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Electrical defects can prove to be dangerous and can’t be handled without an expert’s intervention. If you try to repair an appliance without prior knowledge, it can lead to fire outbreaks on your property. Thus, connect with Urban Clap to minimise electrical hazards. We are a reputed electrical service provider in Dubai who strive for excellence. Our professional electricians have extensive knowledge in this domain. From repairing home appliances to replacing fuse boxes, we can handle everything. Do you need to replace the existing circuit breaker with a new one? Hire our experts for Electrician Near me. 

If you want to upgrade the lighting systems, we can be your safe bet. Moreover, our electrician technician can install new switches for the fans. Our experts can also detect electrical faults and fix them beforehand. We intend to assist you with a team of technicians who are certified and reliable.  

Look for electrical near me and book our premium quality services. We assist in installing water pumps, motors and even air conditioners. Our professionals also provide effective maintenance tips for electrical fittings.   

So, join us and install/repair electrical devices from the best electrician in Dubai 

Exclusive Electrician Dubai Services, We Offer

Faulty electrical wires and cables that can increase your monthly utility bill. If you want to prevent unnecessary electricity consumption, hire our electricians. Our professionals will inspect the connected wires of the electrical system. We will repair or install new wiring for the device if the old one has any sign of damage.  

Moreover, we house a team of skilled experts to ensure perfection in electrical work. Our electrician Dubai has years of experience in this domain. When you hire our professionals, you can relax knowing the services are in the safest hands.  

We provide on-time electrical services in residential and commercial sectors. Whenever you get a burning smell from the appliance, contact us. We will assign the electric repair work to an experienced electrician. Our professionals take the necessary safety precautions before initiating the repair work. 

Here is the list of services our electrician technicians offer: 

Air Conditioner Install and Repair Services

To beat the unbearable summer heat, you will need an air conditioner system. However, installing this electrical device is not a D-I-Y project. You will need our professional electricians’ help to install new ACs in your home and office.  

Look for an electrician near me to find the air conditioner that suits your needs. Our experts ensure you get an AC that offers the best cooling functions. We will install this electrical device in the correct location for proper cooling. 

Besides, our professionals will install a dedicated circuit for the AC. It will help you to avoid unwanted tripping in the electric supply. Our electrician shop near me experts have the skill to install and fix the C-wires of an AC.  

Book our services to repair the following AC units from our electrician in Dubai: 

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator coil
  • Expansion valve
  • Fan motor 
  • Circuit breaker
  • Power switches

Common Air Conditioner Problems, We Deal with:

Urban Clap is best known for resolving complicated air conditioner problems. Our electrician technician offers a one-stop solution to electrical problems. If the air conditioner is not turning on, hire our experts in electrician near me. We will evaluate the root cause of the AC’s electrical failure and fix it within minutes. 

Seek our immediate assistance to resolve these AC electrical problems: 

  • The circuit breaker is tripping
  • Damaged air conditioner wiring
  • Faulty AC capacitor 
  • AC voltage-related problems
  • The thermostat is not working
  • AC circuit board failure
  • Unexpected AC shutdowns

Types of Air Conditioners, Our Electricians Install & Repair:

We, at Urban Clap, install and repair every air conditioner, regardless of its type. Whether you need a central AC or ductless mini-split AC, contact us.  

Mention the air conditioner brand and your address while booking the service. Based on that, we will help you to join the best electrician in Dubai. 

Our electrician technicians specialise in installing and fixing these types of ACs: 

  • Window air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Floor-mounted air conditioners
  • Hybrid air conditioners
  • Smart air conditioners

Electrical Panel Updates

Are you planning to add new electrical appliances? It is essential to update the electrical panel of your entire house. Don’t try to do the electrical work without our professionals’ help. Instead, look for an electrician near me to schedule an appointment with our licensed experts. 

electrician in dubai

Replacing an electrical panel ensures you have an adequate electricity supply whenever you need it. Besides, it will help protect your devices from damage and eliminate fire hazards. So, take immediate action by hiring our electricians to avoid voltage fluctuations.  

When Should You Hire our Electrician Technician for the Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Electrical panels can last up to 25-30 years if maintained properly. However, they can begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. If the lights are flickering, it’s a warning sign that the electrical panel is damaged. Consider hiring our electrician near me team to upgrade this electrical system. 

Book our emergency electrician services if you detect these electrical panel failure signs: 

  • Small sparks when plugging something into the outlet
  • Lights dim when turning on an appliance
  • The electrical panel is overheating
  • Rusted or broken electrical panel
  • Short circuit problems

Outdoor and Indoor Light Installation & Repair 

Linear LEDs are trending for the beautification of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you wish to decorate your apartment’s interior or exterior places, we are your best bet. Additionally, our electrician near me has expertise in installing LED lights. 

Light-emitting diode bulbs help conserve excess energy consumption. This is why we recommend installing these lighting fixtures in your home. Moreover, we have the skill to install and repair different kinds of LED lights. 

Here is the list of LED lighting systems our electrician Dubai can install/repair: 

  • Standard LED lights
  • Can LED lights
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Smart LED lights
  • Tube LED lights
  • Full-spectrum LED lights

When Should You Hire Our Electrician Near Me to Repair the LED lights?

If the LED lights have stopped working, there could be multiple reasons behind that. Defective circuits can prevent these lighting fixtures from turning on. An unwanted electrical surge can also be the reason behind such an occurrence. 

Improper wiring or LED light installation generates this problem. Besides, a damaged power switch can cause a malfunction in these lights. Whatever the reason is, our electrical shop near me can identify it easily.  

Our professionals will repair the LED light’s circuits or strips to resolve the problem. Moreover, our experts will check the power switch and replace it if it has any sign of damage. We might opt for rewiring these lighting fixtures if required.  

Our electricians in Dubai have the sheer knowledge to install these lighting systems: 

  • Recessed lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Wall sconces
  • Ceiling lights
  • Outdoor Lighting

Fuse Box Installation and Replacement

Fuse boxes provide protection against system temperature increases and excess current flows. When a fuse blows, all lights, outlets and appliances powered by the circuit will turn off. Without repairing the fuse box, you can’t solve these electrical problems. 

So, hire our electrician technician to fix the home’s faulty fuse box. We will check the existing fuse box’s condition and replace it if required. Moreover, our professionals can eliminate all the fuse box-associated problems.  

Look for an electrician shop near me to fix the following fuse box issues: 

  • Fuses trip repeatedly for no apparent reason
  • Loose fuses
  • Melted fuses and burnt terminals
  • A strange burning smell coming from the fuse box

Our electrical service experts can install or repair different types of fuses. Thus, if you need assistance with fuse box replacement, we are there to assist. Our professionals assure you of the guaranteed fuse upgrade service. We are available round the clock to serve you the best. 

Here are the types of fuses our electricians can install, repair or replace: 

  • DC fuses
  • AC fuses
  • Cartridge fuses
  • High voltage fuses
  • HRC fuses
  • D-Type cartridge fuses
  • SMD fuses
  • Bolted, Automotive & Blade type fuses

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring

House wirings handle the distribution of power to all circuits present in the house. If the wires of your house are not installed properly, it can lead to shock hazards. This is where Urban Clap comes to your rescue.  

Our electrician in Dubai can handle the complicated wiring process easily. Moreover, it is important to have an understanding of the load for wire installation. That’s why you should opt for experts like us. 

Did the old wires of your house wear out? Hire our electrician technician for the rewiring project and improve home safety. Wires that are not insulated can create and fire because of fluctuations. 

Besides, bad wiring can render your appliances unsafe to operate. Thus, book our premium quality electrician near me for hassle-free rewiring. 

Home Appliance Repair 

Never consider repairing appliances like water heaters and dishwashers by yourself without precautions. Instead, hire our electrician near me to fix the worn-out appliance parts. From dryers and washers, we can solve every electrical issue with your appliances. 

If you want to save your appliances from any future repairs, consider us to assist you. Moreover, we provide routine maintenance to protect electrical appliances from further damage. Our electrician in Dubai can address the potential wiring problems of these devices. 

We deal with a wide range of electrical appliances in our service centre. Whether the Smart TV or microwave is not working properly, reach out to us. Our electricians will opt for a preliminary analysis of the device to find the faulty part. Afterwards, we will repair or replace the problematic appliance unit immediately. 

Electrical Systems Testing and Inspection

Want to keep your business and house safe from unwanted power surges? Then, you must hire our electrician service near me for testing and inspection. Our experts will inspect if there is any fault in the entire wiring of your house or commercial building.  

It is a prime responsibility to keep everyone safe from short circuits. Our experts will check the CCTVs, and fire alarms during the inspection. We ensure the wires and cables are installed properly in these security devices. Our electrician in Dubai will repair the electrical devices if there are signs of damage. 

How Do Our Electrician Services in Dubai Work?

We are dedicated to making our booking procedure easy to navigate for our customers. All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps to book our top-notch electrician services. 

Share What You need

We have included a broad spectrum of electrical services to fulfil your requirements. Choose the right one from the list by accessing our website. Based on that, we will connect you with a reliable technician for the electrical work. 

Schedule an Appointment with Us

To know the cost of appliance repair or wiring works, book an appointment with us. We house a team of vetted, highly-trained and qualified technicians. They will help you to eliminate all the major-minor electrical problems within minutes.

Get What You Have Asked For

Our professionals opt for an in-depth inspection before repairing the electrical fixtures. Besides, we test the electrical devices after the installation and repair. Get guaranteed electrical service by booking with our experts. 

Why Should You Rely On Our Professional Electrician near me ?

Urban Clap is a leading electrical service provider in Dubai. We are committed to offering you immediate assistance to resolve electrical problems. 

With us, you can avail the following benefits: 

  • We don’t compromise on professionalism, on-site repair and quality of services.
  • Our technicians ensure to restore the power in your electrical units with the use of certified tools.
  •  We offer 100% genuine spare parts for unresponsive electric-driven appliances.
  • Our electricians provide quick and efficient services at a reasonable price.

The Best Electricians in Dubai is a Call Away!

Do not risk your life with an electrical mishap. Look for an electrician shop near me and book our best-in-class services immediately. If you have any doubt regarding our services, feel free to contact our customer service executives. So, don’t wait! Request a service quote and hire our professional technicians without any delay.

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