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Problems with electronic devices require optimal solutions that last long. Especially so in the case of essential gadgets like laptops. After all, you probably won’t find it convenient if you need to take them for repairs frequently. Now, you may face various types of malfunctions while using them. In such cases, you would want a reliable and efficient repair. 

We at Urbanclap provide a range of solutions for laptop issues all across Dubai. We can provide you with a competent service without any unnecessary delays. Try out our laptop repair Dubai Marina services. 

Problems that we repair

There can be a wide range of issues you may come across on your laptop. But with us at your side, you need not worry at all. Our technicians can deal expertly with all the common problems that laptop users report on their devices. 

  • Overheating

If your device overheats frequently, it might indicate a clogged or faulty cooling fan. In such a situation, we can provide you with an additional or replacement fan. If the problem is due to the accumulation of dirt, we’ll provide optimal maintenance for that. 

  • Missing or faulty keys

If any keys are broken or stopped functioning, we can provide a quality replacement for them. We always have a quick response to such issues. 

  • Shortened battery life 

With time, you may find your device draining the battery quicker than ever. You can’t put up with that issue beyond a limit. So you must contact us to get an original or equivalent-quality replacement battery. 

  • Frequent crashing and freezing

Users report this annoying issue quite frequently on their devices. You may face it at some point as well. We can provide an on-site diagnosis and solution for such issues. 

  • Stuck pixels

If you find only a few pixels stuck, you can fix the issue by yourself. But if there are too many of them, you must contact us to get an optimal screen replacement. 

  • Screen light failure

Do you observe a low screen light on your ageing laptop? We can provide you with a replacement backlight lamp or screen inverter. That will provide a lasting solution to this problem for sure. 

You can also contact us for any issue apart from these. Our experts will look into it and surely find an appropriate solution. 

Brands that we work on

Laptops from different brands may have different designs and technical aspects. But that’s no issue for our technicians. They can handle all models made by all common laptop brands in Dubai, which includes Apple, Toshiba, Sony, Razer, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Asus, MSI, Alienware, Acer, Fujitsu, Samsung and IBM among many others.  

How we provide laptop repair Dubai: Marina

We keep our services simple for your convenience. You can easily reach out to us with your laptop issues and hire us for a repair. 

  • Book our services

To get started, you only need to make a phone call and let us know your problems. After a short booking process, we’ll dispatch our expert to your doorstep at your preferred time. So you need not come to us. 


  • We diagnose the problem 

Our expert will inspect your laptop thoroughly and find out every little problem with it. Based on that, our technicians will proceed with applying the best solution for it. 


  • We fix the issue

We can often provide an on-site repair for your convenience. For some issues, we may have to carry it to our technical lab. Regardless, we don’t cause any unnecessary delay in the repair. You can test your laptop after we fix it and have a chance to voice any dissatisfaction. Then we’ll proceed to the next step accordingly. 

  • Payment

At the end of our service, you can pay us using any method you’d prefer. We have multiple payment options open for you. 

Why you must rely on us with your laptop issues

You would look for a lot of things while choosing a laptop repair service. With our service, you get all those features that assure you a convenient and highly professional service. 

  • Skilled technicians

We always assign your repairing tasks to experienced and well-qualified professionals. As such, you need not worry about the quality of our service. 

  • Available at your doorstep

With us, you need not carry your laptop to a repair centre. Instead, we’ll bring an optimal solution to your doorstep. 

  •  Time-saving

Our team is always ready to help you during business hours. With us, you can expect a quick response to your requirements. 

  • Budget-friendly option

We can provide you with an optimal laptop solution at a very reasonable price. That too without any compromise on the quality. 

Talk to us

Looking for a fast laptop repair for your laptop? Call us at tel:045864033 anytime during our working hours. Voice all the requirements and clear all your queries that you might have. 


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