How To Easily Recover Deleted Or Lost Data through urbanclap solution

The steps to follow to install and use software capable of restoring any type of file or document disappeared from the PC or a camera.

You wake up one morning in splendid shape, determined to conclude a series of works that you have left hanging and that can no longer wait. Turn on the PC and you get an accident: the data you saved is gone. You wonder why: you are sure you saved them and, until the other day, you had seen the material you had collected, ready to finish what you had done with difficulty.

You say you deleted them by mistake? Could it be the fault of a malware that entered your computer and burned your work? Did the operating system crash and everything disappear? Anyone would cry, just to think they have to start all over again. There is a solution, however, to shed only tears of joy. Just know how to recover deleted or lost data easily thanks to a software that can get you back the Word file you were working on, the video or the images you had to attach to a presentation and that are no longer there or any other type of document.

Magic? Call it that if you want. There are several products on the market to repair the damage. Among these, the most popular is EaseUS  Data Recovery Wizard. A software in three different versions that offers just as much performance but which, in any case, allows you to easily recover data deleted or lost due to incorrect formatting, loss of partitions, crashes or more. Let’s see how it works.

What is EaseUS

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a solution to recover deleted or lost data from your computer, laptop, hard disk, SSD, USB memory, camera, etc. It is available for both Windows and MacOs.

It comes in three different versions: Free, Pro and Pro + WinPE, each with different performances. The first is free and allows you to recover up to 500 Mb of files of any type or up to 2 Gb if you share the software online. The other two are paid and allow you to recover an unlimited amount of data and have free technical assistance and updates forever.

How EsaseUs software for data recovery works

Before you start crying because you have lost data from your device, connect to the EaseUs website to download the free software, then install the file you downloaded. Once this is done, click on “Start now” to open the main page of the program.

You will see that there are the names of the different drives of your device, internal or external (for example, the hard disk C: or the name of the camera connected to the computer, etc.). You will have to select the drive from which you want to recover lost  data and click on ” Scan “.

Fake the scan step, with the navigation sidebar you can scroll through the paths analyzed by the software and the files that have been found. You can tick each of the documents you need to restore and then click on “Recover” to save them in the folder where you have decided to transfer them.


EaseUs also gives you the possibility to preview each of the recovered files in order to be sure to restore only what you need. And, for greater convenience and speed, you can also filter the results based on the type of document you are looking for: by clicking on « Filter », you can only see e-mails rather than just graphics, only Word documents, only videos, etc.

What lost files can be recovered?

As mentioned, the reasons why a file is lost or deleted can be different. The EaseUS software , even in the Free version , can recover documents that are no longer there because they have been deleted:

  • Accidentally: You Thought You Were Saving Them And, Instead, They Were Deleted;
  • Due To A Damaged Hard Drive ;
  • For Formatting The Disk;
  • For A Malware Attack ;
  • Because They Ended Up In The Trash That Was Emptied;
  • Why The Operating System Crashed ;
  • For Deleted Partitions ;
  • For Partitions That Suddenly Became Raw.
  • As For The Type Of Files , It Is Possible To Recover:
  • Documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, Html, Etc.);
  • Video (Any Format);
  • Audio (Any Format);
  • E-Mail;
  • Images (Any Format);
  • Compressed Archives (Zip, Rar, Etc.).
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