What is a Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

All the E-Commerce website uses the online Payment Gateway to perform a secure web transaction process. It is a hassle-free platform where you can easily transfer your data by conducting this wonderful service. 

An effective Payment Gateway plays an amazing role that essentially conveys the money from your bank account to the merchant’s portal. Moreover, it is an integrated platform that offers an ample number of facilities to the users and the eCommerce websites get the best opportunities from Payment Gateway UAE

Significant Roles of Payment Gateway in Marketing Website

Payment gateway services play significant roles in competing online transactions hassle-freely. It is one of the quickest methods to purchase any items from an eCommerce website. Moreover, it makes online business popular by using the following services. 

Secure Platforms

The payment gateway offers a highly secured platform to promote online business effectively. It provides a hassle-free service by keeping safe individuals’ sensitive data. By including this effective method, you can easily perform purchase online items by avoiding web threats and online thefts, etc. 

24*7 Service

If you are a seller, then it is essential to have a proper internet connection and device to operate. The payment gateway offers an amazing feature where the customers get the facilities to avail of all-time support. Moreover, you can edit your order any time for your convenience and place or withdraw the orders from shopping carts easily. 

Various Transaction Modes

The users can access the data associated with the payment section with a cashless transaction system. In this section, they can easily pick up any of the online payment process either debit/ credit card or online banking like reliable methods. 

Again, you can transfer money from one continent to another and then get an opportunity to purchase online as it accepts the international payment card. Only you have to visit that online eCommerce site and pay via the payment gateway to purchase any international items from other countries.

Tracing Facility

After placing an order, payment gateway Services play an important role to track the items. Moreover, you will get notifications each time when it goes one step further. Even, both the parties can check their previous order history due to its amazing features as well. 

The latest version of the payment gateway is platform-independent and is also device friendly. Therefore, you can access the E-Commerce website along with its transaction process from the desktop as well as it supports the mobile handset for this purpose. 

Steps to Perform the Online Transaction via Payment Gateway Method

When you place an order on your E-Commerce website, then payment gateway controls the entire transaction systems. Let’s have a look at below and know those intermediate steps before placing an order to get that item. 

Step 1: 

The customer launches an E-Commerce website and decides what to buy. Then, perform a search as per his/her requirements. Now, select the most suitable item from the list and it goes to cart before purchasing it. 

Now, the customer enters the correct credential and presses the Buy Now or Place Order button. The entire information that is taken from the customers is kept in an encrypted form along with the transaction details. All the sections from its initial step are controlled by the Payment Gateway method.

Step 2:

After approving the order, the gateway sends that information to the merchant’s processors and is ready to perform an actual transaction process.

Step 3:

After getting all the transaction data, the process passes that confidential data to the credit card associations. The association includes Visa, Master Card, etc. 

Step 4:

Then, the primary verification process starts and it is the best time to check the transaction status. If your given information on the transaction page is correct, then it automatically relates to the product merchant without any decryption. Therefore, the card automation process is run to perform a data validation program on the transaction data.  

Step 5:

The bank then checks the details whether that customer has sufficient balance in his/her account or not. If sufficient money is not available, then cancel the transaction process. Otherwise, proceed with the next step and the message appears on the display, “the transaction is successful”. The second authorization process starts to check the transaction details on the merchant’s business data. 

Step 6: 

In this final step, the transaction is completed if all the information given by both parties are correctly inserted and verified accordingly. Therefore go back to an eCommerce website and process the payment gateway method. Thus, you can successfully place an order and keep your confidential data secure. 

Concluding Note…

In this article, we have clearly defined the aim of the Payment gateway process and its working principles. Hopefully, this information will help you a lot to know its effectiveness in the online transaction process. 

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