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Lenovo Support Center London

At urbanclap.ae our engineers offer a wide variety of services to support your home technology and business needs. Whether it is setting up a new Lenovo laptop computer, a wireless network, or protecting your Lenovo computer from dangerous spyware, virus   Lenovo PC Health Checks, Tunes-ups and Preventative Maintenance – we are here for you.

What we do Sales and Repair of:

  • Lenovo Laptop AC Jack and Adapters
  • Lenovo Laptop Batteries and Connection
  • Lenovo Laptop Battery Backup
  • Lenovo Laptop DC Power Adapters
  • Lenovo Laptop Drives CD, DVD and RW
  • Lenovo Laptop External Drives CD and DVD
  • Lenovo Laptop Fans
  • Lenovo Laptop Fire wire and USB Cards
  • Lenovo Laptop Floppy Drives
  • Lenovo Laptop Hard drives internal and external
  • Lenovo Laptop Inverters
  • Lenovo Laptop Keyboards
  • Lenovo Laptop LCD Screens
  • Lenovo Laptop Memory
  • Lenovo Laptop Motherboards
  • Lenovo Laptop Network Interface (NIC)
  • Lenovo Laptop Power Cords
  • Lenovo Laptop Processors (CPUs)

Lenovo Hardware Support:

We troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all Lenovo laptop computer. We service and replace Lenovo laptop software. All services are done with genuine Lenovo experts. We also provide Sony Vaio laptop repair services in Dubai.


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