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Are you facing issues with your Computer? Or if your computer is running slowly or get crashed accidentally? If yes, then no need to worry anymore! Urban Clap is an IT based service provider is here to solve all your every trouble by giviing best computer repair dubai and help you so, you can get back on track on your computer.

UrbanClap is one of the best computer repair service provider company, and provide immediate & same day computer repair service at most affordable rate. We have a group of talented and experienced experts therefore, provide a balanced platform to serve the entire care to your computer that really your machine deserves. We are expert in fixing computer and all the software errors and other issues that slow down the process of your computer system hence, we will solve your issues in minimum time. The Urban Clap team can fix the Internet connection problem, hardware or software installation errors or  remove malware or spyware issues, upgrade your computer security to avoid future virus attacks, and malware, etc.

Get the Help of Our Experienced and Trustworthy Real-Time Technicians in Resolving These Issues:

  • Diagnosing threats
  • Repairing or replacing computer parts
  • Increasing Computer security
  • Virus removal
  • Networking issues
  • Set up & Installation errors
  • Computer maintenance
  • Computer no image on screen or Blue Screen
  • Internet connection problems
  • Computer crashes
  • Software problems
  • Window support services on Computer
  • Keyboard issues
  • Password recovery
  • Faulty parts replaced or repair on any computer
  • And many others glitches

Need Guaranteed Assistance for Computer Repair Dubai?

Does your computer generate technical issues while running? Buying another PC shouldn’t be the alternative when you can fix it with Urban Clap. We house a team of computer repair Dubai technicians who can fix slow to unresponsive computers easily. 

Being a leading computer repair Dubai, we strive for excellence and quality. If your PC isn’t working as it used to, contact us. We will run a diagnostic test to identify the problematic parts. Our service team will replace or repair the faulty unit to improve performance. 

Whether the keyboard or screen has stopped working – we have a solution for every computer error. Our technicians provide 100% quality assurance and guaranteed replacement parts. We also aim to make your computer 10x faster. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us and fix your PC within minutes.

Is your computer showing a black screen? Don’t panic – book our emergency computer repair Dubai services. We will arrive at your doorstep to eliminate the problem without downtime. No matter which PC you use or which parts need fixing – we are always here to assist!

Why Should You Repair the Computer from Our Professionals?

Most customers access the internet to get genuine solutions when their PC refuses to work. What happened to those computers? The damage was unpreventable, and they ended up buying a new PC. 

So, it’s best to leave the computer repairs to our professional technicians. They will diagnose and resolve the technical issues quickly. Besides, you can save the costly repair expense by joining hands without experts.

Perhaps you know a little more about computer parts. However, the knowledge can be handy for the initial diagnosis. What if the computer unit can only be fixed using specialised equipment? It could be difficult to acquire – and you will need more technical skills to be able to use it. 

Here are the other reasons why D-I-Y computer repair isn’t a good idea:

  • Unavailability of high-quality and certified parts
  • Data loss 
  • Incorrect tool implementation 
  • Inability to address the long-term PC problems

Fix All Your Computer Issues from Under One Roof – Urban Clap

We understand that unwanted computer errors can affect your productivity. The longer you take time to resolve it, the more the issue will develop. Thus, our computer repair Dubai experts are available round the clock to help you.

Whenever you encounter any problem on the PC, book us. We will check the source of the glitch and fix it as fast as possible. Moreover, you don’t have to come to our computer repairing shop in Dubai. Our experts will arrive at your mentioned location to fix the device.

Be it faulty hardware or software update failure – we can fix a wide range of PC issues. Free pick-up and delivery services are also available for first-time customers. So, grab this opportunity now and repair your PC with the best technician in Dubai. 

We offer quick solutions for these computer issues:

PC Won’t Start

Your computer might fail to turn on for several reasons. However, you don’t have to fret over anything when Urban Clap is here to help. We know the possible causes of this PC problem. Our professionals have already fixed this error from 30+ computers.

So, what do our experts find out? They analysed that the source of this computer issue is faulty power resources. Thus, you must look for signs of damage in the power cables and outlet. 

If you notice a frayed PC cable, look for a computer repair near me and hire our experts. They will evaluate the existing power cable’s condition. If it has any structural damage, we will replace it with a brand-new one. 

Our professionals will also check these PC units to fix the issue:

  • Internal wirings
  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Power button
  • Hard disk

System Crashes

Sometimes, your computer might crash and display the BSOD error message. Restarting the device can resolve the problem. However, frequent blue screen death errors indicate something is wrong with the hard drive.

If you don’t replace the faulty HDD on time, it might delete or format your PC data. So, take immediate action to fix the system crashing issue. Contact our emergency computer repair Dubai team for instant recovery.

They will scan the device with reliable software to check for viruses. We will remove the virus or malware from the PC to protect your valuable data. Additionally, our experts will perform diagnostic tests to identify the source of the issue.

We will perform the following troubleshooting steps to solve the error:

  • Check and replace the HDD/SSD
  • Scan and remove the corrupted files
  • Update the device drivers
  • Upgrade the RAM

Freezing Screen Issue

The screen freezing issue is related to a hardware problem. Usually, this error occurs when you need more storage space on the device. So, join hands with the experts in our computer repairing shop in Dubai for a quick RAM upgrade.

Our professionals have the expertise to upgrade RAM in different computers. Mention the PC you use when booking our services. Based on that, we will connect you to a skilled expert best suited for the job. 

Additionally, we will check your computer’s BIOS settings. Our service team will modify the BIOS configuration if required. Two other causes for freezing issues are – faulty external devices and missing system files. 

So, we will check the external peripherals connected to your PC. Our qualified experts will repair them if required. We will also restore the required system files to eliminate this issue from your PC.

Internet Connectivity issues

What if the PC disconnects itself from the internet while sending a file? Disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the router won’t fix the issue. You will require our computer repair Dubai expert’s help for the ultimate help. 

This error usually occurs for an out-of-date network adapter. So, our prime responsibility goes into reinstalling the latest Wi-Fi adapter for your PC. Additionally, we will check the device’s wireless network configuration. Our service team will also modify the Wi-Fi settings if required.

Do you connect the PC to the router via an Ethernet cable? Check the Ethernet port and contact our experts if you detect any sign of damage. 

Our professionals will reach your preferred location to fix this PC port. Software problems might occur if you have viruses on your computer, blocking the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. So, we will scan your Windows/ Mac device for viruses and remove them if found.

Exclusive Computer Repair Dubai Services – We Offer

You don’t have to wait for 5-6 days to get your computer back. We know the urgency, so we ensure the device is fixed within a day at a competitive price. Our professionals provide the utmost attention to all your PC repair needs.

Our computer repair near me experts have years of experience in this domain. Over 100+ customers rely on us to fix their faulty PC units. Moreover, we provide PC repair services all across Dubai. So, avail our top-notch services and get assistance from certified experts.

Computer Screen Repair/Replacement

Do you see no display on the computer monitor? Check if the Sleep mode is on. Disable this built-in feature and check if it solves the problem. The fault might be in the loose or improper cable connection if the error persists.

Don’t panic if you see a black screen after turning on the PC. Contact the experts in our computer repairing shop in Dubai and fix the issue with our professional help. Our professionals will inspect and replace the cables if required.

Besides, screen malfunctions can generate this problem in your device. So, we will look for signs of wear and tear on the PC screen. Our experts replace the faulty screen with a new one to resolve the problem. 

We also inspect these computer units during the inspection:

  • Motherboard
  • Video card
  • CPU
  • Power outlet

Computer Hard Disk Replacement

The hard drive can stop functioning for several reasons, including power surges and overheating. When your PC’s hard disk needs repair in Dubai, technicians in Urban Clap are always at your service. 

So, when do we replace the hard drive? Our experts focus on detecting the signs of hard drive failure. They will check if the PC shows frequent error messages while running. Random system crashes also indicate the hard drive is damaged and needs replacement.

Do you receive disk-related errors when saving files? It is a clear indication of hard drive failure. Our computer repair Dubai experts will evaluate the hard drive’s condition before the replacement. They will opt for an immediate hard drive replacement if they notice any physical damage.

Computer Keyboard Repair/Replacement

Dust or grime buildup can prevent your keyboard from working. However, you should never try to remove these dust particles or grime from the keyboard. Cleaning this PC unit requires professional tools and the experience to use them.

Thus, hire our computer repair Dubai experts and rest assured. They have the requisite tools to clean the keyboard regardless of its type. Additionally, our professionals have the skill to replace broken keys.

We also fix the stuck or unresponsive keys in our service centre. Do you want to replace all the keys of your mechanical keyboard? Urban Clap is the best choice. Our professionals can also repair the water-damaged computer keyboard efficiently. 

Computer Motherboard Replacement

Fans, drives and other peripherals will stop functioning when the motherboard is dead. However, you can replace it with our quick assistance. Our computer repair near me experts can fix every computer motherboard.

So, schedule an appointment with us for an immediate motherboard replacement. Are you experiencing booting issues? Does your PC turn on and off while running? It indicates the motherboard is damaged.

A faulty motherboard shows signs of physical damage. If you don’t know much about this PC unit, identifying the damages will be difficult. This is where our professionals come in. They will check if the motherboard has a bloated capacitor and replace it without downtime.

List of Computer Brands – We Cover

We repair every computer regardless of its operating system and brand. Mention the computer you use and the problem you’re experiencing. Based on that, we will bring you the privilege of joining the best technicians in Dubai.

Our repair services are available for these computer brands:

  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Razer
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP and other major brands

How to Book Our Computer Repair Dubai Services?

We aimed to make our service booking procedure simple and easy to understand for our customers. Follow 3 quick steps to avail computer repair services from a top-rated service provider:

Share What You Need

We provide a broad spectrum of computer repair Dubai services across Dubai. Access our site and pick the one that suits your repair needs and budget.

Book Our Technicians

Trained and veteran technicians will handle your computer repairs with precision. Share your contact details and address when booking our professional experts.

Get What You Have Asked for

Our professionals will opt for a preliminary analysis of your Windows/Mac computer. They will look for the problematic part and replace it within a stipulated time frame.

Why Should You Rely On Our Computer Repair Dubai Services?

We are a reputed computer repair company in Dubai. We are committed to delivering best-in-class services to our customers. Book our professionals to avail the following benefits:

  • We provide 100% OEM parts for unresponsive computers.
  • Our experts restore important computer data before repairing any part.
  • No hidden charges are associated with our computer repair Dubai services.
  • Our professionals provide guaranteed services at a reasonable price.
  • We use advanced tools and equipment to fix worn-out computer units.
  • Experienced and licensed technicians repair critical computer parts like the motherboard.

Best Computer Repair Dubai Specialists are a Call Away!

Contact our customer support executives if you have any service-related queries. They will promptly respond to your call and clarify all your doubts. So, get a free service quote today and fix your computer with on-site assistance.

Contact Computer Repair Service Phone Number For Instant Assistance:-

Therefore, At Urban Clap we provide online help & support for computer related problems. Our technician’s team offers the software’s after pre-installation compatibility check that can meet our client’s expectations. So, just give us a call on our Computer Repair and Dell Service Phone Number anytime from anywhere and get the instant response by our technicians, who are available 24×7 based your convenience. Hence, it assures you will grab the best possible and reliable solutions to answer.

FAQs of Computer Repair Service

Contact a computer repair service to clean the internal components and address cooling system issues.
Our company typically include hardware and software troubleshooting, virus removal, system optimization, data backup
Our repair service costs can vary depending on the type of repair needed, the complexity of the issue, and any required replacement parts
Yes, we offer a warranty on our repair services, typically covering the repair components for a specific duration; please inquire about the warranty terms when you schedule your service.
While some motherboard issues can be repaired, others may require replacement.
We cover a wide range of issues, including hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, virus removal, data recovery, and more.
Virus removal costs can vary but typically start at around AED 150.
It varies depending on the complexity of the issue, but common problems may be resolved within 1-3 days, while more intricate repairs could take longer.
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