Plan Your Aesthetic Christmas Decoration Dubai with Urban Clap

Organising a Christmas party along with cheerful decorations can be hectic. Are you looking for gorgeous and unique Christmas decoration Dubai services to celebrate the holiday with flair? Look no further since Urban Clap specialises in planning special events, including Christmas, for residences and businesses.

From scratch to the very end, our experienced and skilled event planners will take care of everything. Fortunately, our Christmas decoration in Dubai services can help you envision how your event should look like. On the other hand, you can specify your requirements and our Christmas-specialised decorators will achieve the same look.

Apart from home decoration in Dubai, our professionals can keep up with your corporate decoration services too. So, Urban Clap is your full-service Christmas event production with every resource required to make your planning special. 

Now, you can provide your guests with unforgettable entertainment without sweating a lot. Just request a home decoration on Christmas from Urban Clap and find the right solution to celebrate Christmas in style. You can call us to get in touch with our event planners and grab exquisite decorations with easy-on-budget services.

Stunning Christmas Decoration Dubai Services We Offer

Are you planning a Christmas party or decoration on your own this year? It’s kind of challenging to prep up your home, buy a Christmas tree along with everyone’s presents, pack them, and much more alone. Instead, you can keep the whole Christmas decoration Dubai thing efficient and under control with our outstanding party planner services.

We are your go-to Christmas event partner with creative and quick party decorations, designs, and much more. In fact, we at Urban Clap offer customised and unique Christmas decorations UAE outputs every time. Our party planners will listen to your vision of how you want the decorations to come out. Only then, they will start planning and designing the Christmas event to match your taste.

In addition, the after-party cleanup can be exhausting. We can help you with that too. From the very beginning to the end, Urban Clap assists you in managing and monitoring everything for your Christmas celebration. So, secure your ideal home decoration on Christmas only from us.

Here are some services offered by our talented and intuitive Christmas party planners in Dubai:

Tree Decoration

Without a dangling Christmas tree, your celebration will remain incomplete. However, decorating a Christmas tree with so many baubles, lights, etc. can consume your time and effort leaving you exhausted for other work.

That’s why we have included Christmas tree decorations. Be it a real or artificial tree, our decorators can ornament in a classy and signature style, just like you desire. On the other hand, we can help you with the following decorations if you resource them:

  • Garland
  • Wreath
  • Nativity sets and more

So, what are you waiting for? You can call us and book a Christmas decoration in Dubai for your home with the best deals only from Urban Clap.


Ace your Christmas decorations this year with impressive lights and decorations with our Christmas decoration Dubai services for your home and business. Create a perfect subtle look on Christmas with our beautiful light fittings at your bars, dance floors, mantles, and more places.

Apart from installing light fittings and establishing the required connection, our party planners can set up candles, lanterns, and more. Therefore, hire our professional Christmas decorations UAE experts and make your home welcoming for your guests with all the lights of your choice.


Simple wooden tables might not make the mood for the Christmas celebration. Don’t take any chance with the aesthetics of your furniture, especially on Christmas Eve. Are you running out of time and can’t decorate the table accordingly? Don’t worry because Urban Clap got your back with premium home decoration on Christmas, including tables.

Let our event planners accessorise your dining table with spreads and fine-grade cutlery to make your family and guests feel special. Additionally, our decorators can organise gifts and tinsel ornaments on tables to cope with the vibe. So, enjoy a full-package Christmas decoration Dubai from Urban Clap at reasonable prices.

Gift Wrapping

Do you need a helping hand to pack all your gifts? We at Urban Clap provide gift wrapping to make your Christmas hassle-free. Just buy all your gifts and our planners will pack all those gifts accordingly.

Besides packing gifs for your house party, our professionals can handle gift bag assembly for corporate parties too. Just hand over the guest list to our management team and they will take care of everything. Make your vision come true with everyone’s wish come true this Christmas with our stellar event planning and decoration services.

Corporate Christmas Party Management

Urban Clap is the ultimate destination for home decoration on Christmas. However, we are similarly efficient in planning a big Christmas event at your business or office premises. Be it a restaurant, office, mall, or any other venue, avail of the following impressive services by hiring Urban Clap professionals:

  • Invitation printing
  • Mailing invitations
  • Managing guest lists
  • Dance floor decoration
  • Handling light installation
  • Tree decoration
  • Ice sculpture installation and much more

Whatever your decoration demands are, we are ready to fulfil them with our eminent event planners. So, connect to our Christmas decoration Dubai specialists and arrange theme parties at your business premises without hustle and bustle.

Miscellaneous Decorations

Are you searching for a full-fledged home decoration for Christmas? Urban Clap can help your home look the best on Christmas with comprehensive cleaning and decorations. Our professionals will clean your premises before they move on to the overall Christmas decorations UAE.

Additionally, they can hang your stockings over the fireplace, arrange gifts near your Christmas tree, decorate your residence, illuminate your building, and much more. Unleash your imagination with our superior and quick Christmas decoration in Dubai.

Do you wish to add a Christmas-themed prop to your lawn? Our professionals can set up snowman figurines, ice sculptures, and so on at your property if you want. In short, we pay full attention to your exterior and interior decoration for any holiday or celebration, including Christmas.

Benefits of Availing of Our Christmas Decoration Dubai for Your Home and Business

A professional Christmas decoration can save you extra time and endeavour. So, you can stay stress-free and shop for your family and guests accordingly. Hand over all the responsibility of your home decoration on Christmas to our event planners. Urban Clap provides you with the following perks when it comes to holiday planning and event management:

Enhancing the Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, an experienced and dedicated event planner can reap better results while designing and decorating your home for Christmas. Our event planners can take the overall decoration and setup to a whole new level by deploying a cohesive design and matching it with proper accessories.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

The best thing about booking a Christmas decoration in Dubai from us is that you can concentrate on your responsibilities. For example, you don’t have to run on an errand whenever you forget a particular decoration. Our decorators will keep those commitments and extra pressure off your shoulders by taking care of everything on their own.

Attention to Detail

With our professional holiday celebration planning and event management, you will never go out of your budget. Our event planners and decorators will work hard to pay attention to very small details. Additionally, they won’t let the budget exceed your expectations. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the envisioned outcome. Our team will always find a way to keep your celebration intuitive even with limited resources.

Compelling Prices

Get the best prices for home decoration on Christmas only from Urban Clap. In fact, we keep our pricing policy transparent. Thus, you can avoid surcharging or hidden fees with our leniently-priced Christmas decoration Dubai services.

How to Book a Christmas Decoration in Dubai from Urban Clap?

Urban Clap has been serving people with a variety of handy technical services. Now, we can help you decorate your home for the upcoming Christmas and other celebrations. Since you are juggling your personal and professional duties, we are happy to be a part of your Christmas decoration Dubai plan.

However, our extensive range of home decoration on Christmas specialities makes us the one-stop solution for all your celebration requirements. We also ensure that our customers can easily reach out to our event planners and party decorators. Go through the 3-step process to book Christmas decorations UAE from us:

Call Urban Clap

Have you planned a Christmas celebration in your head? Now, all you want is a reliable Christmas decoration in Dubai to carry out your planning. Simply, call us and tell us what you need. Specify what you are looking for and our professionals will help you land on the best Christmas you would have ever organised.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Planners

An exclusive Christmas party doesn’t arrive in a fit-for-all size. As a matter of fact, Urban Clap stands out among all other service providers for specialising in crafting unique designs and jaw-dropping decorations. Our experts will assess your premises and devise the best decorations and management for your home. So, save a schedule with our professionals for a consultation before Christmas.

Enjoy Your Home Decoration on Christmas

Are you running late for the Christmas celebration? Don’t worry as Urban Clap can save your plans even at the last minute. Our decorators will reach you at the right time with everything required to decorate your home and business. In addition, you can pick from our exclusive and endless Christmas decoration styles if you are out of ideas. Sit back and relax while our party planners furnish your home with eye-catching designs.

Why Choose Urban Clap for Christmas Decoration Dubai Services?

Urban Clap has earned a solid reputation for delivering outstanding technical assistance and repair so far. Now, we also offer holiday decorations and festive planning to deliver your building the best outlook. Get your hands on our premium and exclusive Christmas decorations and achieve a flawless appearance for your property.

Here’s why you must opt for our Christmas decorations UAE:

Certified Party Planners and Decorators

Installing lights and other electrical components requires skilled and efficient electricians. On the other hand, professional party planners can organise your special event like no other. Urban Clap can provide certified electricians and creative planners to help you with ornamenting trees, hanging garlands, packing gifts, arranging tables, and more. So, keep your safety prioritised and exceed your satisfaction with our dedicated services for home decoration on Christmas.

Quick Decoration Services

Christmas is among our favourite holidays and we are pretty sure that you love Christmas too. If you are still behind in your Christmas planning, connect to our decoration and planning services. We promise you a timely delivery of all your Christmas decorations UAE and double-check everything before your guests arrive.

Easy on Your Budget

Hiring a professional party planner costs you more – we have proven this a myth. Now, you can save your time and extra expenses just by availing of our Christmas decoration in Dubai. Certified professionals mean that there’s no failed attempt. Additionally, we charge a very nominal price depending on your requested decoration types, styles, and more.


Christmas decoration Dubai services from Urban Clap set you free to decide on menus, gifts, and others. On the other hand, you can pamper yourself to look fabulous at the celebration. So, log your service request today and let our experts transform your property for the holiday decoration.

Book a Christmas Decoration in Dubai Right Away!

Christmas is around the corner and throwing a party has never been easier before. Now, you can call us to hire our outstanding party planner, electricians, and decorators to add aesthetics to your home and office. Get in touch with us this holiday season and witness the change for yourself.

For further information and assistance, contact our customer support team.

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