tripe rear camera
  • Pop-up front camera
  • Quad rear camera
  • Single front camera

Mobile Buttons Repair Services

Is the smartphone’s home or power button jammed? Are these buttons not responding even after applying pressure? Don’t worry! We can help! Our mobile repair Dubai experts can fix broken or missing buttons easily. Thus, book our services and replace the faulty home/ power buttons with new ones.

The mobile’s power button might stop working due to multiple reasons. If the motherboard and the power button cable are disconnected, this error will occur. A software glitch might cause malfunctions to the phone’s control buttons. Whatever the reason is, our Dubai mobile repair experts can solve it within minutes.

Mobile Speaker Repair/Replacement Services

You might hear a crackling sound from the speaker when it’s on the verge of being damaged. However, phone owners can also get no sound from the speaker due to misconfiguration.

Modify the phone’s audio settings and turn up the in-call volume to fix the problem. If the speaker issue persists, hire our mobile shop near me technicians immediately.

Sometimes, you can encounter audio issues enabling the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Thus, disable this feature and check if you can hear a sound from the speaker.

Additionally, you must increase the media volume by pressing the “Volume” button. However, if these fixes don’t work, you will need our help to resolve the issue.

Common Mobile Issues, We Deal With:

We provide a one-stop solution to the major-minor mobile problems. Besides, we have joined hands with the best technicians in Dubai to bestow perfection in mobile repairs.

Our experts are trusted by thousands of customers due to our premium quality services.

Here is the list of the mobile issues which require our immediate professional assistance:

Slow Phone

The mobile might run slowly due to insufficient storage space. Thus, you must first try to uninstall the unwanted programs and files from the device. If that doesn’t boost the phone speed, the software might be outdated.

Poor battery health can also be the reason behind such an occurrence. Whatever the reason is, our mobile repair shop near me experts can fix it with ease.

Overheating issues

An overheating phone signals the battery is defective. If you don’t replace the battery on time, the screen might be damaged. However, the device might also generate excess heat by using an incompatible charger.

Are there too many apps running in the phone’s background? It could overheat the phone and cause other technical issues. Thus, hire our mobile repair Dubai experts, and we will resolve the overheating problem for you.

Phone Crashing Issues

Does the Android phone or iPhone keep crashing when making calls or taking photos? The problem lies in the device’s software. An out-of-date or corrupted phone OS can generate this problem. Besides, you can experience this issue after installing third-party utilities.

We will uninstall these problematic apps first. Afterwards, our mobile repair shop near me experts will update the software. Besides, the phone might crash if it lacks sufficient storage space. Thus, we will check the remaining phone storage and install a new memory card if required.

Apps not Downloading

Failed to download the required app from Google Play Store or App Store? You must first ensure the mobile is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Place the wireless router close to the phone and check if that solves the issue.

If the error persists, the app downloading error might occur due to misconfiguration. Contact our mobile shop near me experts without delay. We will reset the phone’s settings so that you can download the apps.

Phone is Restarting Automatically

If the mobile is restarting automatically, it indicates something is wrong with the software. You might have installed corrupted or incompatible software. Without our expert’s help, you can’t reinstall the right software for the phone.

Thus, connect with our mobile repair shop near me experts. We will install the latest and compatible software for the phone to eliminate the error.

How Does Our Mobile Repair Shop near me Services Work?

We have kept the booking procedure simple and easy to access for our clients across Dubai. Access our website, and follow these 3 simple steps to keep the mobile in top-notch condition.

Tell Us What You Need

We have included a wide array of Dubai mobile repair services for our customers. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Otherwise, you can contact our mobile repair Dubai experts to share your requirements.

Book an Appointment

We have teamed up with reliable, trained and vetted experts. Schedule an appointment with our technicians to fix the phone. Don’t forget to mention the mobile’s brand and the issue you’re experiencing on the device. Based on that, we will assign the mobile repair work to a qualified expert.

Repair the Mobile within Minutes

Our mobile shop near me experts opt for an in-depth detection of the phone to find the faulty part. Afterwards, we share the service cost estimation to fix that part. Once you approve that, our professionals will initiate the repair work using advanced tools.

Why Should You Rely On Our Mobile Repair Shop Near Me Experts?

Urbanclap is the most recommended service platform for repairing a faulty phone unit. We are committed to offering best-in-class mobile repair services to our clients.

Our Dubai mobile repair experts never compromise on quality and on-time delivery. With us, you can avail these benefits:

  • We offer 100% genuine and quality mobile parts.
  • Our Dubai mobile repair technicians provide doorstep facilities.
  • All the major phone repair works are carried out under expert supervision.
  • We charge a reasonable price for the mobile’s part repair or replacement.

Our experts use the latest tools and equipment to complete the repair works within the promised time.

Best Mobile Repair Shop Near Me Experts are a Call Away!

Do you need to know about our service packages or offers? Connect with our customer support executives and grab the best service deal. No need to wait in long queues to repair the water-damaged phone unit. Request a service quote and get it fixed from our experts within minutes.

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