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At Urban Clap specialists, we have not only the competency to deal with laptops and other devices but also with tablet problems. We understand how fragile tablets are, and know at what extent an individual can suffer after damaging the expensive tablets, and that’s why we provide a diagnosis to your tablet at a fixed price.

There are many IT services Provider Company that claims to be the best and offering guarantees on offering all tablet repairs, but the fact is different than what you hear. Urban Clap is not like other company that makes a false promise to attract the intention of customers. We are the world-class company, that has the care of our reputation and principal of achieving 100 percent satisfaction of our customers.

Guaranteed & Reliable Tablet Repair Dubai Services

Technical problems might develop in an Android or Apple tablet due to software glitches and mishandling. If the device is not working or taking time to turn on, connect with Urban Clap for an instant recovery.

We will inspect the tablet thoroughly and repair the problematic part within minutes.

Moreover, we house a team of certified tablet repair Dubai experts. From batteries to screens to ports, our technicians can repair every tablet part with precision. 

If you’re experiencing any problems with the tablet, contact our professionals immediately. We will offer a long-term solution to eliminate the software or hardware problem. No matter which tablet you use or what needs to be fixed, we are always there to assist. 

Is the Apple tablet stuck in the boot loop? Don’t worry, we can solve this technical issue in no time. Thus, look for a tablet repair shop near me and book our professional experts for immediate assistance. We ensure all your tablet-associated problems are fixed within the given time.

We specialise in repairing damaged parts from these tablet brands:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • Xiaomi
  • Amazon Fire HD
  • Onyx
  • Asus
  • Nokia and other popular brands

We Offer Tablet Repair Services & Support To Following Problems:-

  • Tablet repair & maintenance support
  • Email support setup
  • Data backup and data transfer benefits
  • Virus and spyware protection
  • Broadband access help
  • Software and application installation
  • Tablet shield protection

Common Tablet Issues, We Resolve

Urban Clap is an all-in-one destination to troubleshoot all the major-minor tablet glitches. Whether there are green lines on the screen or the battery isn’t charging, contact us. We will connect you with the best technician in Dubai who can eliminate the tablet issue without downtime.

Our tablet repair Dubai experts have years of experience in this domain. From power to Wi-Fi connectivity issues, our technicians can fix every technical problem. 

Don’t try any D-I-Y solution if you encounter any software issues when using the device. Instead, book our emergency services and get the tablet problem fixed by the top-ranked experts in Dubai. 

Here are the complicated tablet issues where our professionals’ intervention is required:

The Tablet is Running Slow

There are multiple reasons why an Android or Apple tablet becomes slow. Insufficient storage space is the primary cause of the device’s sluggish performance. Sometimes, the device might run slow for out-of-date software.

Besides, a tablet might slow down its performance for a third-party app. Uninstall the problematic app from the device. If that doesn’t improve the tablet’s speed, book our experts in tablet repairing near me to solve the issue.

Our professionals will check if the tablet has the latest software. We will install the current and compatible software on the device to boost its performance. Additionally, our tablet repair experts will free up the storage by removing unwanted system files.

We perform the following troubleshooting  steps to fix a slow tablet:

  • Clear the app cache and web history
  • Download and install an antivirus software
  • Update all the pre-installed applications
  • Install a new memory card on the device

Tablet’s Battery not Charging

No matter which tablet you use, resolving battery problems might be challenging. This is where Urban Clap comes to your service. We have a team of experienced tablet repair Dubai technicians who can fix battery issues easily. 

Is your new Apple tablet not charging or taking longer than usual to charge?  Then, the problem lies in the device’s battery. An old or dead battery can prevent the tablet from charging properly. Thus, replace the faulty internal battery to eliminate the charging issue. 

However, not all batteries will be compatible with your Android or Apple tablet. Therefore, ensure to mention the tablet’s brand and model number when booking the service. Based on that, we will assist in installing the right battery for your tablet.

Touchscreen not Working

Using an Apple tablet might be difficult with an unresponsive touchscreen. Thus, hire our tablet repair Dubai experts and resolve this problem. Usually, the touch screen stops working due to hardware malfunctions. 

We will detect the defective hardware unit of your tablet. Afterwards, our technicians will repair the problematic part as fast as possible. Moreover, the tablet screen might not respond to your touches and swipes for a faulty sensor.

Thus, our prime responsibility is to inspect the tablet’s touch sensor thoroughly. If the touch sensor is damaged, we will repair it immediately to fix the touchscreen issue. So, look for tablet repair near me and book our experts for the ultimate support.

Our professionals opt for a screen replacement if the device has:

  • Scratches and cracks on the display
  • A dislodged touchscreen digitizer
  • Faulty LCD cable

Screen Freezing Issue

Sometimes, the tablet’s screen might freeze unexpectedly when switching from one app to another. Usually, this occurs when there is a minor bug in the device’s software. Rebooting the tablet can often help you to solve this technical issue.

If that doesn’t work, you might be using an out-of-date application. The low battery could also cause an Android or Apple tablet screen to freeze. Besides, you can experience freezing screen issues if there is insufficient space on the memory card. 

An outdated operating system and conflict between an app and the hardware can lead to this problem. Whatever the reason is, our tablet repair Sharjah experts can fix it within minutes. Our professionals will update the tablet’s OS and all the preinstalled apps.

Our tablet repair Dubai experts use these troubleshooting methods to fix the screen freezing issue:

  • Delete the unwanted files and documents
  • Uninstall the unused programs and apps
  • Close all the apps to prevent background interference


Your tablet might generate excess heat due to continuous usage and overcharging. A water-damaged battery can also be the reason behind such an occurrence. Besides, the device might overheat when accessing power-intensive apps.

Are you streaming online media content from an Android tablet? It can be a potential reason behind the device’s overheating issue. Close the streaming and graphics-intensive apps and check if that resolves the issue. If the error persists, the tablet might have a worn-out battery.

Don’t try to replace the tablet battery if you don’t have adequate technical knowledge. Look for a tablet repairing near me and hire our skilled technicians without further delay. We will evaluate the existing tablet’s battery condition and replace it if required.

If you don’t replace the faulty battery on time, it can damage the other internal units. Thus, take immediate action by contacting our professional experts. Prevent the device from overheating and save costly repair expenses.

Exclusive Tablet Repair Dubai Services, We Offer

Urban Clap is a one-stop service centre to repair defective tablet parts. We are committed to offering fast and efficient tablet repair Sharjah services. Moreover, our professionals have the calibre to fix all the tablet hardware on time. 

Whether the home or power button has stopped working, contact us. We will provide you with the privilege of joining reliable technicians to repair the broken parts. So, look for a tablet repair shop near me and avail our best-in-class services. 

We are best known for offering the following tablet repair services across Dubai:

Tablet Screen Replacement/Repair

Tablet screens are susceptible to damage after an accidental drop. Hence, if you notice hairline cracks on the device, hire our tablet repair Dubai experts. We will check the existing screen condition and replace it with a new one.

Moreover, certain signs indicate the tablet screen needs replacement. Are there black spots all over the device’s display? It could occur when the pixels are dead on the screen. Without replacing the tablet screen, these spots won’t be removed. 

Horizontal and vertical lines on the display also indicate screen defects. Besides, you can experience flickering screen issues if there is a malfunction in the display. So, book our tablet repairs Dubai technicians and fix the screen without downtime.

We specialise in repairing or replacing the following types of tablet screens:

  • XDR Display
  • Liquid Retina Display
  • OLED Display
  • IPS LCD Display

Tablet Speaker Replacement/Repair

If you don’t hear any sound from the tablet speaker, try adjusting the volume using the control button. Additionally, you must access the device settings and check if any Bluetooth accessories are connected to it. If yes, disconnect those devices and check if the tablet is producing high-quality sound.

Are you still experiencing audio problems on the tablet? The issue might be associated with the device’s external speakers. You will get a crackling or buzzing sound from the speaker due to excess dust accumulation.

But, you should never try to remove the dust/dirt particles without our experts’ help. Hire our tablet repair Dubai experts, and we will do that for you. Moreover, our professionals will check if there is any sign of damage to your tablet’s speakers.

We will repair the Apple or Android tablet’s speaker if it has wear and tear. Book our emergency speaker repair services if you encounter these issues:

  • Inability to hear the audio playing on the device
  • Phone calls sound garbled
  • The tablet’s speaker sounds distorted
  • No sound coming from the device on receiving new notifications

Tablet SIM Card Slot Repair

If the device’s SIM card slot is jammed, join hands with Urban Clap for immediate help. We have immense expertise in repairing stuck or broken SIM card slots. Don’t deal with a damaged SIM card tray. Fix it by hiring our professional tablet repair Dubai technicians.

Is your tablet displaying an “Invalid SIM” message even after inserting a new SIM in the tray? There is a high chance that the SIM card slot is damaged and needs replacement. If you notice any scratches or structural damage on this tablet tray, contact us.

We will arrive at your doorstep to repair the tablet’s SIM card tray within minutes. Besides, our tablet repair Sharjah technicians have the tools required to install a new SIM card slot. We ensure the SIM is working properly after our expert’s intervention.

Tablet Battery Replacement/Repair

Replacing your tablet’s built-in battery can be nerve-wracking. This is why you must hire our tablet repair Dubai experts for a quick battery replacement. You can sit back and relax, knowing your tablet is in the safest hands.

Is the device turning on and off repeatedly? There is a high chance the tablet has a faulty battery. Without replacing the internal battery, you can’t resolve this power issue. So, look for a tablet repair near me and book our experts for a hassle-free battery replacement. 

Most high-end tablets come with a non-removable battery. To remove or replace the battery, connect with our tablet repair Dubai company. Ensure to mention the type of battery the Android or Apple tablet uses. Based on that, we will reach the mentioned location to install the best quality battery for the device.

Call at Tablet Repair Services Phone Number Anytime To Get Speedily and Instant Help:-

We at Urban Clap, provide the solutions regardless of its cost and brand name. Our team of Tablet Repair Services of technicians gives a similar solution. We also keep the price fixed if it did not damage badly. So rests assured and contact us at Tablet Repair Services Phone Number anytime from anywhere, without keeping any surmise in the heart or thinking about price, we will fix your issues at a competitive price. Hence, our experts are available 24×7 days to your help. We also provide iPad repair services in Dubai.

How Do Our Tablet Repair Dubai Services Work?

We have kept the booking procedure easy to navigate, simple and precise. All you need to do is follow 3 steps to avail our top-notch tablet repair services:

Share What You Need

We provide a wide range of tablet repair Sharjah services across Dubai. Choose the right one from the list that fulfils your needs and suits your budget when booking the service.

Schedule an Appointment 

To know the tablet part repair or replacement cost, book an appointment with our experts. Ensure to share the contact details and the technical issue you’re experiencing on the device. 

Repair the Unresponsive Tablet

We have collaborated with vetted and highly trained tablet repair Dubai specialists. Our technicians use advanced tools and techniques to complete the repair work within a stipulated time frame.

Why Should You Rely On Our Tablet Repair Dubai Services?

Urban Clap became the most recommended service platform for urgent tablet repairs. Engage with us and avail the following benefits:

  • We provide guaranteed solutions to critical tablet issues.
  • Our technicians only offer authentic and premium quality spare parts for your tablet.
  • We charge a reasonable price to fix the damaged tablet components.
  • Our experts never compromise on on-time delivery and professionalism.

Best Tablet Repair Dubai Experts are a Call Away!

Contact our customer support executives if you have queries regarding our exclusive services. Besides, they will help you to choose the best service package that suits your requirements.

So, don’t wait! Request a service quote and repair the tablet parts at the best price. 

FAQs of Tablet Repair

We repair a wide range of tablets, including iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, and more.
In Dubai, we can fix common tablet issues such as cracked screens, battery problems, software glitches, and connectivity issues.
We repair various types of tablets, including iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, and more.
The cost to replace a tablet screen varies depending on the make and model; please contact us for a specific quote.
Yes, we offer repair services for water-damaged tablets in Dubai.
The cost of replacing a tablet screen depends on the specific model and extent of damage, so please contact us for an accurate quote.
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