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TV has become the central point in a living room where families get together to watch their favorite TV shows. As a TV provides so many options for entertainment, you can easily sit and relax after a long day at work.

Toshiba TV is the most preferred television in comparison to other TVs currently present in the market. With its every new version, it surprises us with great features like 3D color management and Autosignal boosters. Unfortunately, many users still face technical issues while using a Toshiba TV. These issues can be solved by any technologically competent person at home. But still, if you are not confident enough to solve the issues on your own, you may connect to our expert team at Urban Clap for Toshiba TV Repair Services. We have well-trained experts who are always available round the clock to assist you with a proper solution to all kinds of Toshiba TV Issues.

Some Of The Major Issues Encountered by Toshiba TV Users:

There are several annoying technical problems a Toshiba TV user faces after using the TV for some months. One should immediately opt for reliable Toshiba TV Repair services on encountering these issues. Among them, some of the major issues are mentioned below.

  • Ghosting: Sometimes users have faced ghosting issues where fast moving objects appear to lag on the screen. These problems are basically found in Toshiba LCD TVs. Toshiba is trying their best to solve this issue but many users still complain about facing this problem. Ghosting issues are always a distraction especially while watching a fast action movie.
  • Problems with image resolution: Toshiba promises a 1080p resolution, but many users complain about viewing 1080i resolution. 1080i resolution is close to 1080p, but not up to the mark as 1080p. Whenever you face this kind of an issue, we always recommend you to talk to a technician. Since it is a software issue, trying to solve it on your own might result in more severe resolution problems.
  • Visual Problem while watching from different angles: Whenever users view the TV from straight angles, it becomes much difficult to visualize properly. This problem mainly occurs when there are many people in a room watching the TV from different angles. It is always better to consult a technician for availing smart Toshiba TV repair services.
  • Black bars on the top and bottom of the screen: A Toshiba LCD TV is generally 16:9 and 4: 2 in dimensions. It also creates a black bar on the top as well as on the bottom of the screen. It never harms the screen but it creates a distraction while watching any movie or show.

You can easily adjust the ratio by remote controls. Select the ratio you want. It will take time to choose which ratio will suit your view as well as the screen better.

Services Our Trained Experts At Urban Clap Provides

Our team at UrbanClap has well-trained experts who are always ready on their toes to help you whenever you face any kind of Toshiba TV issue. They have years of experience in this technology and have all the necessary tools to help you with all Toshiba TV-related technical problems. You can stay tension-free as we know that TV issues are always require urgent attention. Our experts will thoroughly check your TV and provide the best solutions to troubleshoot the problems. Our services are always reliable and available at an affordable price which will always suit your budget.

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