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We cannot imagine a life without the MS Surface suite. Each time we switch on our PC for office or home use, the very first thing we do is to search for the MS Surface applications on our PC. Urban Clap is the top leading and famous Repair Services service providers for MS Surface, and we have a team of well-qualified and certified technicians, who can resolve all types of MS Surface related issues with the finest solutions. We offer exquisite and finest distinct services to your MS Surface, problems, so you can use the services efficiently for smooth performance.

MS Surface Services We Offering By The Experts?

    • Microsoft Office Applications
    • Support for Microsoft’s Surface PC
    • Support for Surface Pro, Book, Studio
    • Software and Hardware Support
    • We Offer the Following Services For MS Surface:
    • Help for Software and Hardware Issues
    • Fix Processor Errors
    • Help for Internal Storage Capacities
    • External Ports Problems
    • Microsoft’s Surface Laptop
    • Surface Pen Problems
    • Support for Microsoft’s Surface Tablet
    • Keyboard covers Problems and so on

What are the Microsoft Surface Repair Services We Offer?

At Urban Clap, we offer many MS Surface repair services across Dubai. Being the best Microsoft Surface service center, we strive for excellence. Our professionals ensure our clients get on-time support for Surface repair. 

Looking for Microsoft Surface repair near me? and reach us. We will connect you with the professionals who can repair the Windows laptop. 

Here are a few MS Surface repair services you can trust us with:

Microsoft Office Application Issues

Failed to download the Microsoft Office program on the Surface laptop? Book an appointment with our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai experts. We will diagnose the cause of the problem and fix it without downtime. Our MS Surface repair experts can resolve the critical Office app issues.

Sometimes, this Microsoft app won’t work on a Windows laptop. Usually, it occurs due to software issues. Thus, our prime responsibility is to check the device’s OS. We will update the Windows software and the Office app if required. 

Can’t open the Microsoft Office app after installing the latest update? Repair the app by hiring our reliable Microsoft surface repair techniques. 

Support for Microsoft Surface PCs

Urban Clap can mitigate all your Microsoft Surface PC-related needs. If you need to replace the screen or the hinge, contact us. We will arrive at your location with the required laptop repair tools. Moreover, our MS Surface repair experts can fix the Surface laptop issues in minutes. So, book our exclusive services now and get the ultimate support. 

Support for Surface Pro, Book and Studio

Urban Clap offers a one-stop solution for every Surface Pro laptop issue. Is the Microsoft Surface Pro laptop not working or
Microsoft Surface Pro not Turning On?  Are you getting BSOD issues on Surface Book or Studio? Hire our skilled Microsoft Surface repair Dubai experts. We will opt for a preliminary analysis and resolve the issue immediately. All your Surface laptop-related requirements get our top priority.

Software and Hardware Support

Hardware issues can develop on the Surface laptop over time. And, resolving these problems might be challenging without our help. Connect with Urban Clap to fix the hardware errors from top-ranked technicians. Moreover, our MS Surface repair experts have been dealing with hardware issues for years. Thus, you can rely on them anytime to eliminate critical issues.

Moreover, our Microsoft Surface service centre experts can solve software glitches. Can’t update the Surface laptop’s software? Facing issues accessing the media files? There is nothing to fret over when Urban Clap is there to assist. We ensure the laptop is running without software issues. Book us to get the best software or hardware support. 

Fix Processor Errors

Certain signs indicate the Surface laptop has a faulty processor. Is the Microsoft Surface Pro running slow? Is it taking time to reboot? Then, it calls for an immediate intervention of our MS Surface repair experts. If you don’t fix these issues on time, it can damage the internal units. Hire our MS Surface repair experts without further delay.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to detect the laptop’s processor issues. This is where Urban Clap comes into the work. Our professionals can identify the processor failure signs. Moreover, we will replace this Microsoft Surface laptop unit if required. Mention the Microsoft Surface laptop model and get the compatible CPU from us. 

Help for Internal Storage Capacities

Are you receiving a low storage warning message on the laptop? Book our top-notch Microsoft Surface repair Dubai services. We will upgrade the RAM to expand the storage capacity. Moreover, our experts have the calibre to install different hard drives. Whether you need an HDD or SSD, we will help you to install that.

However, we will first check the Surface laptop’s storage capacity. Based on that, we will install RAM, which goes with the Windows device. Besides, our professionals will remove the unwanted program to free up space. So, schedule an appointment with us and resolve the low disk space issues.

External Port Problems

Sometimes, you might fail to connect the external peripherals to the Surface laptop. Usually, it occurs due to damaged external ports. You can’t repair the faulty ports without technical support. Thus, contact our Microsoft Surface repair experts for an instant fix. Starting from LAN to USB to Thunderbolt issues, we can handle everything. Search “Microsoft Surface repair Dubai near me” and fix the external port problems.

Support for Microsoft’s Surface Laptop

At Urban Clap, we provide instant support for Microsoft Surface laptop glitches. Is the Windows laptop overheating? Has the touchpad stopped responding? Hire our Microsoft Surface service center experts to resolve these issues. 

Moreover, our professionals are acquainted with all the critical MS surface repair works. So, spend a few AEDs and replace the damaged Surface laptop parts with our certified experts. 

Surface Pen Problems

Is Surface Pen 2 not working? Fail to connect the digital pen to the Surface laptop? Don’t worry! Urban Clap got your back. Our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai experts can fix the pen issues easily. Sometimes, the Surface pen might connect but still won’t write anything. Usually, it occurs due to certain Bluetooth glitches. 

We will determine the source of the issue and can solve it within a stipulated time. Do you need to replace the existing Surface pen? Connect with our MS Surface repair technicians. Mention the model of the Microsoft Surface laptop. We will help you get the compatible Surface Pen for the Windows laptop. 

Support for Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Did you accidentally break the Surface tablet’s screen? Then, call our MS Surface repair technician immediately. We will replace the existing screen with a new one. Moreover, the Microsoft Surface 8 Pro can sometimes cause audio issues. Book our premium quality Microsoft Surface repair Dubai services. We will fix it within a quick turnaround time. Furthermore, we can solve connectivity, battery and other software issues from Surface tablets. 

Keyboard Cover Problems

A Microsoft Surface keyboard cover can protect the keyboard from debris. It can prevent the Windows laptop keyboard from getting damaged. However, it can generate overheating issues on the Surface Pro and Studio laptops. Besides, you can face problems typing on the Surface’s Magic keyboard. 

Are you getting screen issues after installing the keyboard cover? Then, get in touch with our Microsoft Surface service center technicians. We will thoroughly check the Surface’s keyboard cover. Our professionals will replace or remove this keyboard unit if required. In most cases, keyboard cover issues occur due to dust buildup. Thus, we will clean it with advanced tools to fix the complicated errors.

Genuine Microsoft Surface Repair Services We Provide

We repair every model of Microsoft Surface products and in every region of Dubai. Be it a Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface laptop, our professionals make sure every problem is solved with high professionalism and adequate care. 

Starting from screen replacement to providing tech support, our qualified team are on high demand to serve every requirement associated with MS Surface repair Dubai. 

We deal with a wide range of Surface laptop, tablet and desktop problems. Improve the Windows device’s functionality with our assistance. Urban Clap became a reputable Microsoft Surface service center by solving these issues:

No Sound

If you get no sound from the Surface laptop, call us. Our Microsoft Surface repair experts will fix it immediately. We will check the speakers of this Windows device first. If we find any sign of damage, we will repair the audio units. Besides, our professionals will ensure the audio settings are configured properly. 

Wi-Fi Issues

Can’t connect the Surface Pro or Surface Studio to the internet? Turn off the device and reconnect it to a stable Wi-Fi connection. If that doesn’t work, hire our competent Microsoft Surface service center technicians. 

We will check the laptop’s network settings and modify them if required. Sometimes, a damaged ethernet cable can cause this problem. So, our experts can replace this network cable as well. 

Overheating Issues

The Surface laptop might generate excess heat when playing games. However, if it is causing the problem when using software, let us know. We will diagnose the overheating problem and resolve it promptly. 

Usually, this laptop error is caused by a damaged cooling fan. A blocked vent can also prevent the device from reducing the internal temperature. So, we will repair the fan and clean the vent to fix the issue. 

Shut down problems

Contact our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai experts in circumstances where the laptop fails to boot even after pressing the power button. We know the possible causes behind unexpected laptop shutdowns. Besides, our experts can solve this problem without any downtime.

Slow Response? 

One of the most common issues that can be triggered in the Microsoft Surface products is a comparatively slow system response. Thus, get in touch with us and get an immediate improvement in MS Surface Pro repair. 

Dysfunctional Touch Screen?

For any kind of touchscreen related issues in the Microsoft Surface products, get associated with our Microsoft surface repair Dubai center. Moreover, you are getting the privilege to get such critical issues fixed from top-rated professionals in Dubai. 

Faulty Cover Keyboard? 

Is the type cover keypad of the Microsoft Surface taking a while to respond properly? Then, it’s high time you book our Microsoft Surface repair service to get instant and suitable solutions. 

Windows Hello Issues?

With the help of such an amazing feature, users can log in to their phone account using the facial recognition option. But, if somehow, Windows Hello is unable to recognize your face, you won’t be able to unlock your phone. However, these issues can be solved with our professionals’ guidance. 

Microsoft Surface Models We Repair:

  • Surface Book 3
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2
  • Surface Go
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X
  • Surface Pro 6
  • And, Surface Pro and other renowned models

Along with all these, we also help to solve a variety of problems associated with the device.

How do we Assist in the Microsoft Repair Services?

We can repair and replace every component of Microsoft Surface products. Avail prompt battery and keyboard replacement, RAM and hard drive upgrade and resolve every software problem. 

  • We provide guaranteed and genuine parts of the MS Surface products.
  • Consider us as a one-stop solution for repairing laptops, computers and even tablets.
  • Our professionals use advanced tools and technology and have immense technical knowledge.

Contact On MS Surface Repair Services Phone Number to Receive Instant Online Help:-

You can contact at MS Surface Repair Services Phone Number that is working 24×7 based at your convenience. The proficient technicians will give you excellent and reliable support for your MS Surface issues. We provide support through Online Live Chat, Email, Phone support, and remote support.

Hence, contact us now to gain urgent assistance & guidance to solve your MS Surface queries. Or You can also drop an email to us on [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Microsoft Surface be repaired?

Every Microsoft Surface product can be repaired. And, it is always a wise decision to opt for our Microsoft Surface repair service center to fix the broken parts rather than buying a new one. 

Can a Surface Pro screen be replaced?

Microsoft Surface components like battery or screen can not be repaired or fixed. But, they can be replaced. Thus, if the screen of the Microsoft Surface has broken, get on-time assistance from our Microsoft Surface Repair professionals. 

How do I send my surface for repair?

There is no need to send your surface products at our repair service centers. Once, you accomplish the booking procedure, we will arrive at your mentioned place to fix the Microsoft Surface Pro issues. In case of critical problems, we carry it to our Microsoft surface repair Dubai center and later deliver it right at your doorstep.

How long is the warranty on a Surface Pro?

The Surface Pro products usually come with a year of warranty. And, you can replace the components or broken parts within that limited time. Get technical support for MS Surface Pro repair from us and avoid major breakdown issues. 

Can you replace the battery in a Microsoft Surface?

Most of the Microsoft Surface products consist of built-in-battery. And, the users can not replace these batteries on their own. So, we are here to assist them with a cost-effective battery replacement service. Expand the battery life with our prompt guidance.

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