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A VoIP Phone or Ip phone uses Ip Technologies for transmitting calls over IP Network. A CISCO VoIP phone contains many features that a regular analog phone doesn’t carry. They support email services along with managing multiple accounts. CISCO phone is the most widely used IP phone compared to other phones currently present in the market. But, many users face issues with installing a CISCO phone on their own.

Connecting a Cisco IP phone is an easy task and can be easily done by any tech-savvy person. But, if you are not confident enough to install a phone on your own, you can connect to our service providers. Our support team at Urban Clap contains well-trained experts who will guide you properly with CISCO phone installation maintenance.

Most Common CISCO Phone Issues

An IP phone is always necessary to help your business communication to grow. But a non-reliable service provider can put your conversation in a trap. There are many issues that users commonly face with their CISCO phones. Among them, some of the major issues are mentioned below.

1. You may face problems with Installation

It is the most important part while installing a Cisco phone, as a single bug can put you in a lot of trouble. It may waste your time as well as money.

Generally, IP phones work through a network system. It consists of both voice and data network. If any kind of issue occurs in any network via voice or data, it may result in disrupted connectivity. Our service providers provide entire business solutions to make your CISCO phone work in a perfect order.

2. Problems with proper Connectivity

Connectivity is also a problem that must always be taken into consideration. Since an IP sends different data packets to different routes, a problem occurs when a data packet is lost or had gone into another route. This problem is also known as Jitter. It occurs mainly due to very poor quality of audio.

3. Latency

Latency is also known as the VoIP delay which mainly occurs due to the disruption of a call. Mostly, the audio sounds like an echo.

Latency can be divided into three parts:

Propagation Delay: Electrons travel at less speed than light through copper or fiber.

Handling Delay: The latency where the frame is forwarded through the network.

Queuing Delay: It occurs when there is a packet congestion problem.

Get The Best Services From Urban Clap:

Our service team at Urban Clap has well-trained experts who are available round the clock to assist you with installation of a CISCO phone. With years of experience, they have all the necessary tools to perfectly guide you with proper solutions.

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You can directly call us on our Urban Clap helpline number: 544474009  for CISCO phone installation in Dubai. Our experts are available round the clock to assist you with proper solutions. You can also directly chat with experts on live chat portals. We also have an official email id for you to send a service request. Our experts will connect with you as soon as possible. We also provide Cisco Switches Online in Dubai.

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