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Does your printer stubbornly display an offline status despite being accurately connected? We understand your frustration, especially when you’re on a deadline. 

Don’t you worry as printer repair Dubai experts pinpoint the possible reasons and respective fixes. Let’s see how you can get your printer back online and make the print flow smooth.

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Reasons Your Printer Flags Itself Offline

An informative message typically appears on your connected computer whenever your printer faces an offline issue. Printer Repair Dubai experts confirmed that the message may not pop up and your printer will refuse to work.

In general, a printer shows an offline error when there’s a connection flaw between the printer and the intended mobile device. Stir up the communication in the right way to restore your printer’s online status. 

A reputable printer repair in Dubai is here with all the possible chances why your device enters an offline state and how you can troubleshoot the situation.

Poor Cable Connection

Beginning with the basics always helps uproot underlying causes. Perhaps, it’s just a bad or loose physical connection that forces your printer to stay offline. A printer repair near me recommends the following instructions:

Power Connection of the Printer

Make sure you turn on the printer and the power cable is securely plugged into the device. In addition, check your printer’s power lights. Verify whether the printer has sufficient paper, ink or toner, and if any error message or lights blink on the control panel.

Cable Assessment between the Printer and Computer

Now, move on to the cable that connects your printer and computer or any other mobile device. Be sure that the cable firmly connects the printer and the other device. Besides the connection, pay special attention to the cable and the ports of the devices.

Frayed cables can’t be trusted for successful and working communication between your printer and computer. Replace them if you find them worn and torn out. On the other hand, check your printer and computer ports where you plug the cable in if you own a wired printer.

Network Connection

Are you using a networked or wireless printer that shows an offline error? The following tricks as recommended by printer repair services Dubai experts might work in your favour:

  • Connect your printer to the same Wi-Fi network to which you hooked your computer up.
  • Moreover, ensure you input the right network credentials on your printer.
  • Network hiccups or poor internet connections can knock down your printer’s communication with the mobile device. So, check your internet status. Restart your network components such as the router and modem and contact your Internet Service Provider if you can’t find a solution.

Erratic Printer Status

Is your printer in a well-grounded state to function optimally? A printer repair service near me has verified that your printing device can go offline due to internal technical errors that are completely avoidable.

For example, your printer might have encountered a paper jam. Indeed, printer repair services in Dubai advise you to keep an eye out for the following issues as well:

  • Low ink or toner
  • Problems with the printer rollers, printhead or any other internal mechanism
  • Hostile environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust

So, take the necessary actions like paper jam elimination, refilling the printer with genuine ink or toner, and aligning the printer rollers to their exact position. Furthermore, you can check if your printer overheats. Make sure you keep your printer in a clean and favourable environment for optimum functionality.

Printer Settings

Did you know that your printer will stay in a loophole of offline status if you tweak the wrong configuration by mistake? Hence, you should review whether your Windows computer marks your printer offline using the following steps, as confirmed by printer repair Dubai professionals:

  • Click the Windows or Start icon on the connected Windows PC.
  • Next, hit the Settings option and click Devices.
  • Now, from the left panel, choose Printers & Scanners.
  • Look for your printer from this page and select it.
  • Afterwards, hit the ‘Open queue’ button.
  • View the Printer column and ensure that the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option is not checked.
  • While you are still there, check the ‘Set As Default Printer’ option to avoid confusion for your computer.

Besides the offline option, your printer can reflect an offline sign due to overflowing or pending print jobs. Fortunately, a printer repair in Dubai shows us the path to clear the print queue and free your device from pending print jobs.

  • Enter Settings on your Windows computer.
  • Now, navigate to the roadmap shown here: Devices → Printers & Scanners → Your Printer [Printer_Name].
  • Choose Open Queue and navigate to the Document Name column.
  • Next, select all documents you want to remove from the print queue. Click on Document and then hit the Canel button.

See if these settings corrections bring your printer back online.

Software Conflicts

Often, printer repair services Dubai specialists blame software glitches for pushing your device to an offline state. The easiest way to overcome software glitches is to restart your devices. Hence, restart both your mobile device and printer and re-establish the connection.

Now, see if your printer persists in the offline error. However, a printer repair service near me suggests reinstalling printer drivers and firmware if you’re still stuck in an offline situation.

  • Navigate to Settings and follow the given path: Devices → Printers and Scanners → Related Settings → Printer Server properties.
  • Afterwards, choose your printer’s driver from the Drivers category and hit the Remove option. Confirm your action by clicking the ‘Remove driver and driver package’ option.
  • Then, click the OK button and go back to the window called Printer Server Properties as instructed before. Choose Drivers followed by Add. Utilise the Add Printer Driver wizard to reinstall the required software for your printer.

Alternatively, you can head towards the official website of your printer manufacturer and see if new driver and firmware updates are available for the respective model. Download and install them and test your primer’s connectivity status. 

Reportedly, new firmware updates can improve compatibility and remove bugs.

Use Printer Troubleshooter

Lucky for Windows users since they can take advantage of the built-in troubleshooting tool to fix software glitches. Indeed, a printer repair near me is very optimistic about positive results after using the printer troubleshooter.

Here’s what you need to run:

  • Head towards the Printers & Scanners column under your system settings. Here’s the path you should abide by: Start → Settings → Devices → Printers & Scanners.
  • After that, select your erroneous printer and hit the Manage button.
  • Click the option that says, ‘Run the troubleshooter’.

Finish the procedure as the operating system instructs. See if the integrated troubleshooter locates any issues and suggests solutions according to them.

IP Address Disputes

Printer repair services in Dubai agree that network printers can cause IP address conflicts and your device can go offline. The solution is that you should assign a static IP address to your printer so your computer doesn’t face difficulty recognising the intended device.

However, the exact process of assigning a static IP address to a printer may vary from one model to another. That’s why printer repair Dubai experts recommend the following generic steps for deactivating the offline signal.

Collect Your Printer’s Network Details

Print a network configuration page using your printer to learn about the following network details:

  • Current IP address
  • Gateway address
  • Subnet mask

These network details are necessary for making changes to the settings.

Browse Printer Settings

Now, on your computer (which should be on the same network as your printer’s), access a web browser. Input your printer’s IP address on the address bar of the browser and you should view the web-based configuration page of your printer.

Sign in to the Printer Interface

As suggested by the printer repair in Dubai, log into your printer’s web-based interface using the right credentials. Refer to your printer’s user manual in case you have changed these credentials.

Access Network Settings

Navigate to the TCP/IP or network settings of your printer. See if you can see a wireless menu if you can’t locate terms like Network or TCP/IP.

Select Static IP and Provide Details

Afterwards, find a configuration to change the IP address to Static or Manual. Once you find the way, use it to modify the printer’s IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address. Make sure the static address you pick is beyond the DHCP range of your router. Thus, you should be able to avoid conflicts.

Save Changes and Verify the Connection

Be sure you save all the changes you have made so far. Additionally, printer repair Dubai experts suggest restarting your devices so the changes reflect. 

Again, verify whether you have successfully changed the static IP address of your printer. Just print a network configuration page using your printer and see the status.

Print Spooler Service Problems

The management of the printing service on your computer is handled by the Print Spooler utility. Bugs and other menaces can sometimes interfere with the print spooler service. That’s why a printer repair service near me instructs you to restart the service.

Windows users can go through the steps below:

  • Use the Windows + S keyboard shortcut to explore the Search tool.
  • Next, type ‘Services’ in the Search box and choose the first result.
  • Be sure you are in the tab called Services(local). Otherwise, navigate to the Services(local) tab if you don’t reach there by default.
  • Now, scroll down and see if you can see the Print Spooler option. Right-click on Print Spooler.
  • A pop-up menu appears. Next, opt for the Restart option. Alternatively, you can simply select the Print Spooler option and click on ‘Restart this service’ from the left-hand-side menu.

Printer Complications

It’s not uncanny for your printer to have intricate issues and that’s why it still shows an offline error. Before you think about giving a printer repair in Dubai a call, you must try this hack. Removing your printer from your computer and reinstalling it might work wonders for you.

Here’s what printer repair services in Dubai recommend:

  • Press the Windows icon key from the keyboard.
  • Now, hit the Settings option and choose the Bluetooth and Devices tile.
  • After that, opt for Printers and Scanners.
  • Next, click on your printer and choose the Remove option.
  • Detach your printer from the computer and restart the device.
  • Plug your device into your PC and navigate to the Printers and Scanners page on your computer.
  • Afterwards, click on ‘Add device’ under the ‘Add printer or scanner’ category.

Once you add or reinstall your printer on your computer, the offline error must have disappeared. Check your printer’s connectivity status for confirmation.

Contact the Technical Support

Hopefully, you have found the cure to your printer’s offline status. Otherwise, it’s advisable to consult with a printer repair Dubai expert if the error persists. You can also contact the tech support team of your printer manufacturer for guaranteed fixes.

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