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The famous company Hisense has made its solid presence in the competitive market by manufacturing high-end television products. The company has succeeded in taking the picture quality to the next level by bringing its award-winning ULED technology to the larger screens. This technology comes with better dynamic range and it is up to three times brighter than OLED. Despite its smart features, users are encountering some issues with this TV. If you are one of them who are facing problems with the Hisense TV, then come in contact with our experts at UrbanClap to get premium quality Hisense TV repair services.

Common problems with Hisense TV that are encountered by users:

Whenever you face any issues with your Hisense TV, the first thing that you can do is turn off the TV. Then, wait for sometimes and again restart it. This might solve your problem to some extent. But if still, your problem remains unfixed, check the power cord in the AC outlet. If it has electricity and if the power is on, then there might be some other issues. Listed below are some of the common issues with the Hisense TV:

  • The picture quality is normal, but no sound
  • The sound and picture quality is blurry and it cuts out momentarily
  • No audio or video while connecting your TV to an external source
  • Black square appears in the center of your television screen
  • The picture is shaking
  • Vertical or horizontal stripes on the picture which makes it appear as if the picture is shaking
  • A clicking sound is coming from the plastic cabinet of the TV
  • You could hear the sound but no picture
  • A few minutes delay before the picture appears normal

Apart from these, there are various other issues which needs immediate care from the professional technicians. It is also advised to the Hisense TV users that whenever you encounter any issue with the device, first turn off the electrical appliances to check the interference because there might be instances when any electrical appliances might affect the TV set.

Range of services we offer to our clients: Turn to the professionals at UrbanClap for unmatched solutions to all Hisense TV problems

Our pool of experts at UrbanClap provides the best-in-class services for a variety of issues with Hisense TV. They customize the settings of your TV based on your preferences. Also, as our experts are highly skilled, they eliminate the unnecessary complexities of your device by using advanced tools and techniques. Here is a list of some of the services that we provide to our clients:

  • Resolve the power connectivity issue
  • Check the volume settings and verify whether the mute mode is off or not, to enable the sound
  • Check the audio-visual settings inside the plastic cabinet of the TV
  • Initialize the settings of your TV
  • Reset the color settings of your Hisense TV
  • Adjust the picture settings in your Hisense TV

Reach us to get convenient and affordable support for the Hisense TV issues: Dial us @045864033

Our experts at UrbanClap provide you with reliable and satisfactory services to ensure that you repair your Hisense TV issues without any hassle. Do not think twice while dialing our helpline number045864033 and avail incredible Hisense TV repair services from our end. Our professionals not only follow the diagnostics procedure to rectify the problems but also provide appropriate solutions in no time. We follow an approach of evaluation before suggesting any solution.

In case you are too busy to talk, connect with us via email or chat. Our online support is helping people with adequate Hisense TV repair in Dubai. We don’t overcharge our customers in exchange for our services. We also provide Panasonic TV repair service in Dubai.


FAQs of Hisense TV Repair Services

We provide repair services for all Hisense TV models, including LED, Smart TVs, and more.
We extend our Hisense TV repair services to various locations; please contact us for availability in your area.
We can fix issues like screen problems, sound issues, connectivity problems, and more.
We can repair TVs under warranty if the issue is not covered by the manufacturer.
We can replace cracked screens, but it's often an expensive repair; we can provide a quote upon inspection.
To fix your Hisense TV without a signal, try these steps: Check your cable or antenna connections. Ensure the correct input source is selected. Reboot your TV and external devices. Perform a channel scan. Contact us for further assistance if the issue persists.
It can vary widely depending on the specific issue and model, but it generally ranges from 200 AED to 800 AED or more.
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